Issue 43

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Issue 43


Agnew, Zach
Barilla, Donny
Blazure, Drew
Burchett, Michelle
Campion, Patricia
Cannon, Karen Jane
Chun, Joy
Dawson, Jessica
Drobot, Ana
Ervin, Ahjanay
Esposito, Lynette
Flanagan, Michael
Formosa, Charlotte
Gentry, Susan
Gilmer, Monty
Grisetti, Joann
Gyukics, Gabor
Hill, Rowland
Iyer, Jayshree
Kamp, Lianne
Kelly, David
Knabe, Martin
Knodel, Christopher
Kozma, Joseph J
Lam, Jeremy
Laparr, Maria
Lee-byrd, Candace
Leonard, Pete
Lorenson, Joyce
Lowe, Dennis
Maltez, Kevin
Melton, Bill
Moss, Jon
Red, Elias
Rossi, Patricia
Schupp, Bonnie
Shaw, Martha
Spencer, Kim
Tchakova, Wilhelmina
Treiber, Colin
Vasquez, Isabella
Weisser, Elizabeth
West, Tyson

Zach Agnew

Alone in the night
Blinking eyes search in the dark
The moon sheds some light

Patricia Campion

Chimney smoke alone
Stirs after the storm. As for
The landscape: white out.

Patricia Campion

Flock of ibises?
Their beaks bracket the ground in
Red parentheses

Joseph J Kozma

Two storks and a cat
Linens drying on the line
Summer on the farm

Joseph J Kozma

Snow piles on the ground
Looking for longevity
First week in April

Drew Blazure

The hollow heart cries
Seeking a true companion
A wagging tail calls

Jayshree Iyer

hanging from a branch
where birds nested in the spring
icicles in pairs

Tyson West

puff of powder snow
permeates a cedar branch
her fingers thread his

Tyson West

cemetery hill
rising snow carries the dead
further away still

Wilhelmina Tchakova

Trees stripped bare of leaves
under a crisp, golden star
while fruits are yielded.

Michelle Burchett

walking across snow
leaving watery footprints
as winter exits

Michelle Burchett

under shrouds of cloud
stealthy purple mountains rise
to capture the sun


Snow-white butterfly
Floats by on a summer breeze
Slowly melts away

Jessica Dawson

flying day old bread
seagull pleads with wanting eyes?
proceeds with caution

Jessica Dawson

beautiful glacier
standing above small city
eyes touch snow clothed hills

Elias Red

His lung portioned out.
Sterile sheets, beeping. Outside
the leaves are turning.

Dennis Lowe

yesterday's cold wind
chimney smoke and street blown leaves
hours before snow

Kim Spencer

hawk with mouse alights
fence post's quiet tenancy
salutes carmine dawn

Ahjanay Ervin

A day for mourning.
Another angel is born.
Tears dry on her face.

Isabella Vasquez

On the desert road,
the setting sun paints me gold
a lonely fox cries.

Jeremy Lam

The cool breeze hisses?
snow hides the big Everest
travelers climb up

Ana Drobot

the stars remain still
in the dark depths of the night -
no boats on the lake

Maria LaParr

Trait Missionary
The world engaging anew
Transformed in goodness

Kevin Maltez

Broken desert floor
Water drops fill crevasses
A sapling in bloom

Gabor Gyukics

In the moonless sky
a shadow walks the sunshine
to the other side

Charlotte Formosa

Go bloom sakura
This beauty too shall perish
The lesson lingers

Joy Chun

Pole in the water
leaves start to fall as I wait
Finally, a tug

Christopher Knodel

silent in its path
the moon reflects in ripples
leaping to each wave

Elizabeth Weisser

Rain has a secret,
Taps your shoulder then a toe:
Warm breath into earth.

Joann Grisetti

a wandering breeze
those dead-brown palm fronds clicking
well into matins

Patricia Rossi

donned in velveteen
lavender clustered crocus
spring's precious debut

Lianne Kamp

Black ocean waves run
Fingers through the moonlight harp
Midnight opera

Bill Melton

The solace of words
And the healing balm of time
Sweeten memories

Lynette Esposito

heavy with wet snow
dark long fingertips sky bound
point accusations

David Kelly

oarless, rudderless
just an ordinary leaf
drifting out to sea

Donny Barilla

Sunbeams slap the snow,
grassy pouches surfacing,
thick breads rise with warmth.

Donny Barilla

Sauntering mint leaves,
winds of spring swim tenderly,
eager rain taps soft.

Donny Barilla

The fleece of winter,
iced juices and sweetened breeze,
cardinals courting.

Susan Gentry

Warm summer breezes
memories of three sisters
calmness before storm

Colin Treiber

So sure of itself
In the dead of the winter;
Dreamless, sleepless night.

Jon Moss

Sleet and snow falling.
Inactive withered fields lay,
seeds patiently wait.

Joyce Lorenson

tree swallows return
settling into their old home
a spring sky stirring

Martin Knabe

In the midday sun;
A spider dragging its web
through the withered grass.

Martha Shaw

Leaves flutter and turn
Wrapped in wind, dark clouds, and rain
Still the robin sings

Karen Jane Cannon

The diving whales leave
flat circles of sea - mirrors
into both our worlds.

Candace Lee-Byrd

Indigo sky eats
the sun and stars, silver, light
a velvet nightfall.

Michael Flanagan

beyond my screen door
the elms sigh in a spring breeze
school bus rattles by

Pete Leonard

The full moon tarries
admiring her rival's blush
blooming on the hills

Monty Gilmer

Rain falls. Leaves begin
to spring. Little lambs skip. Birds
couple, build and sing.

Bonnie Schupp

Forest path reveals
multicolored quilt. One leaf
remains quivering.