Issue 63

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Issue 63


Alvarez, David
Amendolia, Pj
Baldwin, Robert
Barnett, Sandra
Bell, Melanie
Beveridge, Robert
Bjotvedt, Connor
Bortnik, Corinne
Briggs-hoyle, Diane
Brown, Jodie
Canzi, Mariangela
Carr, Jennifer
Cooper, Rlm
Cottrell, Suzanne
Cross, Chris
Flanagan, Michael
Greenwood, Gail
Greer, Travis
Harshenin, Shirley
Hughes, Rolf
Johnson, Alvin
Kamp, Lianne
Killgore, C L
Kline, Pearl
Knoot, Annelise
Laussmann, Melissa
Levine, Bruce
Markiewicz, Paweł
Martin, Dana
Melton, Bill
Miller, Dean
Morgan, Berta
Mueller, Tim
Nielsen, Ayaz Daryl
Olson, Rebecca
Paoli, Allison
Redick, Carl
Rossi, Patricia
Roy, Donna
Saffioti-hughes, Carol Lee
Sam, David Anthony
Segundo, Nolo
Shielding, Lawrence
Smith, Justin
Staton, Valerie
Steels, Hannah
Svatos, Deborah
Tristram, Hannah-rose
Young, Steven
Zempel, Rachel

Carol Lee Saffioti-Hughes

Rain spatters the roof,
Red Wings whistle in the field
signaling, return.

Dean Miller

Rustling leaves whisper
Exposes hidden silence
Moon appears to smile

Bill Melton

cold and lonely sound
the wind soughing through the pines
snow begins to fall

Jennifer Carr

spring time at the lakes
the brothers squeal in delight
while catching tadpoles

Hannah-Rose Tristram

Loneliness visits
Featureless, absent figure
Needing your embrace

Valerie Staton

Astonishing oak
pointing toward paradise
heralds firmament

Bruce Levine

Wanting inner peace
Corner stones of the moment
Following the dream

Allison Paoli

Smitten by the sound
Southern spoken word in June
The soul's peak harvest

Travis Greer

hot wind blowing sand
ravenous tsetse fly hunts
sad day only bones

Annelise Knoot

Bouquet of yellow
Pencils, erasers, and dread
Taste the fresh textbook

Diane Briggs-Hoyle

steaming amber brew
pursed lips blow gently cooling
hold north wind at bay

Michael Flanagan

a walk in the wood...
doe with fawn in blackberries...
Madonna and child

Alvin Johnson

Our desire- to be
needed, useful and just loved.
It's universal.

Carl Redick

Fall moon cold and bright
Cherry trees drop lonesome leaves -
What mountain hides you?

Rachel Zempel

emerald garden
water, lush moss and ferns thrive

Corinne Bortnik

the first day of spring
arrives in a rush of rain
singing birds gather

Paweł Markiewicz

bee dancing in air
eternal melancholy
a dew in the night

Hannah Steels

Two tall cedar trees,
a footpath in two inches.
Family picnic.

Rolf Hughes

We meet in these words;
we make a broken haiku.
A jumping river.

Rebecca Olson

present this moment
sun slips across horizon
I stand and wonder

Berta Morgan

The waves like white lace -
fluttering under the skirts
of laughing women.

Tim Mueller

light touches the leaves
the calm caress of sunshine
brief eternal friends

Mariangela Canzi

Meadow of candles
on a placid moonlit night
fireflies resting.

Dana Martin

On my drive to work
I dream beyond the highway
But here's my exit.

Steven Young

flooded, muddy pool
wending the routes around it --
full-throated frogs splash

Chris Cross

mountain cathedrals
thrust to the sky praising God
while I stand in awe

PJ Amendolia

A long valley road
Curves under sycamore trees
Branches block the path

Jodie Brown

sitting on the shore
while I am fully present
the river flows by

Robert Beveridge

windblown snowdrifts lounge
against a row of parked cars
wintertime freeway

C L Killgore

shafts of moonlight pierce
trembling leaves on scarred limbs
the darkness falters

Melissa Laussmann

silver crescent moon
a beacon of summer night
dancing on water

Sandra Barnett

pair of cardinals
eating green holly berries
wet with morning rain

Lawrence Shielding

Grant us this sweetness,
This sorrow, our daily bread,
'til death comes for us.

Shirley Harshenin

fresh washed sheets, sun-dried
crisp and summer-breeze scented
promise serene dreams

Donna Roy

Silence created
By pine needles underfoot
Softens the forest

Justin Smith

lake frozen over
a falling leaf lands gently
ice cracks like lightning

Melanie Bell

Air after rain hangs
Silent. Fawn-spotted birches
Stretch, spindly, to sky.

Deborah Svatos

Gold floods morning sky.
Black night sheds star-swept lining.
Onward comes the day.

Pearl Kline

waiting for the post
the sun preening like a bird
fourth tuesday of june

Connor Bjotvedt

Summer light, transposed
on my walls. A prison cell.
I, humble captive.

David Alvarez

squirrel stands on stone
stock-still body, twitching nose
--in a flash, it's gone

RLM Cooper

Fireflies dart and flash
Among the oaks and dogwoods.
Porch swing softly creaks.

Ayaz Daryl Nielsen

my thick winter socks
when good is doubly good
woven by grandma

Lianne Kamp

silence stills the lake
dragonflies reflect rainbows
lightly on paper wings

Gail Greenwood

A bee-laden bloom
among so many roses;
why burden this one?

David Anthony Sam

Stubs of brown corn stalks.
Songbirds silently wend south.
Clouds lower the sky.

Patricia Rossi

whisper of prayer
last words carefully chosen
cradled by silence

Robert Baldwin

Late September heat;
Insects swarm the sunflowers,
Sipping summer's end.

Suzanne Cottrell

Dark, towering clouds
Afternoon showers bathe trees
New puddles for frogs

Nolo Segundo

through the blackest space
heat, ninety-three million miles
sweat drops on my neck