Issue 62

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Issue 62


Anderson, Duane
Bailly, Richard
Balme, Kennard
Barnett, Sandra
Brown, Jodie
Bruck, Ingrid
Cipriano, Lorraine
Cooper, Rlm
Cottrell, Suzanne
Darretta, John Lawrence
Dawson, Jessica
Dixon, Brett
Elliott, Regina
Eustice, Isaac
Eustice, Tiffany
Fielder, Jim
Fingon, Joan
Flanagan, Michael
Galea, Maria
Green, Connie Jordan
Hagen, Susan K.
Hausam, Jo
Head, Beverly
Jones, Trent
Larson, Jody
Laussmann, Melissa
Leach, Michael
Lepri, Hege A. Jakobsen
Levine, Bruce
Lipton, Madeline
Maze, Jack
Mcdonald, Jolene
Mcnally, Marcy
Mcquillen, Kent
Melton, Bill
Narland, Jerrold
Planko, Christa
Redick, Carl
Richardson, David
Roy, Donna
Sims, Wesley
Smothers, Shirley
Sprague, Adam
Staton, Valerie
Tristram, Hannah-rose
Vork, Jr
Watson, Wendy
Zempel, Rachel

John Lawrence Darretta

smiling summer falls
autumnal leaves pale and pass
weary winter springs

Richard Bailly

cloudless winter sky
shimmering sun points on snow
sculpted rabbit tracks

Valerie Staton

troop of ladybugs
commandeer geranium
seize aphids and mites

Bill Melton

the seeping moonlight
flows through the open window
puddles on the floor

Maria Galea

A single thought; sensed,
revealed through words, emotions -
Poetic beauty

Duane Anderson

Wind on a mountain
whips snow high into piles
toppling time beneath.

Shirley Smothers

The sound of the sea
Poetry to my psyche
Siren's song to soul

Joan Fingon

crisp cool air blowing
colored leaves snap between toes
autumn imminent

Isaac Eustice

Silence. Cars passing.
Tea bag crests the brown water.
A sober evening.

Donna Roy

Dolphin surfer girl
Intimate sea connection
Makes each wave her own

Tiffany Eustice

Deep troubled waters
Reflections into darkness
Falling out of reach

Jim Fielder

Puffy chest Robin
Increasing your downy loft
Blizzard lies ahead

Christa Planko

iced pond, heron poised
silver gleams through cracked surface
frozen dinner served

Susan K. Hagen

pale translucent arc
prism light in a sun-rain sky
beautiful your lies

Jack Maze

five inches of snow
enough to hide the debris
walks don't clear themselves

Jr Vork

poinsettia petals
water gushes from spigot
a fragrant breakup

David Richardson

last summer's beech leaves
hang tough in the heavy snow -
they're stubborn that way

Jerrold Narland

Wine red blossom spikes
advertise nectar and rest
stop south-bound Monarchs.

Suzanne Cottrell

Blazing scarlet sun
sinks behind brush fire of clouds,
consumes winter day.

Ingrid Bruck

riffing jazz solo
swirls up the lighthouse staircase
a spiral helix

Kent McQuillen

ditch along back road
trash and brush accumulate
daffodils poke through

Madeline Lipton

Butterfly wings flap
Touch base on zinnia sweets
Spirits soar, hope sprouts

Hege A. Jakobsen Lepri

Fresh pigeons this year,
large and loud and with a plan:
Dominance or death

Michael Flanagan

while you've been gone
I share the porch with spider
as we both keep watch

Trent Jones

rolling flightless cloud
beyond the waking sun's eye
paints the land silver

Marcy McNally

Crystal snowflakes dance,
tossed in windswept flurries, cold,
my heart is frozen.

Adam Sprague

Nightly, forced love yous
created autopilots
rather than lovers

RLM Cooper

Beneath a Peace rose,
Among the fallen petals
Ants in fierce battle.

Regina Elliott

tiny white orbs swirl
eventide sparkles in flight
angel lights, love sent

Bruce Levine

A steadfast rhythm
Is floating down a highway
To an ancient call

Carl Redick

My summer garden
Romaine lettuce straight and tall -
Friends come to my gate

Sandra Barnett

mugs without handles
decorated with Kanji
telling old stories

Sandra Barnett

silent tea kettle
old workhorse on cold burner
waiting for first light

Wendy Watson

flurries of soft snow
pirouetting gently down
to silent applause

Connie Jordan Green

on the pond, heron
knee-deep in silver shallows
spears a flash of gold

Connie Jordan Green

beneath the ribbed bridge
a flurry of confetti--
white pigeons take flight

Jody Larson

draped around my neck
on red silk, this gold medal
feels like a harness

Wesley Sims

Gaze intense, sparks fly,
hands touching, lightning flashes.
New love storm brewing.

Brett Dixon

raindrops tap the leaves
sounding a cosmic rhythm-
worms rise to listen

Jo Hausam

Ironed starched snow glaze
Paw-print pockmarks bespeak breath
Crisp exhalations

Melissa Laussmann

still, murky water
underneath the plastic cup
a lotus blossom

Michael Leach

so soft to the touch
compression of a small ball
that slows down my pulse

Jodie Brown

Beautiful in flight
Soaring gracefully above
The homely buzzard

Beverly Head

boats beside the lake
craving the feel of water
on their dry bellies

Hannah-Rose Tristram

her head rests keenly
across my soft bosom, nests
validates my warmth

Kennard Balme

spring-sharpened grass blades
insects trample ground for food
cutting sounds approach

Rachel Zempel

vibrant flowers bloom
opalescent wings flutter
feeding on nectar

Lorraine Cipriano

Cellist with sheer verve
her electric performance
has him enraptured

Jessica Dawson

butterfly white moon
galaxies waltzing in time
a loon breaks silence

Jolene McDonald

Palm trees, fruit cocktails,
Sunglasses like black candy,
Tropical party.