Issue 52

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Issue 52


Alonso Jr., J. C.
Barnett, Sandra
Butner, Renee
Cottenie, Kelby
Depaul, Maria
Dickson, Julie
Flanagan, Michael
Gardner, Renne
Gentry, Susan
George, Sarah
Gorkin, Michael
Graham, Tyler
Gravina, Kristyl
Harrell, Jacob
Head, Beverly
Herrell, Dennis
Holland, Michelle
Kanjon, Elise
Kolb, Daniel
Larson, Jody
Laussmann, Melissa
Leach, Denise
Levine, Bruce
Malik, Vyomi
Mann, Rob J
Marshall, Jake
Melton, Bill
Miller, Dean
Montgomery, Jennifer
Nash, Lee
Pearson, Tom
Planko, Christa
Rinehart, Robert
Robinson, Jackie Maugh
Robinson, Samantha
Salpeter, Michael
Sargent, Angela
Shaw, Martha
Sibbald, Andrew
Smith, Mary
Smothers, Shirley
Smyth, Lucy
Tabaka, Ann Christine
Teague, Heather
Wegner, Adele
Williams, Helen May
Witmer, David
Zedalis, Jackie
Zempel, Rachel

Denise Leach

Rubix cube mayhem
Trapped with everywhere to turn
Twisted resistance

Daniel Kolb

big fat snowflakes fall
silently to the pavement -
a streetlamp flickers

Sarah George

sun light in my room
catches the smoke you exhale
a rosette pattern

Bruce Levine

Florida alive
Lizards, frogs and millipedes
Ibis on the wing

Michael Gorkin

footprints in the sand
lapped up by the evening's tide
she walks on water

Bill Melton

hopefully reaching
a morning glory tendril
searches empty space

Susan Gentry

Branches gently sway
waving goodbye to the past
stirring memories

Beverly Head

so many rude weeds
pushing out the new pansies
wanting to be first

Michael Flanagan

like a parable
lambs wander their green pasture
shepherd gone astray

Jackie Maugh Robinson

cannot take my eyes
from the weather-beaten barn
standing up to time

Tyler Graham

Summer flowers grow
Feeling green grass underneath
Stars dot fading skies

Ann Christine Tabaka

In a forest grove
Flute-like tones echo brightly
Sound of a wood thrush

David Witmer

Chaos in her eyes
infinity, dark and bright,
a snake and its tail.

Jake Marshall

She bites my top lip
I call it her sharp sugar
A pleasure too sweet

J. C. Alonso Jr.

The time passes by.
The coo of a mourning dove.
As everything lost.

Christa Planko

meadow exhales heat
sluggish warm-bellied cows graze
lazy summer morn

Kristyl Gravina

Rustling autumn leaves
Stick in the brown muddy earth
A tedious life

Dean Miller

Raindrops dimple ponds
Croaking frogs disturb silence
Night exhales morning

Melissa Laussmann

rain on latte stone
ancient spiritual beat
my heart knows this song

Renne Gardner

Macarthur Park Lake
a downtown LA jewel
broken glass needles

Jackie Zedalis

A buoyant bird rests
Flapping its wings and chirping
Sparks optimism

Jacob Harrell

Field beneath the sun
Colors of different hues
Red, yellow, green, blue.

Elise Kanjon

a storm is coming-
white coyote glances back
over ragged fur

Dennis Herrell

she is poetry
a woman nursing her child
singing so softly

Michelle Holland

trimming donkey feet
summer sun behind rain clouds
I call with carrots

Maria DePaul

Forgotten teddy
Sits lonely on a bookshelf
Until thunder booms

Shirley Smothers

Depression a thief
Steals my joy and my pleasure
It imprisons me

Martha Shaw

I am called to soar
Broken wings cannot stop me
He enables me

Julie Dickson

Memories fallen
into the grate of lost days
best left forgotten

Lee Nash

the mad caprices
of adolescent daughters
pink hydrangea blooms

Michael Salpeter

Long summer of love
Beatles wail about Pepper
I'm born premature

Lucy Smyth

Time to meditate
Imagining the silence
My nose has an itch

Jody Larson

wooden bench, slats grayed
warped by summer sun and rain
our sanctuary

Helen May Williams

palettes & brushes
abandoned strewn on table
vacant gallery

Mary Smith

Swim from corruption
Venture into fresh waters
Drown no more, just breathe

Robert Rinehart

Female beekeeper
Trailing bees like smoke netted
Soft wind: so intent.

Heather Teague

Diving pelicans
strike sea. Glistening, playful
ripples tag a child.

Rachel Zempel

rolling thunderstorm
building chaotic climax
exquisite rebirth

Kelby Cottenie

An intimate rain
Reaches suddenly to me
Out of a clear sky

Tom Pearson

dreams and illusions
currencies of the old world
now closed for repairs

Samantha Robinson

With welcoming words,
I invited you inside,
Whilst shutting the door.

Renee Butner

Maple leaf unfurls
New life open to the sun
Caterpillar bite

Andrew Sibbald

Heads hung in sorrow
knowing summer has ended
row of sunflowers

Sandra Barnett

sunlight on silk rug
pink and white peonies bloom
preening of peacocks

Adele Wegner

what a mist upon
the mossed river. crocus blooms
beside grey-green stones.

Rob J Mann

Cherry blossom floats
Choking the stream to stillness
Spring suicide pact

Vyomi Malik

Dancing thunderbolt
Kaleidoscopic shimmer
Hint of petrichor

Angela Sargent

Crushed citronella
Begonia blooms wildly
I inhale their peace.

Jennifer Montgomery

midsummer snow squall
cottonwood pelts the windshield
in flights of fancy

Jennifer Montgomery

leaden, heavy rain
pouring into the turned earth
shovel left to rust