Klayer, Ben
Ben Klayer is the author of "Over the Hills," and is currently working on his second collection of poetry. Facebook: Satellite23 Twitter: @the_satellite23
Klein, Phyllis
Kleponis, Joe
Joe Kleponis has been published in many small literary journals including Penmen Review of Southern New Hampshire University, PaperWasp, moonset, and Eucalypt.
Kline, Pearl
Pearl is a writer based in Canberra, Australia.
Knabe, Martin
Knight, Jackie
Knight, James
Living and writing on a Florida beach I see a lot of this.
Knight, Pamela
Knodel, Christopher
Chris 'Irish Goat' Knodel is an author, poet and ultra-distance runner in San Antonio, TX. He is a freelance journalist and writes a weekly syndicated newspaper column. His poetry and short fiction have been featured in The Asses of Parnassus, Ealain (MPA Publishing), The Wolfian, The Write Place at the Write Time, The Zodiac Review & Zombie Logic Review. He can be easily spotted by his kilt, tattoos and six inch, flaming-red, Van Dyke goatee.
Knoot, Annelise
Kochman , Sidney
Sidney Kochman is a graduate student in Classics who writes haiku because he truly believes brevity to be the soul of wit.
Koh, Jin
Ch'an Buddhist Monk, Graduate Komazawa University, Tokyo, Japan. I spend most of my life working in Refugee Camps and Homeless Sanctuaries.
Kolb, Daniel
Daniel Kolb is a writer and musician living in Buffalo, NY.
Koong, Joanne
Korsgaard, Sean
Sean CW Korsgaard is a former solider, current college student, and aspiring writer.

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