Issue 51

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Issue 51


Agnew, Zach
Aldridge, Bobby
Barnett, Sandra
Barton, Ron
Benavides, Kylie
Blackmon, Rachel
Brandis, Don
Cates, Anna
Cole, Ayden
Cottrell, Suzanne
Crupi, Brandon
Drobot, Ana
Emmons, Julie Sharp
Finch, Nicholas
Geurrandeno, Frank
Gorkin, Michael
Graham, Jackson
Hambrick, Jennifer
Harrell, Jacob
Hartnett, William
Head, Beverly
Herrier, Bruce
Hodgson, Elizabeth
Kamp, Lianne
Kelly, Sophia
Kleponis, Joe
Levine, Bruce
Locicero, Thomas
Melton, Bill
Miller, Dean
Muranaka, Daryl
Pitcher, James
Planko, Christa
Reed Thieman, Shelly
Riyeff, Jacob
Robinson, Jackie Maugh
Ruth-killgore, Chanacee
Schutter, Mary R. P.
Selken, Niki
Shaw, Martha
Sykes, Terrence
Tabaka, Ann Christine
Tuttle, Stephanie
Wasilewski, Nells
Wells, Sandra
Williams, Helen May
Yarish, Adam
Zedalis, Jackie
Zempel, Rachel

Sophia Kelly

Pink cherry blossoms
fall softly on the sidewalks.
It is raining Spring.

Helen May Williams

clear night sky bright moon
exposed mouse-hole in border
cat paw tracks on soil

Jackie Maugh Robinson

stained glass dragonfly
in the lightness in the darks
longing for true spring

Dean Miller

Night drinks horizon
Ocean stirs moon's reflection
Shooting stars streak by

Suzanne Cottrell

Chirping spring peepers
Bullfrogs' deep guttural croaks
Silenced by the wind

Lianne Kamp

abandoned bird nests
perch on top of leafless trees
my bones feel the cold

Bruce Levine

Happy, salient times
Golden rays of morning sun
Silver glow of dusk

Bill Melton

tethered to a reed
a grebe on a floating nest
calls this place a home

James Pitcher

A fistful of crumbs
Showering scrambling mallards
A couple argue

Jackie Zedalis

Sun pokes through the clouds
Casting water images
Reflections of you

Niki Selken

We took the kite out
A monarch against the clouds
Two minutes ten feet

Brandon Crupi

Branches fight for sun
reaching skyward; mushrooms rest
on the forest floor.

Joe Kleponis

early spring sunrise
gold at the crest of the hill
daffodils in bloom

Beverly Head

painting wild flowers
blooms that can never be tamed
on land or canvas

Ana Drobot

blue sky lying down -
tourists' selfies disturbing
the sound of the rain

Mary R. P. Schutter

soft breeze caresses
rosebush birthing infant buds
sun kisses sweet babes

Kylie Benavides

Littered with turquoise
Snowy castles cover Earth
A picture to frame

Rachel Zempel

salty ocean breeze
palm trees shadow sun-kissed skin
coconut heaven

Jennifer Hambrick

warm rain on snowdrops
i explain to the children
where the snowmen go

Don Brandis

hear my other voice?
rarely used misplaced comma
among periods

Terrence Sykes

wayward flock of geese
above abandoned farmhouse
plow unfallowed sky

Nicholas Finch

Eating nuns? orchids
make black crickets turn yellow.
Wings wilt before death.

Jacob Harrell

Under the pale moon
Swerving between my two legs
Cat attempts murder

Stephanie Tuttle

Snow-capped mountain peaks
Last vestiges of winter
Storing desert hope.

Sandra Wells

Dormant for too long
I rise through the hardened world
determined to bloom.

Ayden Cole

fiery pink bison
stampede purple plains above,
thunder storm in spring

Anna Cates

a bumblebee blends
into a black-eyed Susan?
cloud-shaded hillside

Bruce Herrier

memories falter
petals fading at their edge
forgetting to fall

Ron Barton

We drink pop-culture
as we can't stomach the truth;
we go malnourished.

Julie Sharp Emmons

summer's construction
intricate origami
wasps' paper palace

Sandra Barnett

forsythia bloom
in the old cemetery
solace of flowers

Bobby Aldridge

Divorcing herself
the miller leaves her cocoon
for the distant light.

Daryl Muranaka

suburbia means
the little girl doesn't know
the lowly pigeon

Michael Gorkin

The sea at midnight
Flecked by splinters of the moon
I unfurl the sail

Adam Yarish

A stream- cold and clear
Envy of a burdened mind
Trickled aimlessly

Frank Geurrandeno

Calm fawns, marble eyes.
The rifle's sight, the anxious
devil in a man.

Chanacee Ruth-Killgore

Warm sand, broken shells
Laughter folds into the waves
Sorrows are drowning

Shelly Reed Thieman

Yellow blotch pansies
spill blueberry cream, merlot
I and the lawn, drunk

Nells Wasilewski

nap in the hammock
no silver hair--no gnarled joints
surfing the high waves

Ann Christine Tabaka

Early morning fog
Greets another born new day
Sleepy eyes now blink

Rachel Blackmon

Love?s the strangest thing
petals made of ash and lace
break through cold, hard earth

Zach Agnew

From a distant tree
A curious pair of eyes
observes those who pass

Christa Planko

seedlings stretch their vines
flower buds blossom and yawn
spring has awakened

Martha Shaw

Thunderous applause
Rose ? more pretty and more sweet
Following the storm

Thomas Locicero

awakened by waves
I watch the dawn?s silhouette
undressing the sun

Thomas Locicero

nature limits man
mountains on the ocean floor
never to be scaled

Elizabeth Hodgson

Scent of earth and moss
Tiny buds on dormant trees
Bursting forth new life

Jackson Graham

Tendrils of strong flame
Curl throughout an endless maze
Yet cower in rain.

Jacob Riyeff

porridge in the pot
coffee in the silent mill
emptiness abounds

William Hartnett

Lazy morning breeze
Bed so soft like Wonder Bread
Live life with no crust