Issue 68

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Issue 68


Ashley, Elaine
Beck, Cody
Brown, Derek
Copas, Josh
Cordeiro, Paul
Cottrell, Suzanne
Cuomo, Michele
Durr, Shirley
Elesby, Sally
Fowler, Isis
Fox, James
Gallini, Mark
Gazda, Matthew
Girsaw, Lin
Guest, Allen
Huey, Shane
Hunt, Robert
Hutchison, Joseph
Jackson, Jennifer Ruth
Johnson, Alvin
Kauderer, Herb
Kleidon, Rose
Kneal, John
Knowlton, Geoffrey
Koll, Eden
Krystal, Barbara
Levi, Luke
Levitt, Ellen
Lewis, Luann
Lord, Benjamin
Mueller, Tim
Myers, Brit
Nelson, Ryan
Planko, Christa
Ravyn, Dana
Rojas, Emily
Schaefer, Keira
Shapiro, Lauren
Simone, Linda
Sminchak, Laura
Thompson, David
Thurmond, F.h.
Travers, John
Tungsten, Rj
Wartts, Adrienne
West, Jodie
Williams, Leighton
Wood, Chris
Young, Steven
Zahava, Linda

James Fox

Secret woodland path
Golden doe and spotted fawn
Hush - Footfalls pass by

Sally Elesby

fingers freezing dry
withered grass in late winter
grey sky closes in

Elaine Ashley

from a naked oak
a lonesome sparrow watches
autumn, then winter

John Travers

Unmoored from the bank
of an azure-hued inlet,
a timber raft drifts

Isis Fowler

Hazy morning mist
Hangs over the hills like fleece
Gold light ripples through

Ryan Nelson

mayflies suddenly
awake and break through the veil
into a new world

Paul Cordeiro

A distant shoreline
the "God Help us" hospice room
with rain on its panes

David Thompson

Rocking chair rhythm,
slow, shaded front porch morning;
bird songs in the breeze.

Adrienne Wartts

sun sinks behind sea
shades of blue ripen in sky
moon illuminates

Geoffrey Knowlton

Cardinals darting
Foraging on crusted snow
For sparsely laid seeds

F.H. Thurmond

Canopy of snow --
Even the birds are silent.
White cat vanishes.

Luke Levi

upon the flower
bumblebee high on pollen
burrows into spring

Jodie West

Half in dusk, half light
The tree offers up its shade
Murals in the leaves

Keira Schaefer

Blossoms in the fields
A muted purple flower
The lavenders bloom

Josh Copas

Tiny flakes float down.
White stars against dark canvas,
Stark in lantern light.

Barbara Krystal

A sprawling green sea
Twinkling lights scooped up by birds
Singing with delight

Shirley Durr

inside a crevice,
an elegant little fern
stretches hopefully

Lauren Shapiro

The pond, stocked with koi.
An orange circumference
already - one duck.

Mark Gallini

At frostburnt apples
Shriveled faces, white snow hats
Drunk starlings cackle

Luann Lewis

Pink blanket, soft skin
Today you wear a white gown.
Oh, how I'll miss you.

Brit Myers

Cherry petals fall
cherished into the tea cup
that holds them but once

Rose Kleidon

At dusk a lantern
moves through an old barn, lighting
each window in turn.

Joseph Hutchison

a mouse in the wall
shuffling his wee deck of cards:
springtime solitaire

Laura Sminchak

burn sacred fever
the churning ache of young bones
beyond the threshold

Linda Zahava

Sunlight magnified
Drops of dew on fallen leaves
Bubbles of delight

Allen Guest

Light mist on new leaves,
bare feet swish through cool, wet grass.
Bullfrog calls the dance.

Derek Brown

For Love, Happiness
Clear Endless Montana Skies
My Eternal Greed

Michele Cuomo

cormorant spreads wings
time for pond benediction
sand hill cranes take flight

Linda Simone

Spiderwebs like mist
Undulate on dew-licked grass
I stop to marvel

Benjamin Lord

Flickering shadows
The fire choosing one old log
Over another

Chris Wood

Spun silk and satin
My grandmother's wedding dress
Buried in cedar

Suzanne Cottrell

Plowed fields await seeds
Swirling clouds of ocher dust
Parched till the sky cries

Cody Beck

The lynx in new frost
Prowls through morning light so clear
The day knows no end

RJ Tungsten

azaleas flourish
passionate hues returning
spring's loving embrace

Steven Young

meadow predator
green fingers writhe for mercy--
unearthed garlic bulb

Shane Huey

untrustworthy blade
forged sharp in the fires of hell
is the human tongue

Eden Koll

young fawn so docile
nibbling leaves, a blurred green feast
sunlight shade from trees

Alvin Johnson

The Chattahoochee,
meandering through the south
like a sidewinder.

Leighton Williams

ordering online
everything you need is here
empty box mountain

Lin Girsaw

Hands of the dying
Cold as ice, yet full of warmth
A cry rents the air

Robert Hunt

door awning agleam
icicle diminishing
precocious spring tears

Dana Ravyn

Startled by a loon
an empty mind suddenly
has room for wood smoke

Emily Rojas

My fluttering heart
That thrill of something so new
It terrifies me

Tim Mueller

hear flowers whisper
I am beauty I am death
pressed between pages

Ellen Levitt

Lone horseshoe crab stuck
In wet sand, and pounding waves
Continue their stride

Matthew Gazda

Amethyst feather
Inset on nape pigeon grey
Humble jeweled bird

Jennifer Ruth Jackson

Tulip skirts flare out
Men, hopeful pollinators
Cheer warmer weather

John Kneal

Leaves loosed from anchors
drifting in varied displays
death's boldest presents.

Christa Planko

autumn trees aflame
blazing canopies burn red
summer's fling consumed

Herb Kauderer

snowfall in stillness
consuming all other sounds
softening my ears