Issue 41

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Issue 41


Agnew, Zach
Aldridge, Bobby
Barnett, Sandra
Becket, Teresa
Blazure, Drew
Brooks, Robert
Burns, James Roderick
Cates, Anna
Culver, Ralph
Drobot, Ana
Dube, Val
Flanagan, Michael
Fletcher, Amy
Gatzow, Laura
Gentry, Susan
Grisetti, Joann
Hartwell, Rick
Heyward , C. Z.
Hurst, Rick
Kamp, Lianne
Knodel, Christopher
Kozma, Joseph J
Lahr, Jeff
Lloyd, Sherry
Long, Marie
Lorenson, Joyce
Lowe, Dennis
Macdonald, John
Malone, Zachary
Medina, Cj, Fr Daniel
Melton, Bill
Miller, David
Miller, Dean
Nolan, Peter
Peters, Iris
Poversky, Angelica
Quintana, Robert
Rojas, Emily
Rossi, Patricia
Ruiz, Ashley
Schutter, Mary R. P.
Shaw, William
Spencer, Kim
Sprafka, Robin
Sweeney, Erin Michaela
Tardona, Daniel
West, Tyson
Zempel, Rachel

Angelica Poversky

Reach into the hand
Your mother gave you at birth
Use it to reach hers

James Roderick Burns

Distant harvester
cuts through the wheat, weaves around
a telegraph pole

David Miller

grey day tossing clouds
maple leaves spin across yards
motion absent change

Emily Rojas

Foam swallows my feet
Salty air, ominous waves
Peace in feeling small

Fr Daniel Medina, CJ

My head is spinning
Nothing seems to be stable
Today confirms fate

Anna Cates

October sunset
cold fog rises from the earth
among the tombstones

Teresa Becket

lemon-rhubarb hair
cascades as we pirouette
atop crimson leaves

Erin Michaela Sweeney

Jacarandas sway
breezy rains and mossy hills
periwinkle blooms

C. Z. Heyward

harvest moon beckons
spring tide crests aureate banks
brown leaves ride her wake

Robert Brooks

Dawn: an empty road
From a cleft in the concrete
A sunflower grows

Mary R. P. Schutter

soft summer breezes
lilies nod so politely
jets roar overhead

Ralph Culver

bright green stalks swaying
high rows of September corn
one crow standing guard

Jeff Lahr

Granite trail, steep climb
Soundless, as dying leaves fall
My heart beats walking

Tyson West

state hospital graves
nameless deer graze among stones
inscribed in numbers

William Shaw

The lion lollops
Between the greying houses;
King of the Suburbs.

John MacDonald

Half a rabbit seen
by full moon. The unseen half?
Rabbit all the same.

Rick Hurst

Dewy chilly morn,
Sun begins to warm the earth-
Horse whinnies hello.

Robin Sprafka

sunrises wet-cool
winds breathe through loftiest limbs
caterpillar crawls

Bobby Aldridge

bruised fruit in a bowl
paint and mineral spirits
capture my still life

Peter Nolan

I give no grumble
Hearing the thunder and rain
Thankful for this warmth

Rick Hartwell

Tree echoes the woodpecker

Patricia Rossi

snowflake minuet
white laden tranquility
nature's gift of peace

Lianne Kamp

Silver light fishes
Leaping sparks on the water
Cast down from the sun

Joyce Lorenson

morning without song
heart shaped leaves a deeper red
an autumn day dawns

Iris Peters

Diffuse morning light
Cobweb adorned dewy grass
Autumn's early kiss

Laura Gatzow

a silver-tongued brook
wheat field whispers in the wind
fingertips trace Braille.

Robert Quintana

Earth turns to winter
Tree line falls; skyline rises
Fresh fallen asphalt

Drew Blazure

Carolina pine
Biscuits covered in gravy
At home the heart smiles

Dennis Lowe

parting laden pines
ice powdered boughs shiver fog
snow dust down my back

Ana Drobot

November the first -
descending down a dry leaf
a very slow snail

Bill Melton

Trouping down the hill
The brazen blonde daffodils
Exhibit no shame

Dean Miller

Storms pound the jetty
Foghorn cries into the brume
Ships safe in harbor

Zachary Malone

cloudless skies still move
so much wind across my face
leaves blowing like thoughts

Joseph J Kozma

Sleeping in the shade
Messages on falling leaves
No good place to hide

Zach Agnew

The final tick tock
Hollow cries of a lost clock
Brings an end to time

Rachel Zempel

white blanketed trees
snowflakes dancing from the sky
melting on my tongue

Susan Gentry

Deep fog of fretting
murky way to show caring
worry blinds all faith

Michael Flanagan

Cloudless brilliant dawn?
Blue Jay hops up to the sky.
Bough to branch to twig.

Marie Long

Tastes like a sweet soul
In the fruited fields you've grown
Ravenous no more

Anna Cates

Amish countryside
the fresh scent of bovine fields
beyond the cheese shop

Christopher Knodel

under the white sands
ivory bones and green glass
reveal the fallout

Kim Spencer

almighty baptism
divine waves force bended knee
my blue genesis

Ashley Ruiz

Autumn is artwork;
Golden sunsets and cool nights
Leaves fall and take flight

Daniel Tardona

Anhinga bird stretch
Waking the morning stillness
Warming my new day

Val Dube

Beneath the orchard
giant fruit tarantulas
sweeten their spring nests.

Sherry Lloyd

sun rays angle down-
a row of birch tree shadows
disguises deep snow

Joann Grisetti

opaline snow rings
tarnishing the silver moon -
old age settles in

Amy Fletcher

Pushing fingers down
Into deep green moss and ferns
Cool earth, sweet cool earth

Amy Fletcher

Dare I lie me down
Amidst bare trees, floating songs
Lifting lonely souls?

Sandra Barnett

pink japonica
blooms on bare limbs wet with rain --
last winter's shovels