Issue 56

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Issue 56


Adams, Michael
Barnett, Sandra
Berger, Karen
Brestel, Eric
Center, Julie
Cipriano, Lorraine
Decarolis, Michael
Dickinson, Rachel
Dishner, Jackie
Fitzgerald, Genevieve
Flanagan, Michael
Fontaine, Amy
Gentry, Susan
Hanlen, Jim
Hitri, Mark
Howell, Bodie
Huffy, Phil
Jones, Kelci
Kozma, Joseph J
Kuentzel, Thalia
Larson, Jody
Laussmann, Melissa
Lavalette, Ron.
Levine, Bruce
Liebert, Elisabeth
Macneil, Kevin
Malik, Vyomi
Marinelli, Rocco
Martin, Carolyn
Mcmanes, Robert
Melton, Bill
Moore, Andrew
Mullen, Rene
Perry, Christina
Petty, Randy
Piazza, Robert
Pikarsky, Amparo
Ross, Debra Sasak
Ruth-killgore, Chanacee
Sakai, Suzanne
Shaam, Qandeel
Sibbald, Andrew
Skelley, Billie Holladay
Snyder, James
Tei, Suria
Thorn, Jonathan
Tristram, Hannah-rose
Wasilewski, Nells
Watt, Gary

Rocco Marinelli

Lost in confusion
Enlightenment is within
You just have to feel

Ron. Lavalette

alone on the porch
a man welcomes the morning
Spanish cedar flute

Michael Flanagan

across the pasture
slumbering in the clover
daisies greet the dawn

Jim Hanlen

when I am confused.
even the wind can't decide
go east or head south

James Snyder

Delight migrating
up to cerulean skies.
A bright red balloon.

Debra Sasak Ross

Red rose bud petals
Strewn haphazardly on bed
Wake up, sleepy head.

Hannah-Rose Tristram

In empty moments
I feel the imagined touch -
Your hands on my back.

Elisabeth Liebert

Black magnetic sands
Cliffs shatter waves to white spray
We linger bewitched

Christina Perry

hardy dogwood stems
appear, jutting through the snow,
awaiting springtide

Gary Watt

Youth-endowing snow
All earthly wrinkles smoothing
Turning adult child

Robert Piazza

Biplanes towing signs
fly above the crowded beach---
Haiku in the sky.

Bruce Levine

Golden light on trees
Punctuates the afternoon
Rounding out the day

Karen Berger

Still waters; a deer...
drinking in his reflection.
Narcissus in bloom.

Sandra Barnett

sitting in darkness
waiting for the next haiku
black cursor blinking

Julie Center

let the sunlight stream
through your hair just like the wind
through the trees in Spring

Lorraine Cipriano

Green leaves in sunlight
burn the Buddha image bright
right inside her heart

Rene Mullen

I've become my dad
which is to say a spirit
destined for silence

Billie Holladay Skelley

Winter's chill freezes
unripe fruit in the orchard-
spoiling migrant hopes.

Melissa Laussmann

dawn in Kyoto
dew kissed Sakura branches
an early embrace

Vyomi Malik

Blackened shikaras
Adrift emerald waters
The day lingers on

Bill Melton

yellow wings outstretched
butterfly tries to capture
weak autumn sunshine

Michael DeCarolis

Poor blue jay. At least
I gave him a shady spot
to lay down and die.

Sandra Barnett

kicking leaves aside
looking back at the window
where she used to sit

Andrew Sibbald

season's cold blanket
the muffled silence of night
hello winter moon

Phil Huffy

she waits patiently
old, at the end of the road
when will God notice?

Mark Hitri

not the only one
looking at the stars tonight
it's universal

Genevieve Fitzgerald

his careful photos
cut out the extraneous
capturing what truth

Michael Adams

Orion guides me
And though I'm not often lost
Tonight is overcast

Suzanne Sakai

moonlight on crisp snow
one year gone, one rolling in
rocking, changing life

Andrew Moore

This, my childhood home,
smaller than I remember,
and more important

Jonathan Thorn

The wind wakes up life
Captured in a white bone cage
In the wake of death

Bodie Howell

surrounded by noise
the offer of solitude
my gift from the sea

Amy Fontaine

Crows on the bleachers
Breeze blows clouds across the track
We're moving on soon

Suria Tei

after last night's storm
my neighbor's old trampoline
slanted, still standing

Nells Wasilewski

starry sky above
whippoorwills and crickets sing
summer in concert

Thalia Kuentzel

Cold blanket of white
tucks in fragile blades of grass;
sweet dreams until spring.

Randy Petty

Camping under stars
Still grungy despite all-night
Meteor showers

Kelci Jones

Silver raindrop hangs
Sun-kissed, it falls to the wind
Carried down to earth

Kevin MacNeil

A student drifts through
the poetry section, hums
a sweet melody.

Rachel Dickinson

Dawn lights the pink wall
Apple tree limbs cast shadows -
Illusion of warmth

Carolyn Martin

On a winter night,
the black echo of my breath:
my sole company.

Robert McManes

slow soft music plays
a candlelight's reflection
in my lover's eyes

Joseph J Kozma

Thunder in the sun
Ice berg in the desert sand
Autumn in the air

Chanacee Ruth-Killgore

rain-filled clouds push in
blanketing a fiery sun.
unquenched light cascades...

Jackie Dishner

Downhill ride, so chill.
Light breezes brushing my face,
calming my last nerve.

Jody Larson

cricket in my wall
safe from freezing rain and wind
calling for a friend

Eric Brestel

Scent of mown fescue,
crescendo of cicadas,
my childhood wakens.

Susan Gentry

Carpet of fresh snow
stretches unblemished on lawn
awaiting footprints

Qandeel Shaam

feisty raindrops lash
my window, like fingernails
on my lovers back

Amparo Pikarsky

The prayers you've answered
give me faith beyond reason
you'll come through again.