Issue 40

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Issue 40


Agnew, Zach
Blackman, Sarah
Burchett, Michelle
Burnham, Tara
Castaldi, Erin
Coy, Caleb
Dangelo, Nicholas
Dimichele, Bill
Drobot, Ana
Feuerstack, Brian
Fields, Carolyn
Fletcher, Amy
Giugliano, Gabriella
Green, Cliff
Guzzi, Deborah
Hall, Kay
Hunter, Laura Alexandra
Iyer, Jayshree
Jackson, Alastair
Jones, Natalie
Jones, Ronald
Lowe, Dennis
Malone, Zachary
Melton, Bill
Okeefe, Rob
Reed, P.j.
Richard, Clare
Robinson, Jackie Maugh
Rossi, Jae
Rossi, Patricia
Samuels, Clarise
Trembath, Alan Todd
Weisser, Elizabeth
Wimberly, Jamie
Zorger, Haley

Haley Zorger

Exceeds all expectations
Of our innate needs.

Nicholas DAngelo

Idiot dreaming
Quiet genius incubates
Awake and forget

Amy Fletcher

Green-silver maples.
Mockingbird swoops; dives too close.
Redbuds like crazy.

Amy Fletcher

Apricots dropping.
Columbine fixes under
Bricks, picnic tables.

Brian Feuerstack

Mad noise pollution
Asphalt, diesel, tobacco
Rape olfactory

Brian Feuerstack

Open my mouth really wide
Caught a butterfly

Carolyn Fields

Roiling sky above
Calm lagoon yields today's catch
Distant man watching

Laura Alexandra Hunter

Sunscreen and sea smell
Hot sand touches little toes
Baby's first beach day

Clare Richard

Frost binds to bare trees.
Bleak dew covers the morning.
A life forgotten.

Elizabeth Weisser

Fog and foam stir grit
Chattering teeth like pebbles
Pearls ground by oysters

Tara Burnham

fish beneath dark waves
thunderclouds invade the sky
you stay safe below

Ronald Jones

under a tree while
sun burns as on primal day
shadows dance with wind

Ronald Jones

red roses in mud
pink sky dripping falling stars
sparrow shakes a worm

Alan Todd Trembath

noble fox at play
entangled in compassion
vixen and kits thrive

Kay Hall

A Wisp of a Smile
The Knowing of a Time Past
Remembering All

Kay Hall

Lives Interrupted
A Tsunami of the Soul
Forever Amen

Zachary Malone

this year summer flames
washington wails with no tears
warm hot wind blows west

Rob OKeefe

doorbell unanswered
roses climb through broken panes
someone is crying

Deborah Guzzi

the birch trees turn first
pale yellow among the green:
empty lifeguard chair

Gabriella Giugliano

Memory sinks teeth
marrow-aching agony
sharper bite than wind

Gabriella Giugliano

Door swings, chill dribbles.
familiar touch creeps down spine
tangible whisper.

Jae Rossi

inside whitewash walls
fans pulse chairs creak?here we choose
to sit, to exhale

Jae Rossi

singsong chitchat rooms
are all we have to offer
tongues too hot for tea

Sarah Blackman

languid August night
gliding in his huge Chrysler
how far is Kansas?

Cliff Green

Fear: let's climb inside
this dark chilling of deep now,
a sprouting kernel.

Cliff Green

Presto! A flower
song that makes you beautiful ?
wear my fingers raw.

Cliff Green

Dawn. I watch the light
orb rising, transporting love
and a vacant seat.

Michelle Burchett

ants blacken the mound
faithfully fulfilling jobs
5 o'clock traffic

Jamie Wimberly

Far is the far shore,
Lines of which stretch farther still,
River between us.

Jayshree Iyer

shimmering sunset
a new horizon of hope
free spirit adrift

Jayshree Iyer

Waxing and waning
the moon and I are the same
caught in ebb and flow

Natalie Jones

at the museum
he looks at his reflection
in every painting

P.J. Reed

what is misery
a soul that soars through mountains
tethered to a stone

Caleb Coy

snow and cherry tree
snow falling on red round orbs
winter in the spring

Bill DiMichele

Her eyes will twinkle
Be still or be disfigured
An unfinished doll

Dennis Lowe

her letters reflect
the beating sun and flutter
thousands of miles, here

Bill Melton

Mother grooms kitten
Caress of serenity
Reflects in her eyes

Bill Melton

A tawny blanket
Undulating as the wind
Strokes the winter wheat

Bill Melton

Summer humid haze
Cloaking the earth in white gauze
Of sleepy tumor

Clarise Samuels

I still see you there
sipping coffee, wisps of smoke;
but you are long gone

Clarise Samuels

berry on a branch
bright juice and the wren's sharp beak;
a light breeze rustles

Jackie Maugh Robinson

in memoriam
white roses among the red
garden gloves she wore

Alastair Jackson

Crows devil the sky
Torn old rags of sooty wings
Ghosts of Strathnaver

Ana Drobot

freshly cut grass scent -
falling next to the haystack
some rays of sunshine

Zach Agnew

A soulless husk floats
Empty of what was once life
Drifting in the waves

Erin Castaldi

House on deep water
drops fall, craters dot the earth
sand splashes upward.

Patricia Rossi

musical cascade
snowflakes waltz in silent song
pure white symphony

Patricia Rossi

snow laced window pane
cardinal perched on barren bough
winter solitude