Issue 64

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Issue 64


Amendolia, Pj
Ammar, Fatima
Argauer, Eddie
Balboa, Jaime
Barnett, Sandra
Bilinski, Robert
Blake, Paul C.
Brady, John
Cross, Chris
Damarjati, Stella
Degamo, Jessica
Dennis, Amber
Dennis, William
Estefan Jr, Miguel Angel
Evans, Sandra
Fahey, Mary Crane
Fingon, Joan
Flanagan, Michael
Gershan, David
Hammell, Cynthia
Hector, Eileen M
Herrell, Dennis
Hitri, Mark
Howard, James
Jennings, Joshua
Kolb, Daniel
Laussmann, Melissa
Leach, Michael
Lee-mabe, Madeline
Levine, Bruce
Lomas, Bruce
Mckeon, Tina
Melton, Bill
Montgomery, Jennifer
Mueller, Tim
Murray, Thomas
Phillips, Gracie
Reuss, James
Rosa, Emilia
Roshal, Arona Fay
Semel, Sylvia
Silva, Erika
Sims, Wesley
Specker, Peter
Staton, Valerie
Tuggle, Billy
Wasilewski, Nells
Wood, Chris
Yu, Jonathan

Sandra Evans

I'm starting over
just like every day does
sunrise, a bird song

Peter Specker

rainfall on puddles --
thousands of perfect circles
circle a circle

Joshua Jennings

You're the elephant
in every. single. room.
No girl can change that.

Bill Melton

the crisp morning air
acrid smell of burning leaves
distant honk of geese

Michael Flanagan

dawn meditation
laughing at my arrogance
little brother loon

Bruce Levine

Summer birds in flight
Ducks and geese go drifting by
Stillness of the lake

Jaime Balboa

Damp sand underfoot
Seaside blue wooden tower
Salt air caresses

Jessica Degamo

Fireflies dancing
The stars play a melody
Only lovers know

Melissa Laussmann

walking through the park
dewdrops reflect the full moon
winter night in bloom

Miguel Angel Estefan Jr

A season of change
Inevitably follows
One leaf in the wind

Billy Tuggle

Under a half-moon
is a determined cricket
live and in concert

David Gershan

Eternal river
Sculpting the canyon below
Washing time away

Dennis Herrell

flowers we gathered
dying slowly in vases
they remember dirt

John Brady

Damp leaves on slick tar
Gliding bicycle on film
Spinning and spinning

Erika Silva

I run with the fish
swim with birds and fly with toads
My dreams hold me tight

Cynthia Hammell

The trees are humming,
Like they need to let off steam.
The wind train passes.

Amber Dennis

on old sand scrubbed brick
senorita arching high
loves miles of blue sky

Sylvia Semel

trees swollen with leaves
a red ball low in the sky
crimson foliage

Paul C. Blake

Tiny buds open,
And then a lovely flower,
Soon a fading hue.

Fatima Ammar

bees flit through velvet
sway of sedge and pink foxglove
sun-dried clouds soak earth

Eddie Argauer

Chilly dank darkness
Moss upon stone upon stone
Cries of broken men

PJ Amendolia

My basil garden
Invaded with rosemary
Wards off mosquitos

Thomas Murray

Dry brown barren hills
Saddleback or Camelback
Beauty of the name.

Bruce Lomas

Hummingbirds fly by
their wings constantly beating
seeking sweet nectar

Valerie Staton

Purple peony
salutes a radiant sun
shuns the dark of night

Robert Bilinski

Before every drought
buffalo remain stoic,
for tears have value.

Tina McKeon

Chasing fireflies
Flickers of light are taunting
Still elude my grasp

Daniel Kolb

Japanese garden -
I think I'll just spend the day
counting my blessings

Jennifer Montgomery

still, heat thickened air
ripe peaches languish in trees
dreaming of the fall

Chris Cross

your love is cool rain
falling on the arid scene
quenching desert thirst

James Howard

Hollowed out logs lie
sun-drenched within a clearing-
stress evaporates.

Arona Fay Roshal

Your rich white spotlight
Throws wavy pink stripes westward
Once in a blue moon

Chris Wood

Open road stretching
Sunshine paled by dark lenses
The spice of freedom

James Reuss

Tall the bee balm blooms:
open flowers inviting
hummingbirds' return

Eileen M Hector

Confetti petals
Of dogwood twigs and branches
Pressed against cement

Mark Hitri

liminal spaces
emptiness has potential
the fact of matter

William Dennis

feathers on the path
a wind among yellow leaves
with birds on its breath

Mary Crane Fahey

Loon's transcendent voice
Sings softly its summer song
Old sounds, still awed world

Tim Mueller

I dream while night sleeps
stars come and drink from my hand
love simple abounds

Madeline Lee-Mabe

Faded firefly grave
Moonlight in our sky above
Rusty iron fence

Nells Wasilewski

heavy clouds descend
beach plunges into gray gloom
sky is lost at sea

Gracie Phillips

Unsent love letters,
stowed in vacant flowerbeds
slowly decompose.

Stella Damarjati

narrow steep stone steps
guide hot feet to soft smooth sand
breathe in cool sea breeze

Jonathan Yu

Young friends and a branch
Mangoes strewn on the red clay
Endless symphony

Joan Fingon

two pelicans glide
sweeping along the shoreline
diving for dinner

Michael Leach

black bags & coffee
I push thru the door to her
art-filled apartment

Wesley Sims

Freshly fallen snow,
bird tracks layered with raccoon
scribe hieroglyphics.

Sandra Barnett

acorns hitting hoods
falling from mighty pin oaks
striking with sharp pings

Emilia Rosa

Sunlight through the prism--
this light waterfall is me
reflecting a cloud.

Sandra Barnett

cold October rain
tea growing cool in brown mug
muted household sounds