Issue 46

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Issue 46


Aaronson, Nicole
Agnew, Zach
Aldridge, Bobby
Alsbury, Kate
Barnett, Sandra
Blazure, Drew
Campbell, Colin
Castaldi, Erin
Cates, Anna
Cavano, Frank
Chansarkar, Sara
Cipriano, Lorraine
Dangelo, Nicholas
Ejanda, Crystal Theresa
Elizenberry, Arika
Gardner, Susan
Gentry, Susan
Goodfellow, Robin
Gravina, Kristyl
Hatter, Shasta
Head, Beverly
Jastermsky, Peter
Jones, Gb
Kamp, Lianne
Klein, Phyllis
Kulp, Mickey
Lamb, Jane
Lawrence, T.k.
Lee, Daphne
Macdonald, John
Mathison, Beth
Mcquillen, Kent
Meighan, Patrick
Melton, Bill
Murphy, J.p.
Qian, Katherine
Reed, P.j.
Roberts, Joseph
Robinson, Jackie Maugh
Rosas, Maricela
Rossi, Patricia
Smith, Tim
Sweeder, John
Turner, Kenda
Van Hook, Eileen
Wing, Dawn
Woodward, Marc

Jane Lamb

Shrivelled grapes unpicked.
Mildew dusts neglected vines.
The soil awakens.

Kenda Turner

mercurial bird
dives into honeysuckle...
perfume beads scatter

Kate Alsbury

Living worlds apart
We reach for a fading light
Our hands burnt by spite.

Patricia Rossi

fine white china smashed
scattered along the shore line
sea shell collection

Sara Chansarkar

virile croaking frogs
lyrical little sparrows
passion soaks my skin.

Joseph Roberts

scent of desert sage
hanging on the cooling air
just after sunset

Anna Cates

blackbirds on asphalt
scar the frost for frozen crumbs?
wind song stirring trees

Crystal Theresa Ejanda

Fall softly spring rain
my grandmother's lips are dry
awaiting the bloom

Beth Mathison

hyacinth in bloom
arranged in a thick glass vase
the casket shining

J.P. Murphy

Studying the eels
I recall Luke's gospel: snake
in lieu of a fish.

P.J. Reed

left leaves cry and cling
to barren swaying branches
wind whispers be free

Lianne Kamp

laughter fills the pool
sunshine strikes the snow shovel
buried in tall grass

Daphne Lee

Red robin singing,
Caught amidst a thorny bush,
Her song remains sweet.

Peter Jastermsky

cactus tiara
a critter of the canyon
eating royally

Arika Elizenberry

She paraded through
the orange groves and smelled
like heaven on earth.

Bobby Aldridge

He is an old shirt
worn and faded, a dry leaf
before winter winds

Bill Melton

Defiant gerbers
canvas of vibrant colors
festoon the garden

Frank Cavano

heron and gator
side by side on lagoon bank
early morn detente

Jackie Maugh Robinson

a distant lake shore
drinks the last drop of sunset...
Pisces on the rise

Patrick Meighan

clouds passing above
pretend the houses below
are strange animals

John MacDonald

razor morning sun
severs horizon from sky,
daybreak from twilight

Katherine Qian

wild grass at sunset
shimmering with insect wings
warm breeze on hilltop

Drew Blazure

Enraging flames shine
Igniting the vast forest
Fall is in full swing

T.K. Lawrence

small waves break softly
weak sunlight skims the surface
two dolphins surging

Zach Agnew

Dear future reader,
Treasure these forgotten words
For they are now yours.

Kent McQuillen

empty rural road
cloudless moonless summer night
the Milky Way shines

Kent McQuillen

empty school playground
tetherball clip clangs on pole
in the twilight breeze

Marc Woodward

The syzygy line,
a confluence of forces.
Sun, Moon, Earth, Water.

Lorraine Cipriano

Her bearded iris
reblooming in the summer
exotic purple

Lorraine Cipriano

Wild rosebush planted
near weather-beaten prison
springs forth scarlet hope

Tim Smith

lunar crescents glow
lighting nearby placid pond
skinny dippers splash

Phyllis Klein

Humidity wafts
slowly, lazily, freely
through this August day

Patricia Rossi

weathered flower box
hydrangea's delicate fade
summer's acquiesce

Mickey Kulp

The ripe tomato
Willingly twists off the vine
Mother's burden gone

Susan Gentry

Kentucky bluegrass
fields glisten with morning dew
run for the roses

Eileen Van Hook

red flag of autumn
pirouettes through the chill air
warning of winter

Susan Gardner

rain runs under stones
chills the almost ripe garden
pleats the evening air

Robin Goodfellow

Singing glassy rains
over bitter storms and seas-
the cry of a child.

Sandra Barnett

the old garden bench
where no one sits anymore . . .
a chill in the air

Erin Castaldi

Names scrawled on facade
Fresh paint, tired face
Of a brick building.

John Sweeder

wild backyard mint leaf
floats in glass of cold ice-tea
ambrosial bliss

Nicole Aaronson

Storm clouds full of rain
Lightning splits a darkened sky
Blooms sprout from wet soil

GB Jones

Clothes in dirty heaps.
Laundry after vacation.
Memories of fun.

Dawn Wing

adrift in slumber
taken to the sea; blue-skies
waves crash against rocks

Maricela Rosas

Violinist heart
Strings stretched 'cross her open chest
Lonely lullaby

Nicholas DAngelo

Dark deeps with wet shoes
Dying pressure from harsh love
Birthday cake sliced thin

Beverly Head

women in saris
sitting silently by lake
colorful contrast

Colin Campbell

sarawak orchids
where borneo butterflies
can hide in plain sight

Shasta Hatter

long, thin raindrops fall
framed by gray city canyon
jewels in this light

Kristyl Gravina

October grey skies
on the petals of flowers
raindrops pattering