Wildman, Katherine
Wilhoite-Mathews, Sara
Willard, Chris
Chris Willard is the author of the novels Sundre and Garbage Head both published by Vehicule Press, Montreal.
Williams, Helen May
Helen May Williams is a poet and author. She has written extensively on twentieth-century poetry and formerly taught at the University of Warwick.
Williams, Jeral
I am a retired university Psychology professor. Following a major stroke I began writing poetry. I have found great enjoyment in the writing and encouragement from others. Putting my work up for publication is a whole new enterprise. A retired English professor of poetry (someone known for a critical eye), has been particularly encouraging. Therefore I have started submitting my work for publication. I will soon learn if others share his enthusiasm. In the meantime I will continue to enjoy my new found passion.
Williams, L.B.
L.B.WILLIAMS is the author of the memoir, Letters to Virginia Woolf, (Hamilton Books, 2005), and The Artist as Outsider in the Novels of Toni Morrison and Virginia Woolf (Greenwood Press, 2000). Her work has appeared in such publications as Washington Square, The Mom Egg, The Women's Studies Quarterly, The Tusculum Review, and For She is the Tree of Life: Grandmothers Through the Eyes of Women Writers. She teaches writing and literature at Ramapo College of New Jersey.
Williams, Leighton
Essential worker. Non-essential poet.
Williams, Maisie
Maisie Williams was first published in Rattle's Poet's Respond. Apart from disappointing many who confuse her with "that" Maisie Williams she has done not much since. She has works forthcoming in later issues of First Literary Review East and Right Hand Pointing. As of now, Maisie currently resides in Nashville, finishing high school and avoiding country music.
Williams, Patricia
Patricia Williams, Professor Emerita in Design Studies, recently retired from the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point and has dipped into writing poetry after 27 years of researching design and culture.
Williams, Pipzi
Williams, Robert B.
Williford, Wesley
I write my feelings out through Haiku.
Willis, Brad
Wills, Shay
An army brat, Shay Wills lived throughout the US and Europe as a child. He graduated from the University of Arizona with a BA in English and Creative Writing. A divorced dad of two teens, when he isn’t working at a wellness resort in Tucson, he hikes, does yoga, reads, drinks too much Starbucks, and, of course, writes. He self-published his first novel, Our Lives for Others, in 2014 and has shorter pieces appearing in Bending Genres and Poets Choice. Entering a new phase in his life, he returned to school this summer for a master’s in clinical counseling to help veterans with the array of issues they face.
Wilson, Juliet
Juliet Wilson is an adult education tutor and conservation volunteer based in Edinburgh, UK. She blogs at and can be found on Twitter @craftygreenpoet.

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