Issue 59

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Issue 59


Baldwin, Robert
Balme, Kennard
Barnett, Sandra
Bjotvedt, Connor
Botta, Nancy
Clarke, Lee
Cottrell, Suzanne
Dawson, Jessica
Depaul, Maria
Dickson, Julie
Farr, Jeff
Flanagan, Michael
Gaines, Chasity
Galea, Maria
Gentry, Susan
George, Brian
Georgevich, Sam
Green, Beverly
Handler, Samuel
Hatter, Shasta
Hause, Brittany
Head, Beverly
Hill, Greg
Hitri, Mark
Larson, Jody
Laussmann, Melissa
Levine, Bruce
Lipton, Madeline
Loughnane, Andrew
Malik, Vyomi
Mcdonald, Jolene
Mcquillen, Kent
Melton, Bill
Mueller, Tim
Munoz Jr., Ismael
Nakjavani, Jeanne
Priestnall, Jack
Rafferty, Charles
Reese, Alan C.
Roman, Enrique
Rossi, Patricia
Scully, Ron
Segundo, Nolo
Smothers, Shirley
Urpi, Nickolas
Wasilewski, Nells
Zedalis, Jackie
Zempel, Rachel
Zimbler, Larry

Enrique Roman

She has been replaced.
Like the splinter of winter.
She retains her edge.

Nickolas Urpi

mercy is reserved
for those who have kept their life -
sulking snow at dusk

Larry Zimbler

daily dues and don'ts
apple pear two care nowhere
variants of you

Greg Hill

far side of the bed,
the little dog's little breath
where you used to lie

Samuel Handler

Lady standing there
you with the big umbrella
watch out for my eye

Jack Priestnall

Church bells fall silent.
News reads: another attack.
Innocent suffer.

Robert Baldwin

Drooping sunflowers,
Struggle to lift once proud heads.
Tired by success.

Ismael Munoz Jr.

Weeping for the lost
Mourning for those who have passed
Life is so precious

Jeanne Nakjavani

The woodpecker drums
On the aging maple tree
A long lost message?

Brittany Hause

petrichor at dawn...
waving from the puddled earth
soft caecilians

Charles Rafferty

A cluttered basement -
the flood confirms we needed
none of what we had.

Mark Hitri

the clouds move one way
and the leaves in another
family picnic

Maria Galea

Life wanes, hope dwindles,
Imprisoned by exhaustion -
No chance of parole.

Brian George

Spring rains beat the ground
As flowers escape through cracks
In their asphalt tombs.

Tim Mueller

leaf bud and blossom
the pulse of living returns
thought word and action

Sam Georgevich

Orange and mellow,
Festive for the holiday,
A strong tradition.

Suzanne Cottrell

Top down, hair blowing
Cruising along country roads
Unexpected storm

Bill Melton

morning fog retreats
leaves behind sparkling jewels
on the cobweb strands

Nancy Botta

Brown curls wild and free
he roars under the hot sun,
king of the playground.

Alan C. Reese

Snow falls on Mt. Hope
In the mirror the old face
Looking back is me.

Jolene McDonald

Purple flowers bloom,
The moon watches them at night,
Moonlight keeps them safe.

Susan Gentry

wild honeysuckle
entice butterflies and bees
on pasture fences

Susan Gentry

female attraction
incessant male mating choir
cicada debut

Andrew Loughnane

city streets buzzing
packages picked up, then dropped
bike messenger life

Julie Dickson

Muggy summer air
Any thought of breeze is stalled
Trees dream of swaying

Beverly Green

Match stick; sand paper
Scrape together, spark, and flame
A kiss in summer

Jeff Farr

Sweat trickles freely
A slalom down hairy arms
Without sleeves exposed

Chasity Gaines

drowning in a flood
salty tears burn eyes rimmed red
torrential downpour

Nolo Segundo

The orchids dazzle,
beauty stealing air and sun--
some unknown painter

Shasta Hatter

unfamiliar sun
neighbors chat about roses
new warmth on our skin

Lee Clarke

Oh, Enlightened One
Teach me how to see the truth
In the Autumn Grass

Ron Scully

harmless heat lightning
seals the lakeside horizon
fishing reel recoils

Maria DePaul

Sudden gusts of wind
Portend a Summer downpour
Lightning splits an oak

Melissa Laussmann

thunderstorm brewing
rain tapping at my window
the tea kettle hums

Shirley Smothers

The dewy grass glints
Sun's radiant rosy touch
As dawn awakens

Sandra Barnett

rainstorm approaching
chipmunks forage in dark mulch
mourning doves take flight

Beverly Head

butterflies play tag
in and out the backyard bush
the yellow one wins

Kennard Balme

rejoice in her love
of moonbeams and church steeples
learning what you know

Kent McQuillen

pollinators buzz
rhododendron blooms ablaze
summer coming soon

Vyomi Malik

Summer visitor
Sipping juicy clementines
Verdant feathers hum

Jessica Dawson

tiger eye sunrise
little emerald sailboat
meeting together

Madeline Lipton

Cactus garden blooms
Thorny greens, yellow wonders
Willy-Nilly charm

Nells Wasilewski

Heavy clouds spit rain
strong winds creating havoc
mother nature's rant

Michael Flanagan

like wandering souls
cottonwood seeds surround us
as we make our way

Patricia Rossi

wind swept summer storm
dogwood tree in full blossom
pink petal cascade

Jody Larson

Love is not fragile
or tender. Love hoists boulders,
bursts dams, uproots trees

Connor Bjotvedt

Rough water, summer
Spring. The splashing of children.
Tanning old women.

Rachel Zempel

sunshine, lemonade
ants find the watermelon
afternoon picnic

Bruce Levine

Breezes in the trees
Testify to happiness
Once again renewed

Jackie Zedalis

In the midst of night
Moonlight shines over the trees
Branches whispering