Issue 48

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Issue 48


Agnew, Zach
Archer, Arron
Barnes, Malcolm
Barnett, Sandra
Benavides, Kylie
Bennett, Timothy
Boomsma, Patricia
Brennan, Aj
Brownstein, Michael H.
Buttenhoff Miller, Shelly
Campbell, Colin
Caputo, Scott
Cates, Anna
Chansarkar, Sara
Chilicas, Eve
Cowdall, Kevin
Dawson, Ryan
Dorroh, John
Feingold, Bruce
Froumis, Nicholas
Garrison, Brian
Gentry, Susan
Graham, Barbara
Griffin, Neil
Gwin, Michael
Hawkhead, John
Hotaling, Scott
Jackson, William
Kingston, Wayne
Ling, Nicholas
Melton, Bill
Mevorach, Amy
Mills, Andrew
Montgomery, Jennifer
Reed Thieman, Shelly
Robinson, Jackie Maugh
Robinson, Samantha
Rossi, Patricia
Sacco, Linda
Seewald, Deborah
Sweeney, Belle
Tatum, Eugene
Tracey, Sharon
Wells, Joseph
Zempel, Rachel

Brian Garrison

Golden wings live long.
Paper will float in the breeze.
Live as you're folded.

John Dorroh

Meadow lark afield
White moon beam piercing the wing
Flightless bird of sleep

Amy Mevorach

Two girls call a dog
Water ruffles at sunset
Lake brims, heart opens

John Hawkhead

staring into flames
an old man and his old wife
their dancing shadows

Eve Chilicas

a crystalline glow
icey dreams with wings of breath,
diamonds in the snow.

Malcolm Barnes

Hop on my back child
Let us storm the seven seas
The sons shall boat now

Bill Melton

like delicate lace
narrow hem of shoreline ice
gently creeps outward

Bill Melton

rime of silver frost
recedes as the dawning sun
creeps across green grass

Zach Agnew

the lie hung heavy
its weight destroying what was
leaving just dead air

Nicholas Ling

Last day in Brighton.
With the precision of pi
she sews my ripped jeans.

Deborah Seewald

A dance of raindrops
tap, tap, tapping on my roof
shushing me to sleep.

Andrew Mills

The arid wind blows
Tumbling through this pointless world
The monotony

Timothy Bennett

Hanging water orbs
web necklace of cool-kissed mist
only air could wear

Patricia Rossi

saturated black
torrential sobs soak the soul
immersed in sorrow

Nicholas Froumis

dormant soul flicker
against the harsh endless wind
match in a dark cave

Jackie Maugh Robinson

primeval forests
reduced to tongue depressors-
ever warming globe

Arron Archer

waiting room readers
scrolling screens and magazines
retaining nothing

Linda Sacco

Blue roses creeping,
New thorns scrape cinder-block walls.
Urban fantasy.

Shelly Reed Thieman

I give my blue heart
to the bird of paradise
this night of endings

Samantha Robinson

Sounds - soft keyboard strikes.
A sigh echoes down the hall.
Silence? then typing.

Ryan Dawson

The Blue Ridge Mountains
As far as the eye can see
Brilliant colored leaves

Belle Sweeney

Breakfast moon lingers
Indigo mug with slow cracks
Tea before parting

Neil Griffin

Yellow butterfly
beats sorrow against the wind
traveling alone

Scott Hotaling

footsteps in the snow
none stray from the beaten path
the rose is dying

Wayne Kingston

anger fed by smoke...
fire spread across cool sheets -
sleepless silent dread

Scott Caputo

tops of Queen Anne's Lace
droop over the inner path
florets full of bees

Patricia Boomsma

mountains stand darkly
a shadow amidst the stars --
silent planes flash past.

Eugene Tatum

Cool water babbles
At the bottom of a creek
Tongues of nature speak

Sharon Tracey

green flies eat peaches
picnic table under pines
roots hold a rainstorm

Rachel Zempel

brisk muffled crackling
children play with Autumn leaves
red and yellow hues

Sandra Barnett

leaves turning yellow
zebra grass plumes quivering . . .
ravens' wings flapping

Michael H. Brownstein

Great heron answers
streams of fish, shell, and sunlight.
Quick! A gasp of trout.

Bruce Feingold

the summer solstice -
summiting the highest peak
in my neighborhood

Shelly Buttenhoff Miller

moon dances skyline
each holding the other's hand
swaying with music

Colin Campbell

forgotten monsoon
drifting beyond borneo
in sarawak dreams

Barbara Graham

Twisturn august trees
in sorrowful ageless time;
night is eloquent

Anna Cates

a red-bellied snake
livid in the wet meadow
season of ripe plums

Anna Cates

hidden in bramble
harboring forgotten fears
old fallout shelter

Sandra Barnett

cat in the window
bathed in rare supermoonlight
wanting her dinner

William Jackson

Winter's drums drumming,
Rooftop snow, thunders to earth.
Burdens slipping free.

Kylie Benavides

Pale against the snow
Remains of a cocky deer
Await hungry beasts

Rachel Zempel

free falling snowflakes
sticking to the rooftop peak
frozen waterfall

Kevin Cowdall

A lone ladybird
promenades across a leaf
in the mid-day sun.

Sara Chansarkar

Bright autumn sunlight
Ironing out morning chill
Dad lay still and cold

Susan Gentry

Autumn enhances
most talks, walks and memories
leaving our journey

Michael Gwin

My shower is next
Mother Nature washes me
Winter rain is here

Aj Brennan

Life has a rather
Tedious tendency to
O'er shadow living

Sandra Barnett

fallen maple leaves
forming a golden circle
around the Buddha

Joseph Wells

The coliseum
Spectators still flock to cheer
gladiating ghouls.

Jennifer Montgomery

Mercurial time.
New pages smelling acrid
taste of rain and plum.