Issue 38

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Issue 38


Agnew, Zach
Barnett, Sandra
Beal, Jane
Bergeron Ii, Glenn J.
Brandow, Walter
Cartee, Gail
Cates, Anna
Caudill, Angell
Chircop, Charmaine
Cole, David
Cowzer, Allison
Davis, Andrew
Drobot, Ana
Eichelberger, Miguel
Fields, Carolyn
Gentry, Susan
Grisetti, Joann
Hapsari, Kalyana
Heep, Alexandra
Heiman, Rick
Hildebrandt, L. Mad
Huffstead, Cameya
Jenkinson, Linda
Lethalm, Harley
Lovett, Matthew
Lowe, Dennis
Lynch, Rhonda
Melton, Bill
Mirbaghi, Arif
Mullaly, David
Nazareno, Caroline
Novio, Eunice Barbara
O'connor, Christine S.
Osunsan, Olutayo
Pereyra, Daniel
Pollock, Maria
Reed Thieman, Shelly
Reinecke, Warren
Robinson, Jackie Maugh
Simmonds, Keith
Tash, Ian
Wallace, Michelle
Wasilewski, Nells
Westfall, Noah
Yom Tov, Jonathan
Zempel, Rachel

Maria Pollock

Sweat drops like crystals
constellations in your eyes
touched by the divine.

Bill Melton

A thin haze of fog
softens the morning sunrise
a cantaloupe sky

Rachel Zempel

raindrops trickle down
lightning flashes angry skies
longing for rainbows

Arif Mirbaghi

Ghosts escape in cracks
small as the bones in our ears.
Don't listen to them.

Rhonda Lynch

Questions always come
Landscapes clouded and misty
finally resolve

Eunice Barbara Novio

A few drops of rain
a thirsty earth is begging
clouds blown by the wind

L. Mad Hildebrandt

snake and buzzard pause
shoes tread in waterless land
midday sands shimmer

Zach Agnew

Death lurks in shadows
Reaching for those who linger
Grabbing only fools

Daniel Pereyra

water lapping stones
solid in how they are placed
still among the flows

David Cole

I tear the earth's skin,
From its essence, like a mask.
I see memory.

Ian Tash

Engines sing in joy
Beautifully mesmerize
Sirens down the track

Michelle Wallace

summer's passion yields
multi-colored hydrangeas
floral fulfillment

Michelle Wallace

sun-kissed horizon
Nocturne bows out gracefully
gossamer moment

Warren Reinecke

Sentinel Blackbird
Posted high on cattail stem
Red badge wings hold sway

Warren Reinecke

Mayday gift appears
Towering Catalpa forms
Blossom cloud and rain

Jonathan Yom Tov

Spiral clouds of birds
Over golden, ghostly Rome
A cold, spring twilight

Kalyana Hapsari

a red Ferrari
how many times did she cry

Rick Heiman

Aphids never see
the gardener weed and prune
from their green vantage.

Matthew Lovett

Wake up, blue willow,
the day, coming through your boughs;
same as yesterday

Glenn J. Bergeron II

sweat from two lovers
like tears from her husband's eyes
drops on tousled sheets

Dennis Lowe

scorched dust rivers flow
diaphanous sand currents
scrolling the black road

Gail Cartee

Red clover meadow
Queen Anne nods her lacey head
A speckled fawn naps.

Anna Cates

gushing brook water
alive with shifting shadows
half minnows half light

Carolyn Fields

Butterfly flutters
Washing buckets not a chore
The hummingbird stays

Sandra Barnett

deer in the backyard
grazing then disappearing
leaving emptiness

Noah Westfall

Flowers hug the hill
Vibrant Indian paintbrush
They watch this mountain

Olutayo Osunsan

Shimmering night light
Would you sing me a love song
Of love lost and found

David Mullaly

White swarms of hailstones
tattooing our roof with dents--
so little mercy.

Shelly Reed Thieman

Daffodils labor
Goldfinches serve as midwives
Yellow afterbirths

Jackie Maugh Robinson

red sunned Savanna
tall grasses hide a rhino
red stained Savanna

Walter Brandow

Solipsism creeps
sets in, capitol and worth
expanse is relief

Joann Grisetti

the rustle of leaves
quicker than the moon can hide
more naked branches

Jane Beal

Painted white-on-white:
Great White Egret, wings spread wide
in a cloudy sky.

Nells Wasilewski

summer sun dripping
liquid gold across the roof
fourteen caret dawn

Miguel Eichelberger

Light means more at night
Nudity means more in light
You?ll mean more at dawn

Andrew Davis

Sweet fire listens.
Too delicate beauty stirs
Death as light snow falls.

Keith Simmonds

A sip of nectar
from the petals of beauty?
a butterfly dance

Allison Cowzer

Cancer took my friend
She was the Sun to my Moon
I play solitaire

Alexandra Heep

Reaching towards the sky
proud stalks with radiant blooms
face the golden sun.

Harley Lethalm

In towing this wind
I sweep up a lonesome psalm
(I heal in bending.)

Charmaine Chircop

tattered wings flutter
beneath the hunter moon's glow
a mallard's last cry

Christine S. O'Connor

whispering breezes
carry hushed sounds of water
rolling over rocks

Susan Gentry

summer brings colors
vibrant paintings surround us
God's masterpieces

Angell Caudill

Four cows munching grass
Lightning bugs blinking in trees
Dusk ? a summer day

Angell Caudill

Morning on water
winds blow revelry through leaves
a heron splashes

Caroline Nazareno

pandora of fire
set beyond the depths of love
forgotten desire

Ana Drobot

blank foggy morning -
deep into analysis
all my childhood dreams

Ana Drobot

letters from afar -
the strong scent of a pressed rose
passing through customs

Cameya Huffstead

Far flung from my eyes
you wander in on cooled dreams..
gone the Pedro Plains

Linda Jenkinson

the sun covers me
warming my soul as always
with mercy and love