Balboa, Jaime
Jaime Balboa earned his BA in English Literature and Writing from Adrian College. An editor for _Flash Fiction Magazine_, his writing has appeared in _The Timberline Review_, _Lunch Ticket_, _Streetlight Magazine_, _Hobart_, _Chaleur Magazine_, and elsewhere. He and his partner live in Los Angeles where they are raising a son. Follow him on Twitter: @jaimerb.
Baldwin, Robert
Robert Baldwin’s writing includes published works on music. He also writes poetry, fiction, memoir, essay, and philosophy. His poetry has appeared in Grey Sparrow Journal. His award-winning blog on classical music and creativity, Before the Downbeat, can be found at: Rob is a performing musician who has appeared in concerts across the United States, Europe and Asia; and a music professor at the University of Utah, Music Director and Conductor for the Salt Lake Symphony, and the founding conductor for Sinfonia Salt Lake. His performances have received international attention and have been featured on New York’s WQXR Classical Radio, and nationally syndicated public radio programs such as Performance Today, Highway 89 and Weekend Edition. In his spare time he enjoys writing, reading and spending time outdoors in Utah’s wild places.
Balletti, Michael
Balme, Kennard
Barbieri, Cole
Barilla, Donny
951 Nth. 24th st. Allentown, PA 18104 610-442-5411 cell 610-437-7873 home Bio: I was born in the year nineteen hundred and seventy five. When I was seven years old, I wrote my first poem. It was at this point when I realized who and what I was. I had become a smithy of words and a passionate disciple of verse. Month after month, year after year I devoted myself to the craft. When I was a teenager, I wrote poems of nature and poems of love. These are perfectly complimentary of each other. As I grew and matured over the years, these themes never left me. I, to this day, find one source of these passions to nurture and covet the other. I am now thirty nine years of age and I find majesty in these theme's: love and nature. They rush through my veins and I am certain this angle will remain. Whether I am pursuing the poem or the poem has
Barnes, Malcolm
Barnett, Sandra
Freed of "tedious narratives and descriptions,"* I scribble poems. *from Ko Un, Poet's Preface, BEYOND SELF, © 1997
Barone, Angelica
Angelica is a teacher by trade and a writer at heart. She writes as her muses command and is currently trying to write a haiku per day at When not writing she enjoys knitting, reading, curling and spending time with her friends and family.
Barr, M. Kari
M. Kari Barr enjoys writing in a variety of formats. The challenge of getting haiku "just right" is a fun challenge which she takes up every few years. As a novelist, short story writer and poet...slimming down to the shortest of poetics is a challenge indeed.
Barrera, Karissa
Barron, Phillip
My first book, The Outspokin' Cyclist, is a collection of newspaper columns written over a four-year period and was published in August 2011, my poems and short stories have appeared in The Scrambler, Hinchas de Poesia, The Blotter, The Raleigh Hatchet, and Urban Velo. I have taught philosophy at the Chapel Hill and Greensboro campuses of the University of North Carolina as well as Duke University, and I currently live in Davis, California where I work in the digital humanities at the University of California. Thank you for your time and consideration. Sincerely, phillip
Barry, Aaron
Barry, Stephen
I am a lawyer living in the Hudson River Valley. I have had poetry published in a number of small journals and this is my first submission to Haiku Journal. This piece was written when I saw the mother of an old friend at the World Trade Center Memorial recently.

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