Johnson, John
I retired from the Royal Canadain Navy in 2011 have since begun to really enjoy writing poetry. Many moons ago my dad taught (forced) me the form of Haiku and I immediatly decided that no 17 year old kid needed such nonsence. Now, 30+ years later I have come to find a great pleasure in saying as much as I can in 3 lines and that there are those out there who enjoy those small works I have produced. I hope you enjoy my work as much as I do. The majority of my work can be found on my blog at Be well
Johnson, Micki
Johnston, Bill
Retired, married, living United States, Hutchinson, Kansas An officer on the Local Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'i's of Hutchinson.
Johnston, Shane
Jones, Ashley
Ashley Jones is a recent graduate and spoken word artist in Los Angeles. Her poetry appears in The Haiku Journal and The West Wind. Her creative nonfiction is also featured in The West Wind and Brevity Magazine writer's blog. She enjoys inspiring documentaries, meeting new people, and teaching the kiddos at her church about the joy in following Jesus. For inquiries or if you'd like share stories over a cup of coffee, you can contact her at or follow her on instagram @ashleykendalljones or Twitter @ashleykjones. To listen to some of her spoken word, visit her website;
Jones, Carla
Carla Jones is a poet and literature student living in Bedfordshire, England. Her poems have appeared in various places, including Iota, The Emma Press Anthology of Dance, Belleville Park Pages, The Missing Slate and Abridged.
Jones, Charmaine
Charmaine Jones lives in Tampa, Florida with her plants and her daughter's birds. She's taught in public schools for 35 years, and has many happy memories of summers spent traveling, camping, and backpacking. Her children, their loves, and her grandchildren have added incomparable richness to her life.
Jones, Chris
Chris Jones is a former member of the US military and current psychology student.
Jones, David
Jones, Gary
Jones, GB
Jones, Grahame
Jones, Kara
Kara LC Jones is the heARTist and educator behind and co-founder of the
Jones, Kate
Kate Jones Beaverton, OR
Jones, Kelci

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