Issue 53

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Issue 53


Anderson, Sharla
Andrus, Pat
Balletti, Michael
Balme, Kennard
Barnett, Sandra
Brandes, Heidemarie
Brown, Jodie
Dano, Helen
Davis, Andrew
Depaul, Maria
Dybowski, Deborah
Fahey, Mary Crane
Gentry, Susan
Glynn, Carolyn
Goodman, Crystal
Hakmiller, Karl
Head, Beverly
Henze, Adam
Herman, Patti
Johnston, Shane
Kirouac, Debra
Kolb, Daniel
Kuo, Andrew
Larson, Jody
Laussmann, Melissa
Levine, Bruce
Melton, Bill
Middonte, Mia
Modica, Frank
Moore, Garth
Morse, Haven
Pearson, Tom
Robbins, Donna G.
Rosas, Maricela
Senser, Daniel
Sprague, Adam
Taft, Eve
Teague, Heather
Thomas, Katelyn
Thor, Miriam
Werner, Erin
Wood, Eldie
Zander, Henry
Zedalis, Jackie

Kennard Balme

all mudbugs bleed red
hard to tell what piece to eat
bait for bigger bugs

Bill Melton

like a waft of smoke
a blanket of white gnats drift
in dappled sunlight

Bill Melton

dark drifting wall-cloud
tendrils of rain trail below
backlit setting sun

Beverly Head

Fragile egos caught
On tree limbs like broken kites
Flapping in the wind

Daniel Kolb

the drummer chews gum
in rhythm with the music -
autumn in New York

Jodie Brown

heavy summer air
thick with rain wanting to fall
my plants love you so

Andrew Davis

Fish swim through foundries
finally silent beneath
the rising waters

Mary Crane Fahey

Slanted sunbeam traps
Fluttering Painted Lady
In its golden thrall

Michael Balletti

Black-forked tongues spew hate
Mesmerize the credulous
Earth falls under weight

Jackie Zedalis

A sanctuary
Butterflies can fly freely
Within their cages

Jackie Zedalis

Traveler's nightmare
Moose walking onto the road
In the still of night

Daniel Senser

In a park at night
Sleepless lovers dance and laugh.
Sprinklers--they don't mind.

Pat Andrus

two crows on fir branch
showers soaking their plumage
feathers rinsed for flight

Karl Hakmiller

The wind smells like death,
I think of you breathing it--
The sound at low tide.

Patti Herman

The moon and the stars
continue to shine their light
when all else seems dark

Shane Johnston

Morning mist rises
To the top of mount Fuji
Under purple skies

Deborah Dybowski

sparkling, smooth as glass
reflecting skies blue brilliance
salt water haven

Heidemarie Brandes

I am wildfire.
I have the moon's howl inside.
The world turns away.

Debra Kirouac

Wind ruffles your hair
As you board the new school bus.
Where has the time gone?

Jody Larson

sudden morning storm
rolling thunder, heavy rain
frogs taking cover

Erin Werner

Mirrors in her eyes
She makes you look at yourself
And accept your flaws

Erin Werner

Arpeggio sprawl
Broken chords and long fingers
Instrumental war

Andrew Kuo

Shot glass in one hand
Ice cubes smoke collide in blue
Laid-off yesterday.

Melissa Laussmann

summer afternoon
tree and pond on lonely field
sky like baldachin

Crystal Goodman

The sunflower shifts,
Moonlight wakes a sleeping dawn
Gesturing dew... drops.

Crystal Goodman

Nestled under wraps
Quiet light traces windows
I woke to Spring warmth

Sandra Barnett

from honeysuckle
shrub to honeysuckle shrub
monarch butterfly

Adam Henze

chipmunk on lawn chair
shoulders tense and tail standing
barking with bared teeth

Katelyn Thomas

Blossom to blossom
Swallowtail flaunts her beauty.
Summer flirtation.

Eve Taft

Darkness, quiet rain
Train whistles in the distance
I think I can sleep

Susan Gentry

Whippoorwill refrain
cuts through nocturnal silence
piercing hearts of woe

Carolyn Glynn

They co-existed
Feathery fronds still delight
T-Rex, not so much.

Helen Dano

At vigil, a bird,
young, stands over his fallen
mother. Summer weeps.

Mia Middonte

babbling summer creek
floating leaf with clever ant
must have surfing bug

Tom Pearson

clouds above rockies
an angel hood ornament
spreads its wings in flight

Miriam Thor

Tree branches whisper
A gentle unseen caress
Scents of blooms afar

Bruce Levine

Freezing rain and snow
Silken black lace of winter
Children ice skating.

Eldie Wood

A cliff face daunting
Finger hold, toe hold, anchor
Harness the mountain

Maria DePaul

Glass beach surf castoffs
Wave polishes rainbow stones
Vanishing treasures

Maria DePaul

Extinguished campfire
One last ember escaping
Storied night's ending

Frank Modica

Weeping blood red sun
Hangs low in the evening sky,
Dreams of long-lost loves.

Haven Morse

leaves decay and melt
earth's flesh rotting into dirt
season reaches end--

Henry Zander

watch, inhale the frost
you, my thunderclap woman
justifying me

Garth Moore

The barbed-wire fence
guarding yellow fallow fields--
tick tock of raindrops

Sandra Barnett

catbird on a limb
total eclipse of the sun
a distant rumbling

Sharla Anderson

My heart, like dead leaves
downfallen, trampled afoot
broken troth of spring

Heather Teague

Fiery sunset burns
In purple sky. Smokestacks climb
To touch its bright rays.

Adam Sprague

Rain on the window
my shoulder, your restless head--
where secrets are safe

Donna G. Robbins

On the hot, dry sand
Bones of an old coyote,
A spiral of wind

Maricela Rosas

A summer ago
Echos of humming bees waltzed
Around my hushed mind