Black, Darren
Black, Grace
Just another writer wearing down lead and running out of ink, one line at a time. Coffee refuels me when sleep has not been kind. Grace Black
Blacketer, Melissa
Melissa Blacketer lives in Ames, Iowa. She writes poetry, nonfiction, and short story fiction.
Blackman, Sarah
I have been a writer all my life but am new to haiku.
Blackmon, Rachel
Blake, Paul C.
In 1996, I earned the Doctor of Arts degree from the School of Education at New York University. I continued to work as a visual arts teacher for many years, until now; I’m recently retired. I am presently a creative writer and painter of stories dear to my heart. I published my first novel, A String of Knots, in 2008. Now, completing my second novel. I am an artist and poet at heart. I write mostly in the Sonnet form and the Haiku form. As a poet, my lyrical writing mostly relates to nature, and love including reflections of the beautiful sublime. As a visual artist, I paint an abstraction of nature with inclination toward the decorative and transcendental aspects. You may see more of me at the following address.
Blazure, Drew
Drew K. Blazure has earned his MBA from the University of Central Florida. He is the author of Poetic Pictures: A Poet's Collection of Human Existence, as well as Wander with Words: Poems That Speak to Those Who Think.
Bledsoe, Michele
Michele Bledsoe is a mindfulness meditation teacher living in Virginia.
Bluestone, Sarvananda
Bluhm, Richard
Bobb, Michael
Bocks, Susi
Susi Bocks has done the typical experiences life has to offer - a career, marriage, and birthing two amazing humans but now resides in the middle of Kansas, where she identifies as a writer and author. She has published two books - Feeling Human and Every Day I Pause. Poetry is her primary focus, but all her thoughts reside at, where she invites you to read her and get to know her.
Bomar, Coleman
Bongcaron, Willie
A 55 year old government employee, married, a lover of nature, and who has fallen in love with haiku, believes that Mother Earth should be preserved and protected by humankind because in the end, Mother Earth shall save humankind from self-destruction.
Bonnie, Von

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