Issue 50

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Issue 50


Agnew, Zach
Alsbury, Kate
Barnett, Sandra
Bell, Dallas
Bernath, Jimi
Bremner, R.
Calbert, David
Canfield, Michael
Cavano, Frank
Chae, John
Chilicas, Eve
Cipriano, Lorraine
Cole, Ayden
Cottrell, Suzanne
Daemon, Daun
Del Grande, Dave
Fahey, Mary Crane
Farmer, Teresa
Gravina, Kristyl
Harbrow, Jeff
Hartnett, William
Hatter, Shasta
Hotaling, Scott
Howard, Natasha
Jackson, Connor
Jones, Gb
Jones, Kara
Kane, Rebecca
Kirkpatrick-vrenios, Elizabeth
Larson, Jody
Lyle, Michael
Macdonald, John
Mace, Lesley
Malik, Vyomi
Morris, Karen
Olson, Erica
Oshiro, Melissa
Pate, Shaun
Pitcher, James
Reinecke, Warren
Rosas, Maricela
Sargent, Angela
Sauvage Angel, Kelly
Schurr, F.j.
Serra, Colby
Sprafka, Robin
Stapleton, Jill
Wegner, Adele
Wickes, Susan Gale
Zipter, Yvonne

David Calbert

Dancing autumn leaves
Shredded on the 405
Brittle orange dreams

Dallas Bell

A green olive branch,
Flood waters lower gently,
The promise of peace.

R. Bremner

Raiment of the sun
sari of baleful yellow
strips shyly to earth

Kristyl Gravina

Black winter roses
Their crimson slowly faded
Sorrows in my heart

Connor Jackson

Swaying in the breeze
The jasmine bends with the wind-
Following blindly

Susan Gale Wickes

the etchings of dawn
mellow on the autumn sky
each stroke a facade

Melissa Oshiro

The snow is falling,
the smell of cookies and pine
fill the Christmas air.

Kelly Sauvage Angel

pre-dawn solitude
in abandoned parking lot
idling Uber car

Frank Cavano

dawning of the day
negligee at her ankles
the sun for her crown

Mary Crane Fahey

Sky, darkened blood, lit
By gauzy silk, saffron bands
Tight around full moon

John Chae

Footprints in the white
Warm soup and hot chocolate
Fog on the windows

F.J. Schurr

shining mirrors flit
bare-backed upon foaming froth
then out with each tide

Scott Hotaling

first snow of winter:
I lace up my father's boots
and my mother cries

Karen Morris

Sunlight vanishes
Ripe pears sway like jade earrings
Sullen summer storm

Warren Reinecke

swirling skiff of snow
leaps and spins on windy gusts
a phantom ballet

Erica Olson

Voices in my head
Clamoring in the darkness:
My pen awaits me

Michael Lyle

as I near the pond
the turtle head submerges
sky on still water

Lesley Mace

shadows seep early
pool night into the garden
shoots grow in the gloom

Michael Canfield

wings beating the air
moonlight slipping through cloud breaks
winds travelling west

Jody Larson

The sky black with cold
Icy white stars glittering
Sunrise too distant

Robin Sprafka

Feathery snowflakes
Drift-glide to bluestem grasses
Wheels frozen to ground

Daun Daemon

red-robed cardinal
posing in naked pear tree
cloaked by winter dusk

Jimi Bernath

night birds cry warning
beneath these moon-dancing waves
Leviathan sleeps

Jill Stapleton

sleepy morning boys
three in mommy's rocking chair
talk about our dreams

James Pitcher

The moon lights the stage
Grains of sand dance through the air
Turtles meet the sea

Shaun Pate

ostensible love
specious, without exception
obstinate sorrow

Eve Chilicas

The aspen tree bleeds
her bloomed petals of fire
confetti the wind.

Sandra Barnett

geese hunkering down
next to wind rippled puddles . . .
shoppers scurrying

Ayden Cole

rusting horizon
trees beneath the rising moon,
mists from autumn lungs

Yvonne Zipter

My thumbs at the seam,
The apricot yields to me.
Grace has a dark heart.

Teresa Farmer

Daffodils in bloom.
Earth renews; spring has begun.
Miss you all the time.

William Hartnett

Winter still hangs on
Flowers bloom and quickly die
Confused birds take flight

Kate Alsbury

An Osprey Feather
Gliding Above Silent Dunes
Freedom on the Wind

Jeff Harbrow

Waves pummel the rocks,
sea spray sent to drown the sky.
Lightning burns through clouds.

GB Jones

Blossoms, butterflies.
Sharing time, space, and sunshine.
Peacefully silent.

Zach Agnew

Half a century
Flows within the stream of time
As a single drop

Adele Wegner

blue swallowtail wings
oak by oak, small sound among
broken bell thunders

Colby Serra

black skies , scattered rain
a glimpse of my guilty heart
shrouded by darkness

Vyomi Malik

Indian Summer
Laburnum blossoms shower
A golden carpet

Angela Sargent

Winter melts away
Like a song lost in the wind
Birds come soaring home

Lorraine Cipriano

Rain is romantic
the umbrella moved aside
for the wettest kiss

Dave Del Grande

The artist brush drips
Silenced by nature's beauty
Oh, abandoned heart

Natasha Howard

You are with me now,
Spring. How long I have waited
to embrace your warmth.

Maricela Rosas

The moon's silhouette
Fades away in the distance
Forgotten nightfall

Rebecca Kane

feathers floating past
fly riding on my kayak
"swonk" sound of paddle

Elizabeth Kirkpatrick-Vrenios

spring's birth announcement:
squeal, whistle, knock, gear and grind
splinters of new life

John MacDonald

cool, wet breeze stretches
on streets curling in corners
where black crickets sing

Kara Jones

Goddess and Gremlin
under the roof of my scalp
plotting next meltdown

Shasta Hatter

Round fans of pale green
bowls of red and pink petals
float effortlessly

Suzanne Cottrell

Shimmering droplets
Prism pearls upon green blades
Nature's refreshment