, Valentina
Jones, GB
(anna maria), Dr.Mary Annie A.V.
This is on life:) says the author. Dr.Mary Annie A.V.(anna maria) Trivandrum
Aaronson, Nicole
Nicole Leigh Aaronson is a native of Connecticut with a B.A. in political science from Yale University and an M.D. from New York University School of Medicine. She completed her otolaryngology residency at Yale New Haven Hospital and is currently a pediatric otolaryngology fellow at the Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh. Her interests outside of work include novels of all types, 1950s retro, and her corgi Langley.
Abaldo, Sherry
I'm Sherry Barker Abaldo, and I've written poetry since I was about five and discovered that a poem could give somebody else a moment, like a gift or an injection. After pursuing (in no particular order) education, making a living, marriage, hedonism, motherhood, world travel, adrenaline rushes and social justice I find myself living in the coastal town of Rockland, Maine where I was born. Most of the time I write in my 1894 Colonial house, smelling the sea, drinking coffee or wine, surrounded by hydrangeas and lilacs or five feet of snow. My husband, two teenagers and extended family live here, too, along with the ghosts of my ancestors. I have degrees from Wellesley College and the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts. In 2011 I was awarded the Martin Dibner Fellowship for Poetry. My website is
Abdi, Fadumo
title: first kiss
Adegbola, Oluseyi
Student, blogger and nature lover.
Agnew, Zach
Zach Agnew is a Canadian writer that has spent his life being inspired by the rhythm of the world around him. He was born in the fall of 1987 and has called Calgary home since. The majority of his adult life has been spent working in a bookstore, surrounded by the books that continue to inspire him. Currently he is attending the University of Calgary, where he is working towards finishing up his Bachelor of Arts in History. To find more of his work please visit:
Aldridge, Bobby
From his formative years in Hokkaido, Bobby Aldridge has appreciated the beauty and subtlety of various forms of waka and the value of distilling culture to its very essence. After teaching most areas of the social sciences at the post secondary level, he has turned to writing full time. Although there is a novel in progress, the best place to see his poetry is at
Aldridge, Bobby
Bob Aldridge’s work is rooted in his life, education, and experience. His interests in the arts, religions, cultures, and the socioeconomic structures of the world, brought him to the one field that encapsulates them all – poetry. He has been published by The Haiku Journal, Lunch at Giverny, The Society of Classical Poets, Miracle, The Inner Arts Journal, and Poetry Quarterly. He is the author of two chapbooks; Kigo, Season Words: A Collection of Traditional Haiku and Tanka, and Romantically Involved: Poems of Devotion, from New Codices Press.
Alisia, Nyla
Nyla Alisia is founder and host of The SpeakEasy Cafe, online open-mic poetry radio show. Nyla is a spoken-word performer, poet and creative artist. Her poem, Secret Of Me, was nominated for the 2012 pushcart prize
Allen, Courtney
Allison, Jan
I only began writing poetry in February 2014 after my husband had undergone cancer surgery. My husband is cured and I have the most wonderful hobby
Alonso Jr., J. C.
J.C. Alonso Jr. received a BA in English and a BA in Psychology from Florida State University in 1981/ MS in Counseling from Nova Southeastern University in 2000/MA in 2012 and MFA in 2014 from Wilkes University in Creative Writing. His poetry has been published in Poetry Quarterly,Haiku Journal, and a short story received mention in The Atlantic. His first novel will be published by Northampton House Press in Jan 2018.
Alsbury, Kate

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