Issue 57

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Issue 57


Balme, Kennard
Barnett, Sandra
Butner, Renee
Ciopryna, Cassie
Cipriano, Lorraine
Cottrell, Suzanne
Crowe, Whitney
Cunningham, Sara
Drobot, Ana
Dybowski, Deborah
Eckstine, Kirk
Ellison, Emily
Feil, Michael
Gaines, Chasity
Gentry, Susan
Hatter, Shasta
Head, Beverly
Jacobson, Roberta Beach
Jones, Paul
Kamp, Lianne
Kane, Rebecca
Kirouac, Debra
Laussmann, Melissa
Levine, Bruce
Liebert, Elisabeth
Macinnes, Idynne
Maulsby, Dennis
Mclintock, David
Miller, William
Monahan Brown, Ricky
Moore, Andrew
Moyer, Daria
Paoli, Allison
Ponnambalam, Sybil
Poulin, Robert Henry
Robinson, Jackie Maugh
Skala, George
Smith, Erica J
Spitzenberger, Ray
Stice, Lisa
Tambone, Mark A.
Thomas, Sarah
Tristram, Hannah-rose
Tulin, Mark
Vance, Marcus
Wasilewski, Nells
Werner, Erin
Wilson, Juliet
Zedalis, Jackie
Zempel, Rachel

Susan Gentry

Long ago shadows
fade to lonely silhouettes
filtering today

David McLintock

a wet pink balloon
bounces down the estate path
trailed by merry laughs

Hannah-Rose Tristram

In the still of night,
heart's beat and body's base sounds
like a distant rave

Paul Jones

the youthful heart knows no fear
until its first break

Allison Paoli

Watching patiently
He, on the edge of his seat
At last, she awoke

Nells Wasilewski

honking geese fly north
winter melt begins-spring comes
one drip at a time

Emily Ellison

the moon's scythe has cleaved
the pregnant lake to reveal
an indigo lust

Jackie Zedalis

A frog in the porch-
trying to escape the cold
Finding no relief

Andrew Moore

Walking this old place
smells and sounds prepare my mind
for fragile topics

Cassie Ciopryna

Peppermint mocha;
our lips tingle with softness.
Caffeine-triggered kiss.

William Miller

black and white flashes
chickadee is never still
too fast to be prey

Ricky Monahan Brown

broken blackbird hops ---
through industrial estate
to postage stamp green

Daria Moyer

Low tide on the breeze
Sun inches up with promise
Salt troubles old wounds

Sarah Thomas

Twilight cools the earth
wind chimes tremble and shimmer
a new moon rises.

Erica J Smith

While on fallen ice
Tires wrestle midnight roads-
An impatient lure

Michael Feil

starlight gazing down
a thousand kisses landing
our souls are glowing

Shasta Hatter

sudden wind rises
tiny, silver ripples dance
across city pond

Whitney Crowe

Flotsam and jetsam,
and the broken, floppy bits.
I am so much more.

Bruce Levine

Feelings overwhelm
Driving forces moving on
Taking roads unplanned

Kennard Balme

moss covered ant bed
greening the hiding queen's home
lawn mowers look out

Renee Butner

blue violet clouds
dipped in fuchsia finger paint
endless stretch of road

Ana Drobot

winter afternoon -
the white carnations blooming
behind my paintbrush

Lorraine Cipriano

Her earthly delights
eighteenth-century poems
enchanting jasmine

Chasity Gaines

Moonbeams shimmer soft
Cicadas serenade dawn
Warm breeze caresses

Sybil Ponnambalam

my first Texas spring
nature napped, yawned brown dust bloom
rebirth of rebirth

Jackie Maugh Robinson

jumbo strawberries
quite near yet beyond my reach
snowbound sweet dreaming

George Skala

My soft, bated breath
Gasps against her contoured cheek
Sprouting red poppies

Suzanne Cottrell

Snow-covered pansies
Insulated from harsh cold
Fitly re-emerge

Marcus Vance

A chill wind brings tears
Nothing brings light to the heart
Like a happy dog

Elisabeth Liebert

eight snowy egrets
fish in the Bayou Pierre
glass, cans, a car door

Roberta Beach Jacobson

breeze intensifies
fluttering daisy petals
- whirlwind of delight

Erin Werner

Leaden anchor heart
Afloat for now, but drowning
Silent SOS

Beverly Head

the dream is the same
daddy planting ghost peppers
too early in spring

Mark A. Tambone

Drink like buffalo
Prehistoric beasts in rows
Only grains have changed

Robert Henry Poulin

sad loon's tremolo:
chain migration restricted
across the border

Dennis Maulsby

Blonde girl's earbuds throb,
Heavy metal guitar chokes,
peppery cymbals.

Sandra Barnett

evergreen leaning
pointing forever eastward
notched by wanderers

Melissa Laussmann

slowly ascending
moonlight above Mount Fuji
this path leads me home

Juliet Wilson

overgrown garden -
your wife's cookbook unopened
since her early death

Rachel Zempel

somber Friday night
raindrops trickle from the roof
bare streets glistening

Ray Spitzenberger

still a chill, sun bright
snows have packed their flakes and left
bright smiles welcome spring

Idynne MacInnes

Billowing white sheets
grow tame beneath the dark clouds
as the rain comes clean

Lisa Stice

out of the sand, here,
a marigold, close petaled,
in this place, it grew

Debra Kirouac

The trees are naked,
Bereft of leaves, winter's curse
Yet birds are singing

Sara Cunningham

The sun's touch, a hand.
Against your cheek, an imprint.
A shattering song.

Deborah Dybowski

purple iris blooms
sprinkled with tiny dewdrops
outside my window

Lianne Kamp

afternoon mourning
coffin lowered in the ground
dishes fill the sink


A fading flower,
losing color, vibrancy.
Youth's passion grows dim

Mark Tulin

I am lost ashore
Waiting to return to sea
Heavy, sallow, raw.

Rebecca Kane

three-thirty school bus
our kids long gone to college
dog waits at front door