Issue 36

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Issue 36


Barnett, Sandra
Barr, M. Kari
Beaudin, Marc
Brown, Jerry
Brown, Mandy
Cates, Anna
Cowzer, Allison
Davidson, Tracy
Doerksen, Patrick
Drobot, Ana
Franco, Johnny
Geary, Cecil
Graham, Frank
Grant-oyeye, Lind
Heyward , C. Z.
Kauderer, Herb
Kozma, Joseph J
Ling, Nicholas
Lowe, Dennis
Lunsford, Sarah
Mccann, Janet
Melton, Bill
Minnehan, Catherine
Mullet, Michelle
Pierce, Tyler
Riemer, Katharina
Robinson, Jackie Maugh
Rojas, Emily
Shaw, Martha
Snethen, Daniel
Stewart, Nick
Tate, Barbara
Thompson, Dennis
Verdi, Bryan
Wasilewski, Nells
West, Tyson

Catherine Minnehan

electrified dirt
perfumes the cool tunnel air
taking the train home

Catherine Minnehan

the last dregs of snow
live and die by the Sun's glance-
feeding daffodils

Bill Melton

Backlit by the moon
Stark skeleton of branches
Pierce the evening sky

Bill Melton

A weak winter sun
Vainly struggles to burn through
Winter's icy fog

Bill Melton

Wheat stubble in snow
Interrupts a field of white
Nature needs a shave

Emily Rojas

Bright stained crimson cheeks
Like the flesh of a cherry
Bashful, a grin hides

Barbara Tate

tiny loggerheads
a treasure map drawn on sand
erased by the waves

Barbara Tate

cross over the bridge
a dozen sterling roses
left on the table

Barbara Tate

I make two wishes
the sign of a better day
a double rainbow

Sarah Lunsford

Mighty redwood tree
canopies that reach for miles
humbled by their size

Joseph J Kozma

Doors of law unlock
Cherry blossoms open up
Washington DC

Tyson West

walking clasping hands
twilight trail circles the lake
fog oroboros

Mandy Brown

Rock thrown by a child,
The watery plop, laughter
Ripples through the air

Mandy Brown

The steel against stone,
Dirt caking your pants and face,
You knock at Earth's heart.

Bryan Verdi

The well-spring in May
bubbles its sweet aroma
jealous flowers bloom

Johnny Franco

heavenly beauty
suspended in the night sky
woeful baying wolf

Johnny Franco

a dying flower
wilted petals fall earthbound
resurrection comes

Nicholas Ling

Against my window
rain taps veiled time signatures
ebbing me to sleep.

Allison Cowzer

Fragrant, fertile earth
cloaks of compassion cover
multitudes of sin

Sandra Barnett

a sly red fox hides
under the magnolia ?
patches of old snow

Katharina Riemer

Ice in Boston melts
only for a mere second
freezing back in place

Jerry Brown

Thunderheads push in
as upwelling plumes gasp hot:

Jackie Maugh Robinson

summer tomatoes
ripening on green tendrils
promises to keep

Nells Wasilewski

midnight illusion
leafy branches reach skyward
holding moon aloft

Nells Wasilewski

spring's sense of humor
sunny day lures us outside
thirty two degrees

Marc Beaudin

The night's only star ?
a moth caught in the streetlight
Still, I make my wish

Marc Beaudin

Wolf on Highway 2
dissolves into the forest
like a bell, unrung

Cecil Geary

The spring wind dances
Through the pines dislodging cones.
The earth glows and swells.

C. Z. Heyward

cherry blossom trunk
our tremors pass through her grip
falling silk coats us

Herb Kauderer

the busy crowds pass
filled with old friends & lovers
distant but not gone

Tracy Davidson

autumn butterflies
the warm golds and crisp crimsons
I mistook for leaves

Tracy Davidson

above the treetops
a scattering of swallows
cross the summer moon

Nick Stewart

The master inscribes.
The past, reborn, signs the page:
Footprints melt the snow.

Ana Drobot

in my apple tree
the blossoms getting closer -
new baby shower

Janet McCann

pretty history?
we leaf through books to find it
the page is torn out

Tyler Pierce

The sounds puddles make -
face down, tearing into clouds,
reflecting calm skies.

Lind Grant-oyeye

savannah landscape
Lions on the land we see
fearless life we lead

Martha Shaw

Fine feathered wisdom
showing such abundant grace
I must learn their song

Patrick Doerksen

cumulus gather
the low yellow daffodils
trust the swaying air

Dennis Thompson

fluttering color
orange monarchs float high above
a royal brigade

Dennis Thompson

morning summer breeze
a concentric draft ascends
white oak leaves tremble

Michelle Mullet

White hound, cremated
Lost in Louisiana
Shipped via shoebox

Daniel Snethen

white children's puffball
yellow tooth-of-the-lion
French xanthic flower

Frank Graham

between two tall trees
a single fallen oak leaf --
color of sunset

M. Kari Barr

dark night heaven smiles
winter sighs chill fingers stretch
bullfrogs sing aloud

Dennis Lowe

low in the turquoise
a rising moon and people
strolling here and there

Dennis Lowe

stooping among dunes
camels gleaning green stubble
after desert rain

Dennis Lowe

decaying sandbags
bursting after so much sun
spilt like torn grain sacks

Anna Cates

the encroaching night
eating a lamppost's shadow
a stranger, smoking

Anna Cates

scent of fresh cut grass
beheaded dandelion
oozing bitter white