Issue 66

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Issue 66


Ahern, Edward
Amaya, Austin
Amendolia, Pj
Anfang, Sandra
Aroner, Miriam
Beam, Nancy
Bellamy, Lori
Berg, Jane
Black, Darren
Bomar, Coleman
Brennan, Carl
Cooper, Chad
Ghai, Gail
Gnanadesikan, Mukund
Heffernan, Gloria
Hoard, Jessica
Kenway , Suzy
Knoot, Annelise
Lanzo, Douglas
Laussmann, Melissa
Marsh, Tina
Melancon, Frederick Charles
Melton, Bill
Minnehan, Catherine
Moller, Nancy
O'bryan, Sharon
Passiatore, Roseann
Petruschke, Jon
Planko, Christa
Power, Stephen S.
Rames, Clifford
Robb, Jenny
Rose, Lorraine
Roshal, Arona Fay
Schmidt, Tom
Sims, Wesley
Skillman, Judith
Spitzenberger, Ray
Tardona, Daniel
Thunell, Carrie Ann
Tungsten, Rj
Ullom, Stephen
Walton, Robert
Watson, Althea Rowe
Wilhoite-mathews, Sara
Williams, Jeral
Williford, Wesley
Wills, Shay
Wood, Chris
Zempel, Rachel

Jon Petruschke

The whole two hour walk
going over and over
our five second kiss.

Tina Marsh

fluttering leaves fall
creating blanket cover
now the earth can sleep

Tom Schmidt

Thankful November
guests eating prodigiously
leave after the meal

Chad Cooper

Huddled together
what we cannot stand

Judith Skillman

Pollen coats my house.
Days go slow in this springtime
of lone quarantine.

Wesley Williford

Embers kindling within you
Light the world ablaze

Ray Spitzenberger

almost thirty years
old shepherd cared for his flock
last time to lock church

Edward Ahern

Staring at myself
In enforced isolation
I'm not who I want

Darren Black

ribbon of silver
sky tangles high-rise dreams whirl
balloon hearts take flight

Carl Brennan

Chanting endlessly
"Corruption comes from outside"
Black Mass for shut-ins

Daniel Tardona

cold mists carry scent
satisfied in scarlet snow
memories of spring

Frederick Charles Melancon

dandelion puffs
the fragments of white floating
from denuded plants

Christa Planko

A lone warbler sings --
Freedom set to melody.
Through walls, I listen.

Suzy Kenway

Floating butterfly
Fresh feathery wings hold her
Poised in the blue sky

Lorraine Rose

Sequins meet black tie
stained with pink cotton candy
funky summer love

Clifford Rames

how the wide river
always submits to the sea
halo of the moon

Stephen S. Power

the groundskeeper roots
for the stray leaf skittering
from first to second

Carrie Ann Thunell

rusted yellow truck
in a dandelion field
how bright the noon sun

Mukund Gnanadesikan

By the banyan trunk
Shelter from the thunderstorm
Lightning still rages

Wesley Sims

Each day-night cycle
the earth turns itself around,
hokey pokey slave.

Sandra Anfang

lonely, lonely night
the old cat curls in my lap
claims me for her own

Jenny Robb

Diving from the edge
between board and pool, soaring,
somersaulting free.

Arona Fay Roshal

Deer pause to listen -
Lullaby of wind whispers
Woodpecker applauds

Bill Melton

jagged lightning streaks
scribble across darkened sky
low thunder mutters

Catherine Minnehan

the herring swoops low,
slicing the water-mirror -
fracturing sunset

Althea Rowe Watson

blue and green marbles
rolling through the empty house
looking for summer

PJ Amendolia

Hibiscus flowers
Wither in the new darkness
Waiting for summer


late afternoon sun
through the used bookstore window
smell of old paper

Annelise Knoot

What cryptid beats here
Against my glass made of dust
A mummy or moth

Gail Ghai

Warm-stemmed mint wind bends
Soft purple bursts of crocus
White rain spits silver

Sharon O'Bryan

Fall winds gust up skirts
Blowing high bright colored leaves
Exposing bare limbs.

Shay Wills

lone cottonwood leaf
spirals in harsh summer heat
grass yellows loudly

Nancy Moller

Naturally led,
those who listen to nature
follow their heartbeat

Sara Wilhoite-Mathews

lacy goldenrod
autumn's delicate yellow
will not go gently

Nancy Beam

At trail's crest, new views
Shining pond, dragonfly wings
Transcendent delights

Jeral Williams

Bees pack their hind legs
with pollen from the Daisy
Honey badger smiles

Roseann Passiatore

Branches as bridges
Critters scurry to and fro
Highways of Nature

Stephen Ullom

Slanted morning sun
falls on a red butterfly,
wings folded to pray.

Lori Bellamy

Buzzing in my hand
Carrots dug fresh from the ground
Fade while I hold them.

Coleman Bomar

Drowning sun beams shoot
Water is hungry stained glass
Slicing chromatic

RJ Tungsten

Meditative sounds
Of rain nourishing plant life
Reminiscent walks

Rachel Zempel

fading horizon
black trees, wispy clouds, bright stars
nautical twilight

Jane Berg

Roseate Spoonbills
travelling west with their own
piece of the sunset

Miriam Aroner

Summer fog rolls in.
Dewdrops bead the blooming rose.
Breathe the scented air.

Gloria Heffernan

Crimson maple tree
drops her frilly red garments
on the brittle grass.

Austin Amaya

Muddy shoes splashing
Raincoats dripping with laughter
Burgundy leaves dance

Douglas Lanzo

blinking fireflies
hiding and seeking lovers
playing mating games

Melissa Laussmann

cool autumn morning
the northern mockingbird's song
wakes dozing daisies

Robert Walton

Bee shadows flutter
Over lavender blossoms -
Summer's end begins

Chris Wood

Beginning of Fall
Seersucker suit put away
with the summer tan