Issue 60

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Issue 60


Anderson, Duane
Ascough, Stephanie
Balme, Kennard
Barnett, Sandra
Barry, Aaron
Baugh, Brittany
Bruck, Ingrid
Cooper, Rlm
Daly, Briana Reh
Denehan, Steve
Dickson, Barry
Eustice, Isaac
Flanagan, Michael
Fletcher, Amy
Flynn , Timothy P
Foss, Marsha
Francisco, Erika
Gentry, Susan
Gilliam, Shelby
Gora, Norbert
Gretzer, Stephen
Guzmán, María
Hartnett, William
Horrocks, Stephen
Howes, Marissa
Jones, Charmaine
Keeley, Gloria
Kingston, Wayne
Leach, Michael
Levine, Bruce
Lipton, Madeline
Mcdonald, Jolene
Mcginn, Judith
Mcquillen, Kent
Melton, Bill
Miller, Ginger
Mueller, Tim
Mullen, Rene
O'connor, Sean
Oliver, Rosemary
Phelps, Judy
Renshaw, Sophia
Robertson, Brian
Rogers, Elby
Saylor, Nanette
Simmons, Jon
Sly-terpstra, Dawn
Smothers, Shirley
Sweet, Austin
Urpi, Nickolas

Stephen Gretzer

Creek water is high
Still enough space on warm rock
Turtle sleeps in sun

Sophia Renshaw

In '76
I remember the ground cracked
Like in Africa

Barry Dickson

The woods beckon me,
come in, look around, enjoy.
No exit assured.

Wayne Kingston

hawks soar overhead
jet specks swim pale blue canvas
engineers take notes

Jon Simmons

Cigarettes smolder
A hot whisper in my ear
Said so cool, so fine

Isaac Eustice

Plays her guitar, sings
Hippy chick, on a wine drunk
A sidewalk prophet

María Guzmán

Another evening...
A file of yellow poplars
under the spring rain

Aaron Barry

the wren, heaven-bound --
it has again evaded
the children's pebbles

William Hartnett

Broken coffee pot
Shiny broken shards

Brian Robertson

those Coltrane ballads --
day hits 100 degrees
my mop stirs the floor

Briana Reh Daly

The road winds ahead.
Standing tall, I step forward-
into all Unknowns

Marsha Foss

Blue cups chip and break
Tea and dreams dribble away,
nothing to hold them.

Nickolas Urpi

all sounds, all feelings
all silent, all terror, all -
touched by the season

Tim Mueller

slightest of breezes
raindrops tumble leaf to leaf
trees shuffling papers

Michael Flanagan

after life's battles
when all the hate is consumed
only hope remains

Bill Melton

backlit morning sun
translucent beryl green sky
sultry summer heat

Dawn Sly-Terpstra

Angel-winged petals
lift lacey fern fronds, fat dew,
baptism at dawn

Elby Rogers

Flowers soaked in bleach -
The inviolate men drown
In floodtide waters.

Norbert Gora

Instant love, quick sex,
breakups faster than the wind,
feeling for a while.

Susan Gentry

hummingbird hovers
over flower's sweet nectar...
lost in the moment

Rene Mullen

Sitting in a tree
blowing dandelion seeds
spreading puffs of heart

Steve Denehan

walking hand in hand
yellow road beneath our feet
soon we say goodbye

Bruce Levine

Pastoral mornings
Glare of summer afternoons
Cool refreshing nights

Judy Phelps

Feeling all alone
Walking the unfriendly streets
Safer to stay home

Stephanie Ascough

A ghost of the past,
Orange blossoms filigree
Florida's night air.

Nanette Saylor

Sunlight creating
Crystals, dancing on the waves
Infinite Spirit

Ingrid Bruck

wind drafts in white ink
a quill pen draws lambs and dogs
flying in the air

Shelby Gilliam

Intensity, Break.
Fourteen years of summer nights
Riding on one word.

Sean O'Connor

late summer twilight
far across this empty lake
two or three voices

Brittany Baugh

Hello, little sprout
Filling me with quiet joy
My smile grows with you

Jolene McDonald

Stars are like diamonds.
The sky is Heaven's raven.
Beauty in the night.

Erika Francisco

Maybe we should take
One step closer to the edge
One step closer still

Duane Anderson

Wind on a mountain
whips snow high into piles
toppling time beneath.

Amy Fletcher

Crickets chirp madly
Leaves brown upon thin branches
Hope lives in fair nights

Timothy P Flynn

touch is a lost breeze
grazing the, now, goosefleshed skin
prickly neck hairs rise

RLM Cooper

Old cat purrs softly
Within aging, wrinkled arms.
It is Winter now.

Ginger Miller

My light in the dark
You are illuminating
Full of life and love

Judith McGinn

blue dark bows to light
barn owl glides away to sleep
field mouse skitters free

Austin Sweet

The catfish lies true
Swimming yet cowering still
Life is suffering

Kennard Balme

cave painters paint pure
adorn walls with animals
making hunting safe

Rosemary Oliver

A brown leaf shivers
atop the barren maple
the wind ushers home

Marissa Howes

Quiet afternoon
Swings are still; slides are empty
Children back to school

Madeline Lipton

September shade shifts
Greens turn, about face splendor
Scarlet, Saffron sights

Michael Leach

all these hands stretch out
to cast their colorful dice
into the unknown

Kent McQuillen

cold winter evening
buck-deer stands in churchyard light
his breath comes in clouds

Stephen Horrocks

Before winters cull
And the fallen are forgot
Summer sounds farewell

Shirley Smothers

Painted smile faded
Aging dolls with sightless eyes
Dusty lost to time

Sandra Barnett

blinded by road spray
buffeted by gusts of wind
almost on empty

Charmaine Jones

Under twin rainbows,
bluebirds splash in newborn pools-
Retreating thunder.

Gloria Keeley

night birds text and tweet
toads chime their balloon bulge bells
mountain serenade