Issue 37

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Issue 37


Arp, Don
Barnett, Sandra
Battersby, Lois
Bostick, Dani
Buttaci, Salvatore
Cates, Anna
Cates, Jay
Chakraborty, Souvik
Cowzer, Allison
Drobot, Ana
Flick, Richard
Franco, Johnny
Gentry, Susan
Gildersleeve, Britton
Gusek, Chris
Gutierrez, Jorge
Hansen, Robert P.
Herbert, Steve
Hoo, Misha
Howard, Beth
Ichkhanian, Judy
Johnson, Alison
Katerinsky, Alan
Knabe, Martin
Lane, Johanna
Long, Sally
Malik, Vyomi
Mccluskey, Anna
Melton, Bill
Minnehan, Catherine
Namwen, Miken
Peters, Iris
Ryall, Chris
Ryan, Lucy
Sebouhian, Damian
Stillwood, River
Sweeder, John
Tate, Barbara
Thiessen, Loreena
Verdi, Bryan
West, Tyson
Wickes, Susan Gale

Anna Cates

the tree's silver bark
shining in the moonlit dark
nighttime is talking

Miken Namwen

hazed mist of morning
kingfisher iridescent~
sticklebacks beware

Jorge Gutierrez

Kisses from the sun
Burning lips leave me frozen
The touch of Midas

Jorge Gutierrez

By the grieving bench
A magnolia blossoms
In Spring's memory

Robert P. Hansen

The scent of your hair
lingers, a pungent fragrance
rising from the wig.

Robert P. Hansen

seductive shower
naked flesh and soap bubbles
tongue behind her ear

Souvik Chakraborty

The darkening sky
softly exhales its last wish
early autumn rain

Catherine Minnehan

winding country road
a herd of hungry cattle
the train rattles on

Bill Melton

Seagull plummets down
Rictus of its gaping beak
Screaming in anger

Loreena Thiessen

black crow flaps its wings
suspended on a wind gust
blotting out the sun

Ana Drobot

storks moving their wings
all over the setting sun -
a goodbye message

Lucy Ryan

Show me you're filthy
Spitting, treading, pissing here.
Walk all over me

Allison Cowzer

Hail you, full of grace
Do you sense blessings divine?
Stone drips on water.

Johnny Franco

scented blossoms bloom
frilly pink dresses parade
hidden eggs await

Bryan Verdi

Wind drags across time
pulling at leaves and false teeth
I can barely smile

Chris Gusek

fighting with my keys -
finches in the parking space
dance around old cracks

Anna Cates

cold cemetery?
a flurry of whippoorwills
water-washed tombstones

Anna Cates

September sunset?
winding into forever
the bucolic roads

Anna Cates

pink sky in April
tangled in honeysuckle
hummingbird's delight

Johnny Franco

forsaken treaties
sacred promises broken
powwow drums beating

Johanna Lane

manatees floating
the Blue Spring mirroring sky
crowded zeppelins

Dani Bostick

silence muzzled me
the little girl has a voice
after thirty years

Iris Peters

Soft unfurling fern
Fragile sprout at break of dawn
Moist with morning dew

Barbara Tate

lasting impression
holding hands with a shadow
take a leap of faith

Sandra Barnett

a red azalea
the color of hot lipstick
blooming by the church

Richard Flick

Luminous dust cloud
New moon over ripe cherries
Memories dry out

Jay Cates

bright silver ribbon
moonlight slash on cold water
cold as grey ashes

Vyomi Malik

Lotus Peak Shimmers
A veil of misty showers
Cloud Edo's white dream

Lois Battersby

Night bursts with color
Spectators gaze up dazzled
Independence stars

Tyson West

windfall cedar trunk
rolled smooth in rain forest moss
decays evergreen

Tyson West

silk tendrils flutter
the garden fence firmament
fat white spider star

Don Arp

Perpetual spring;
It is a Thursday meeting
The chime is our dirge

Damian Sebouhian

Wall of white roses
blue lacy panties hanging
from a single thorn

Martin Knabe

Voice behind the hedge.
Over the old, sunburnt track
a train shuffles by.

Misha Hoo

oyster on the rocks
waiting for a tardy boat
hot sour soup for five

Misha Hoo

mist coddling the peak
narrow path to the summit
blood between my toes

Susan Gale Wickes

the song of an owl
a sweet shiver on the spine
fall's pale moon quivers

Steve Herbert

Threadbare branches mourn
vestments stolen by chill winds -
melancholy ghosts

River Stillwood

Firelight flickers
Ancient sunshine freed from wood
Faces glow with warmth

Salvatore Buttaci

when Canis Major
walks its paws across night skies
it bites a bone moon

Chris Ryall

Glistening green snake
Weaving down through the valley -
Our mountain river

John Sweeder

sudden buds appear
on purple wisteria ?
mysterious spring

Sally Long

Rising from water
the sun's lance piercing the cloud
brings enlightenment

Britton Gildersleeve

rails rock me to sleep
sing lullabies forged in fire
notes on iron staves

Alison Johnson

the resting Monarch
remembers his larvae days
better than they were

Anna McCluskey

Small, bitter cherries,
From the tree across the fence,
Sow my yard with weeds

Susan Gentry

words from yesterday
like dead leaves on frozen ground
nutrients of hope

Judy Ichkhanian

Hollowed, a canoe
Waiting for you to enter,
Adrift on the stream.

Beth Howard

forget-me-nots bloom
beside pathway to lakeshore
missing my parents

Alan Katerinsky

wood smoke and cut grass,
moist turned earth and lavender,
spruce, pine, and water