Issue 39

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Issue 39


Abaldo, Sherry
Adegbola, Oluseyi
Agnew, Zach
Barnett, Sandra
Bracale, Ron
Campion, Patricia
Cates, Anna
Crockford, C.m.
Cunio, Troy
Dafoe, Zach
Dolen, Dan
Dougherty, Katryn
Drobot, Ana
Eng, Linda
Esposito, Lynette
Gentry, Susan
Gleason, Annmarie
Hellweg, Paul
Huddleston, Cody
Jones, Kate
Kasai, Kirsten I
Kozma, Joseph J
Lake, Lindsay
Melton, Bill
Miller, Dean
Mitchell, Elizabeth
Nicholls, Darren
Paquette, Michele
Patterson, Melissa
Peters, Iris
Pierre, Terese
Piet, Dottie
Ramer, Jessica
Reed Thieman, Shelly
Robinson, Jackie Maugh
Rojas, Emily
Rossi, Patricia
Schutter, Mary R. P.
Scully, Ron
Smith, Mary
Smith, Tim
Snyder, Tammy
West, Tyson
White, Leonard
Zempel, Rachel

Zach Agnew

Birds quietly chirp
As grass sways gently in time
Mice pause to listen

Dean Miller

Snow melt swells river
Spring flows scour the landscape
Fish find calm water

Lindsay Lake

three golden trees sway
atop the steep river bank
haunting mute children

Leonard White

My fix is your lips
Addiction to supple flesh
The drug on my mind

Darren Nicholls

darkness wraps the mind
fighting for the light again
winter takes it all

Patricia Rossi

autumn palette hues
nature's amber draped canvas
masterpiece of leaves

Ron Bracale

in space, riding time,
spiraling Breath of Passion
entwined deep within

Joseph J Kozma

Tide is moving in
Crabs find shelter in the sand
Fullest moon ever

C.M. Crockford

Hot pavement and tar,
The wind waving, knocking on
Bristling green birch trees.

Patricia Campion

Steel-blue dragon fly
Where river ends earth begins
Draws widening loops

Tim Smith

consoled by the blood red moon
thoughts of you be still

Terese Pierre

A small petal falls
On the surface of a pond,
Disturbing its sleep.

Elizabeth Mitchell

Naked, her breathing
Heavy. He moved in rhythm.
Shards of ecstasy.

Bill Melton

Billow of fragrance
Wafting sultry summer breeze
Honeysuckles bloom

Kirsten I Kasai

a fragile little
flower?fragrant, small and pale
you, an edelweiss

Zach Agnew

The night sky whispers
A single star twinkles bright
Earth can't hear her call

Emily Rojas

You lit a candle
Shining with prospect and thrill
It burned within me

Shelly Reed Thieman

Sun freckles shoulders
captive five months to cashmere
Sweaters hibernate

Ana Drobot

hippies at night gig -
beating to different rhythms
the wind and their hearts

Lindsay Lake

dandelion seed
buried in the other side
lying beside moon

Sherry Abaldo

rare morning thunder
biblical sky pelts glass rain
all the leaves look sharp

Tammy Snyder

Hummingbirds dancing
Ballet to the beat of wings
In the air above

Tammy Snyder

Watching flames turn bright
Nature has many meanings
I sat and wondered

Lynette Esposito

Birds whisper sweet songs
hidden voices in the bark
a choir brings day.

Mary R. P. Schutter

Fragrance like sweet tea,
The first rose of spring blushes
Warm pink in the sun.

Ron Scully

the Northern Kingdom
snow bound moonlight hardening
where dreams are buried

Ron Scully

beneath an old moon
Pemigewasset gabbles-
riverrocks rounding

Tyson West

naked at nineteen
sand litters damp moonlit sheets
our endless summer

Iris Peters

Dressed to the nines and waltzing
Dancers in the storm

Iris Peters

Fragile violets
Hid in wind-sheltered niches
Conquer hostile rocks

Anna Cates

October twilight
white pines fogged with lake water
a distant chain saw

Rachel Zempel

fog stretches across
the morning water garden
flower lilies float

Jessica Ramer

In Anchorage snow
before the false-front saloon,
bottlenecks glitter.

Jackie Maugh Robinson

javelina naps
under the Sonoran sun-
blue agave haze

Michele Paquette

Eagles soar so high
Sentinels in the blue sky
Feathers drift - a Gift!

Dan Dolen

brown hands grew these grapes
infused with earth water sun
wine our sacrament

Linda Eng

A sweet berceuse sung
Softly lulling her to sleep
A poisonous tune

Mary Smith

I hold you at length
Yet my whole life is a lie
Deception is great

Cody Huddleston

They're hitching a ride
on the alligator's back.
A pair of turtles.

Zach Dafoe

living with no fingerprints,
no children in tow

Melissa Patterson

The colors of dusk
settle over my small town
I scratch a lotto

Katryn Dougherty

gnarled and twisted
more knots with each year of growth
deformed by old age

Troy Cunio

Afternoon- sunshine.
Here come the daily rainclouds,
like jealous lovers.

Annmarie Gleason

Gusts of wind blow cold
Blanketing life with stillness
Whisking away souls

Kate Jones

summer is finally here
and gone in a flash

Dottie Piet

rasp of cicadas
vibrates through the evening heat
rattles the dishes

Susan Gentry

perceptions of truth
distortion of memory
feelings are not facts

Oluseyi Adegbola

Rivulets of rain
Will revitalize the green-
Death is but transit-

Paul Hellweg

mountain alpenglow
addicted to sweet rosebuds
all dreams a treasure

Sandra Barnett

Japanese maple --
the garden Buddha's Bodhi
in late summer light