Issue 4

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Issue 4


Allen, Courtney
Anand, Ramesh
Ang, Andrea
Antebi, Debbi
Bunin, Josh
Chronister, Ben
Cover, Joe
Edwards, David
Epting, Chris
Goldfarb, Reuven
Hayes, Thomas
Head, Beverly
Horton, David Harrison
Howell, Traci
Kiefer, Rita Brady
Lala, Mike
Larsen, Nina
Lassell, Daniel
Mathews, Marsha
Maulsby, Dennis
Mead-fowler, Margaret
Mora-summonte, Madeline
Ordonez, April
Pasvinter, Irena
Pauff, Harry
Plovnick, Ross
Reilly, Portia
Scott, Andrew
Shipman, Christopher
Spencer, James
Starling, Ariel
Tustin, John
Vogt, Vicki
Vukelic Rozic, Djurdja

April Ordonez

Heat envelopes me,
The clock ticks, the curtain's still,
Salty sweat trickles.

Irena Pasvinter

Smoke streams from age-old
chimneys of trembling nostrils:
The winter of life.

David Harrison Horton

A cold evening beer
for a Beijing summer heat
all windows open

Josh Bunin

spring harvest's largesse -
tributes given to a man
invite faithfulness

Josh Bunin

her, lascivious -
the sap does leak ever out
when scratching at trees

Thomas Hayes

Moon glow cast shadows,
Stretch across the pale lit floor.
The usher of dreams.

Daniel Lassell

a homeless man knows
more than preachers with bibles
messages of life

Beverly Head

front yard magnolia
next to less elegant trees
petals pale as ghosts

Beverly Head

lavender flowers
left wilting in a chipped cup
memories frozen

Nina Larsen

blue arctic summer
fresh bread with big holes in it
sticky hands blue teeth

Rita Brady Kiefer

never turn your back
on the ocean, mother warned,
the dead come in waves

Andrea Ang

The sun, failing to
reason with its reflection,
sinks like Narcissus

Traci Howell

The winds blow gently
As the stalks sway side to side
Aching for the pick

Ben Chronister

Sneaking children dash
Tumbling like drunken ninjas
Silent but giggly

Thomas Hayes

Eventide rolls in.
Cooling zephyrs lift spirits,
Summer grants mercy.

Marsha Mathews

sudden hollow whoosh --
spectacular intrusion
a dolphin swims near

Djurdja Vukelic Rozic

field diving into
a river - weeping willows
cradling the full moon

Djurdja Vukelic Rozic

sparrows on the bread
fighting a frozen bread crust
and among themselves

Vicki Vogt

Dance with me, firefly
In silent fairy gardens
Aglow with your light

Portia Reilly

Russet colored oak
leaves, a dazzle of color
sigh as the sun cools

John Tustin

Worming into you
Burrowing like a rodent
Almost satisfied

Christopher Shipman

When I imagine
her skull without skin she is
so easy to love.

Reuven Goldfarb

teabag's in the cup
someone's sitting on the porch
steeping in the sun

Reuven Goldfarb

broken wood, split rock
hikers trudge along a path
mountains loom, lake shines

Andrew Scott

The boys of summer,
playing in a young sand lot,
fighting to be men.

Chris Epting

rain hits hot pavement

senses flood with memories

scent of summer reigns

Chris Epting

saturn sits on black
expansive sky stretches on
glow in the dark moon

Chris Epting

coastal sage perfumes
sticky air sprinkled with salt
the deep green sea boils

David Edwards

small butterfly at
the edge of my sight-- a whisp
of fluttering white

David Edwards

curtains inhale and
exhale as storm approaches
a street light goes out

Madeline Mora-Summonte

the scorched seashell skin
the parched labyrinthine womb
a primeval death

April Ordonez

Syncopated beats
Clap and stomp into azure,
Even the grass moves.

Ramesh Anand

summer appearing
the fragrance of durian
in the dawning air

Ariel Starling

sound of cicadas
quiet and fade from hot air
dry like empty shells

James Spencer

summer rains applaud
the crickets' and cicadas'
nocturnal singing

James Spencer

ground shakes under foot
as I contemplate Merton
it could be a sign...

James Spencer

last days of summer -
an early chill brings out my
slippers and blanket

Dennis Maulsby

Evening heat settles
Bare girl legs rock the porch swing
Crickets castanet

Joe Cover

Federal prison
Overlooks magic gardens
Water lilies bloom

Joe Cover

Longhaired hippie girls
Nag Champa scented beauties
Dance in moon lit fields

Joe Cover

Grazing water's edge
Blue heron dancing with lake
Wings never touching

Debbi Antebi

clouds gather above
rain fills our picnic baskets
we go home hungry

Courtney Allen

hearing birds singing
ancient poems always new--
How do they do it?

Margaret Mead-Fowler

Summer furies -
Distant blue-black horizon.
Where are my children?

Mike Lala

Under her black dress,
dark skin, dewed flesh curved with sweat,
salt of olive, ripe.

Ramesh Anand

on a seaside bench
my father joins his neighbour ?
autumn moon shows up

Harry Pauff

Swimming with the rocks
A short life ends abruptly
A watery grave

in the morning air
first crocus dares raise its head
time to go to work

Ross Plovnick

the hurricane ends
those loud wind chimes from next door
still in our front yard

Ross Plovnick

painting the old barn
we sit out a thunderstorm
the brush with lightning