Issue 61

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Issue 61


Anderson, Duane
Barnett, Sandra
Baugh, Brittany
Billings, Trey
Butner, Renee
Campbell, Nicholas
Canzi, Mariangela
Christy, Alice
Crockford, C.m.
Cross, Chris
Darretta, John Lawrence
Depaul, Maria
Donahue, Jack
Estringel, David
Eustice, Isaac
Fahey, Mary Crane
Flanagan, Michael
Galea, Maria
Gilliam, Dennis
Goins, Scott
Gorkin, Michael
Hall, Kay
Hard, Nelson
Heflin, Rose Menyon
Hodgson, Alisdair
Hutchison, Joseph
Jacobson, Roberta Beach
Jones, Ashley
Jones, Charmaine
Laussmann, Melissa
Lopez, Nicholas
Manion, William
Mcquillen, Kent
Melton, Bill
Miduri, Maria Chiara
Miller, Dean
Montgomery, Jennifer
Mueller, Tim
Pella, Patricia
Pieper, Che
Roman, Enrique
Sims, Ian
Smith, Stormy
Smothers, Shirley
Sood, Megha
Staton, Valerie
Thompson, Jesse
Tristram, Hannah-rose
Vork, Jr
Zempel, Rachel

Chris Cross

As the mountain snow
shrouds the meadow, God whispers,
be still and listen.

Patricia Pella

fallen maple leaf
cradled in her tiny hand
autumn lullaby

Alice Christy

Ignorance, not bliss
white-knuckled, blizzard beauty
mountains, without chains

Trey Billings

Down the gravel path
my legs pedal faster still
full of grasshoppers!

C.M. Crockford

Scratch on the window,
making a trickle of light
dance as morning falls.

Megha Sood

Those raindrops falling
slowly watermarking love
by pluvial skies

Che Pieper

sunshine beaten grass
longsweating mass of labor
softly river run

William Manion

stack-stone flower box
summer's lease drifting away -
first crisp yellow leaf

Ashley Jones

Traveling I look-
up! Leaves swaying, wind blowing,
Upon my red cheeks!

Ian Sims

Snow on a full moon;
The bare branches click lightly
And then all is still.

Jennifer Montgomery

damp-blackened branches
flooded woods brimming with drink
death rot sharp, blooming

Maria Galea

Monochrome portraits
freeze precious moments long gone -
cherished memories.

Dennis Gilliam

After Spring sunset
Mist rises from the mountains
Spreading like a flood

Rose Menyon Heflin

The revolving door
A carousel of people
Each waiting their turn

Dean Miller

in meditation
mind wanders on knowledge path
no footprints are found

Isaac Eustice

Huddled against cold
I trudged through the moonlit streets
Once lighted by you

Bill Melton

steady rise and fall
ocean seems to be breathing
as if it's alive

Kay Hall

Thoughts weave in and out
Cobwebs in an autumn breeze
Caught up in days past

Nicholas Lopez

The odd crooked tree
In society's forest
Is the living soul

Nelson Hard

Vibrating membranes,
Cicada's chirring tymbals
Mimic tinnitus

Shirley Smothers

Sent my heart away
Carried on whispering winds
To a lonesome land

Renee Butner

White snowflake ballet
No orchestra plays along
Boots galumph and crunch

Stormy Smith

Your smile is honey
Like a bee I need my fix
Too sweet to resist

David Estringel

Words collapse on tongues--
wicker baskets of water--
without poetry.

Scott Goins

through montana fog,
a memory of bright days.
pebble in my shoe.

Duane Anderson

With easel and paints
the sun paints a sky picture
a new born rainbow.

Mariangela Canzi

Trees are whispering
a song of pure solitude
on a winter day.

Alisdair Hodgson

A white flag of foam
Waves far into the distance
Yielding sun to sea

Roberta Beach Jacobson

random shapes of clouds
imaginative sky art
- masterpieces, all

Joseph Hutchison

three days, two spring snows:
jays and crows put pride aside
at the bird feeder

Nicholas Campbell

Dead trees darkened skies
Winter silhouettes invert
Sparklers in July

Michael Flanagan

smoking in the rain
up on the old Ford tractor...
hating the thunder

Tim Mueller

your soul's breath comes near
locked now in my heart's temple
distance means nothing

Jr Vork

banana on desk
under a fluorescent light
turns forgotten brown

Mary Crane Fahey

From ice skimmed waters
Mists rise, fusing earth with sky
Under splintered moon

Hannah-Rose Tristram

From her sad mouth curled
songs of love lived, lost, longed for.
Linking mud and stars.

Jesse Thompson

The ghosts want nothing
But the sad acknowledgement
That they were once here.

Kent McQuillen

clear autumnal sky
glowing sliver-crescent moon
Venus shines beside

Jack Donahue

My seventy third
Christmas under a real tree
Toys in the attic

Valerie Staton

flying on gossamer wings
nature's work of art

Brittany Baugh

Think of nothingness
But would it still be something
If you thought of it?

Maria DePaul

Tumbleweed snowmen
Thistle rolling across plains
Winter gathering

Rachel Zempel

toes covered in sand
waves rush ashore, then retreat
my serenity

Sandra Barnett

four squirrels running
playing in frosty new snow
silence after storm

Melissa Laussmann

farewell to winter-
old trees adorn new garments
spring's ribbons of light

Michael Gorkin

Winter where we are
Brings a steady wash of rain
Nobody complains

Enrique Roman

A shroud of dust kneads
Cotton clouds of chrysalis
Fragrant oracle

Charmaine Jones

Yellow rumpled warblers
flock and chitter, grass to ground
-always just ahead.

Maria Chiara Miduri

ray of sunshine
the dog digs
beneath the carpet

John Lawrence Darretta

Iris flaunting furls
rainbow fields of golden rings
bloom in perfumed eyes