Issue 5

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Issue 5


Alvarez, David
Antebi, Debbi
Bensinger, Joseph
Chan, Constance
Cohut, Maria
Colline, Virginie
Daleiden, John
Edwards, David
Goldfarb, Reuven
Gonzalez, Mauricio
Hanson, Christopher Kenneth
Hivner, Christopher
Howell, Traci
Korsgaard, Sean
Lynch, Stephanie
Maheshwari, Adhar
Mcclain, David
Mckeon, Tina
Pauff, Harry
Pella, Patricia
Poller, Aaron
Rasnic, Ben
Rios, Bethany
Rose, Samantha
Ryan, Donna
Ryan, Lindy
Schalm, Erwin
Scott, Andrew
Smith, Kael
Steiner, Sherry
Stenta, Gregory
Stinson, David
Stone, Andrew
Sunkuru, Shalini
Tustin, John
Vardhan, Avantika
Von Nordheim, Chuck

David Stinson

Ripples by the dock
sunfish peek up for bread crumbs
Sun shines on water

David Stinson

In the chilled moonlight
The veranda sits vacant
Dew drips from the eaves

Ben Rasnic

Whenever you sing,
Robins mute their lilting speech?
Dawn weeps your absence.

Christopher Hivner

the river flows east
water carrying all life
dreams wash ashore cleansed

Avantika Vardhan

Autumn sun casts light
On the silence of stories
Grandmothers creases.

Chuck Von Nordheim

autumn squeezed between
summer burn and winter chill?
climate change extremes

Sherry Steiner

formally speaking
he stood up and found his voice
in his back pocket

Sherry Steiner

before you open
your dreamyland portals yes
hold the memory

Kael Smith

A pinhole of light
Through a forest canopy:
camera obscura.

Constance Chan

She's haunted waiting
rooms, hoping to hear her name,
ever since he left

Shalini Sunkuru

white mountain ranges
rays emanate from behind
painting in the sky

Aaron Poller

Light pink azalea
blowing up entire bed.
Cardinals retreat.

Maria Cohut

Light, spilling like wine
Between window and carpet:
Blackbird souls in flight.

Samantha Rose

Looking to the sky
In search of shapes and meanings -
In clouds, in our lives.

David Edwards

the west wind catches
a grasshopper's final leap
car wheels lack remorse

Debbi Antebi

ambulance sirens
piercing through the peaceful night
drown cicadas? songs

John Daleiden

in the morning chill
warming my hands on hot tea?
a porcelain cup

Sean Korsgaard

We stand together,
I and the mountain; in time,
Just the mountain stands.

Patricia Pella

beginning softly
sliding into symphony
this final season

Virginie Colline

devils and angels
the strange flight of two women
in the Great Canyon

Virginie Colline

duel in the sun
the jaws of the evil truck
on the car's bumper

Gregory Stenta

cold hands grip tightly
soft ice under dirty snow
crocuses peek through

Traci Howell

Wind whispers soft words
Stealing leaves off the branches
Autumnal signal

Tina McKeon

Bolts of lightning flash
Celebration in the sky
Playing hide and seek

Erwin Schalm

Snow is falling down,
the whole valley is covered
in a pure white gown.

Christopher Kenneth Hanson

Lightning cackles here
Blue sparks jump from heavy clouds
Rain soaks a white rose.

Erwin Schalm

All dogs don't like cats
and all cats sure don't like dogs.
But I don't like bats.

Andrew Stone

Whispers in the rain
descending towards black asphalt
masking endless night

Adhar Maheshwari

Last summer we slept
by the river side, my hand
almost touching yours.

David McClain

Autumn afternoon
the leaves racing to the ground
colorful beauty

David McClain

Dusk thirty and dark
kids returning home from play
tranquility lost

Andrew Scott

Swimming in cold fog
winter's enchantment in me
through this forest's life

Reuven Goldfarb

breathing mountain air,
two boys skip the angled slate
across smooth waters

Harry Pauff

His belt always guides
His grip tightens on the sky
In the dark, he shines

Bethany Rios

Two words, that is all
First word love, second word hate
Will you choose wisely?

Bethany Rios

The meaning You shared
The life that You spared for us

Joseph Bensinger

Really rather sing
but then I guess I am, as
a bird on the wing

Joseph Bensinger

Sea Sprites in the surf
dance a frolicsome fun jig -
wavelets flying high

Joseph Bensinger

Demons wailing loud
while riding the dark blown cloud
...a storm is brewing

Stephanie Lynch

Mountains of white clouds
painted by shadow and sun
Grand, but light as air

John Tustin

Pacing the platform
Wondering how it will be
And then you appear

David Alvarez

The water tumbles
Leaving all plants a treasure
Growing, then blooming

Maria Cohut

It never snows here.
Dirt and dust are the city's
Permanent winter.

Donna Ryan

crimson in the dusk
waves wash over the seagrass
as a seagull cries

Donna Ryan

a chill winter wind
the broken shutter voicing
a strong objection

Donna Ryan

the sparrows flitting
over the cement block fence
graffiti artwork

Mauricio Gonzalez

Birds flutter their wings
Loose soft feathers paraglide...
The cat goes hungry

Mauricio Gonzalez

Sunlight and spring rain
Fertilize the ground below...
Green is their offspring

Lindy Ryan

The first sound, which heard
when the roar of silence breaks,
is the sound of joy

Lindy Ryan

They carry disease
floating on their bloated tongues,
these chatty women