Issue 47

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Issue 47


Aaronson, Nicole
Asch, Ruth
Barnett, Sandra
Beringer, Laurie
Boone, Nathan
Castaldi, Erin
Cates, Anna
Chilicas, Eve
Denette, Tim
Drobot, Ana
Emmons, Julie
Fahey, Mary Crane
Gentry, Susan
Hagen, Susan K.
Hamilton, Alex
Harbrow, Jeff
Harrison, Philip
Hatter, Shasta
Jackson, William
James, Robert
Kamp, Lianne
Kingston, Wayne
Knabe, Martin
Kotthaus, Amy
Maguire, Marion
Malik, Vyomi
Malone, Zachary
Martens, Barbara
Maxwell, Kathy
Mccombe , Oliver
Melton, Bill
Murphy-phillips, Matthew
Nahal, Anita
Neal, Kent
Reinert, James
Riyeff, Jacob
Robinson, Jackie Maugh
Rolle, Alvetta
Rosas, Maricela
Rossi, Patricia
Ruth-killgore, Chanacee
Shariff, Irfanulla
Smith, Mary
Snethen, Daniel
Tash, Ian
Thiessen, Loreena
Van Hook, Eileen
Wasilewski, Nells
Zempel, Rachel

Patricia Rossi

mirror reflection
my reluctant acceptance
unfamiliar face

Bill Melton

Sun's sanguine tendrils
Gently caress morning clouds
A promise of rain

Erin Castaldi

Anxious geese fly south
Merlot speaks through tall glasses
Freshly painted walls.

Anna Cates

on the old tin roof
a chimney swift chitters song
into the chill dawn

Loreena Thiessen

the jay's urgent call
rises with the holding dawn
colors in its mouth

Rachel Zempel

late Autumn harvest
a beaver swims to its lodge
migrating downstream

Kent Neal

a boy, his skullcap
a Muslim girl paints his face
during summer camp

Jackie Maugh Robinson

golden sunlight shards
pierce the silent forest floor
doe and fawn listen

Maricela Rosas

The winged creatures lure
moonlight and stary draped skies
Woodnotes of the night

Nicole Aaronson

Lilacs in a vase
A deep breath ferries me home
If I close my eyes

Lianne Kamp

small blue uniforms
dodging red faced crossing guards
first colors of fall

Eileen Van Hook

exploding acorns
amid the slow-burning leaves
celebrate autumn

Mary Crane Fahey

Bronzed wings flap flutter
Above feeder bird hovers
Beak dips fast in out

Susan Gentry

character colors
mix with palette history
image of ourselves

Robert James

Devastating news
A man leaving through the door
Goodbye to summer

Matthew Murphy-Phillips

She dreamt of a cat
Who would like to talk to her
Spoke of his headaches

Sandra Barnett

fifteen years after
the nine eleven attacks . . .
cloudy with birdsong

Ruth Asch

leaves and clouds flying
sky wrestles with a sapling
smooth limbs sway entwined

Oliver Mccombe

Tantalizing treats
A night of costumes and glee
Tragic razor blade

Eve Chilicas

karmic waters flow
journeys of the earth within
vibrations tremble.

Daniel Snethen

ebony crickets
petite chorus frogs calling
springtime symphony

Philip Harrison

I watched you sleeping
Dreaming of the night we had
Such powerful love

Amy Kotthaus

green maples grow tall
seeking out paternal light
red return to womb

Nathan Boone

Rising sun sticks to
Tip of the tongue in the dark
my hands did shiver

Zachary Malone

new life, my first son
your eyes mirror the heavens
spring, summer now fall

Tim Denette

Under the great sun
An orchid withers away
To live once again.

Shasta Hatter

Two red leaves atop
Umbrella of green elm leaves
Whispering autumn.

Anita Nahal

Life dangles on edge
Tempting dew drops on bud ends
Vanish without trace

Julie Emmons

Venus flytrap grins
sweet petunia sings forte
bee's breakfast pastries

Jacob Riyeff

everyday my heart
longs for haiku from my wife
o flesh of my flesh!

Irfanulla Shariff

The Acacia Leaves
Delicious Gourmet foodstuff
Giraffe reaching out

Bill Melton

the nine-eleven
unity we knew is dead
rancor has returned

Ian Tash

To hear her say it
I think you have autism
How should I have felt?

William Jackson

Bowed willow frames hang,
Pastel panes of crystal hue.
Thunder shattered hail.

Vyomi Malik

An orange ladoo
Forgotten ambrosial bliss
Homeless widow smiles

Ana Drobot

golden autumn leaves -
childhood days right behind me
with every photo

Nells Wasilewski

caved face too grotesque
no smile to greet the children
pumpkin carved too soon

Laurie Beringer

A black dove sits down
On the bricks in Public Square
To watch us stream by.

Mary Smith

Lovely bride wore white
Deception then reception
Truth unveiled disclosed

Alex Hamilton

Breathless new sunrise
As immortal as my guilt
Life will find a way

Barbara Martens

Autumn loneliness
Windswept trees - bleak vistas yet
Chrysanthemums bloom

Chanacee Ruth-Killgore

speckled down, knotted
feet perched upon my sill wait
spring will stretch her wings

Jeff Harbrow

Grey skies spill cold drops.
Early autumn blossoms smile
at the weeping sky.

Martin Knabe

On a street corner;
We are waiting for a cab,
watching the sun rise.

Kathy Maxwell

Gingered ivy leaves
Hugging the oak to keep warm
Jack Frost stalking you

Wayne Kingston

jarring waltz steps slow...
fabricated hips entreat -
autumn abdicates

James Reinert

hundreds of snow geese
peel from placid lake water
shredded porcelain

Susan K. Hagen

Petal snow drifting,
Cherry-pink swirling carpet:
Walls fall at your touch.

Alvetta Rolle

The Winter Wind Blows
A Silent Sovereignty
Ruling Manhattan

Marion Maguire

Moon stealth'ly rising
dark night awaits the splendor
of its silv'ry lamp