Issue 35

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Issue 35


Becker, Leon
Black, Grace
Cowzer, Allison
Doerksen, Patrick
Drobot, Ana
Edwards, Terrance
Fernandez Low, Laura
Finch, Nicholas
Franco, Johnny
Geary, Cecil
Hansen, Deborah
Hansen, Robert P.
Hicks, Timothy
Hill, Elizabeth F.
Holden, Craig Thomas
Kauderer, Herb
Kozma, Joseph J
La Voie, Angela
Lewis, Rachel
Li, Quinn
Ling, Nicholas
Lunsford, Sarah
May, Nancy
Melton, Bill
Minnehan, Catherine
Namwen, Miken
Perry, Autumn
Pierce, Tyler
Rickards, Susannah
Riley, Hazel
Robinson, Jackie Maugh
Rojas, Emily
Ryan, Lucy
Spencer, Kim
Tate, Barbara
Travis, Kent
Verdi, Bryan
Volz, Mark
Wasilewski, Nells
West, Tyson
Zempel, Rachel

Patrick Doerksen

upon a hill top
I see the horizon's back
bent with hot scarlet

Kim Spencer

bleak highway houses
sit beside broken billboards
dreams then now faded

Herb Kauderer

gothic angels paint
monochromatic portraits
motifs of shadow

Timothy Hicks

forest flames below
a beautiful tragic view
for those on the hill

Emily Rojas

Warm like an embrace
A desolate hill, lit up
Such beauty, wasted

Bill Melton

You were in my soul
Before you were in my life
I was just waiting

Bill Melton

Nebulous shadows
Of moonlight slowly swaying
To a gentle breeze

Joseph J Kozma

Black birds on the road
Cautious snow flakes, lazy winds
No traffic at all

Joseph J Kozma

Chapel in the woods
Empty nests and peeling bark
Nobody to blame

Laura Fernandez Low

Old man sits and stares
He waits for life to return
Manta ray dives in

Grace Black

cerulean cry
winter claims her bare canvas
gusts of northern winds

Johnny Franco

Battlefield carnage
souls swarm the eternal light
seeking God's passage.

Tyson West

a hollow pine stump
day of the dead sheltering
a skull shaped mushroom

Tyson West

all yellow leaves flee
the cold birch limbs above me
stars sprout on her twigs

Nells Wasilewski

cold, cold snowy day
nothing could drag us outside.
the sled is broken

Nells Wasilewski

when you left--I cleaned
shoe fetish tied up in bags
trying to let go

Susannah Rickards

Winter. Old fence felled
by wind rests against an elm
growing bright new moss

Miken Namwen

stately red crowned cranes
prancing in the snowy field ~
my tallest sister

Nicholas Ling

Alone, all is still.
No one that I need to be.
Blissfully, I just be.

Barbara Tate

meditation bench
a journal spread before me
I wait for the muse

Nancy May

snow fallen branches
sway in a cold breeze, feathers
ruffle in a nest

Leon Becker

snowflakes fall gently
shattered within a moment
my grasp was too strong

Craig Thomas Holden

Through children worlds bloom
The art of tatebanko
Beware, paper cuts

Terrance Edwards

laptop propped open
caught in his virtual world
his coffee goes cold

Miken Namwen

mountains hanging there
holding their knowledge aloof ~
white-bearded old men.

Craig Thomas Holden

Lattice of shadows
Lilies shy from naked souls
An arbour adorned

Bryan Verdi

Rest the eyes in sleep
the stillness of night prevails
crickets jump and play

Robert P. Hansen

after dinner mint
placed with such delicacy
next to my pillow

Rachel Lewis

Leopards hunt silent
the breeze carries leaves gone by
the Fox dies alone

Autumn Perry

purity of page
continuation of thought
a smearing of ink

Deborah Hansen

Dewdrops kissing lace.
Amid this beauty, danger.
Wily spider waits.

Deborah Hansen

Bushy tail curves low,
ears alert to our presence.
The wolf backs away.

Tyler Pierce

Early morning chores
Orion fills the West sky
I fill grain buckets

Cecil Geary

Beneath the sharp lance,
The blue joker moth dances

Rachel Zempel

Transcribed by black ink
A muted voice, otherwise
Paper sets her free

Angela La Voie

Intracoastal cool
egrets strut tourist pathways
pools lounge in freedom

Rachel Zempel

Fresh, gentle, Spring breeze
Tides of tears roll out to sea
A new beginning

Allison Cowzer

Lichen covered tree
sides most stunted and deprived
lessons make us wise

Jackie Maugh Robinson

this curtained darkness
something about the silence-
overnight snow drifts

Mark Volz

Balance of nature
The sun rises, the sun sets
All in symmetry

Kent Travis

cool swirl of water
churning in the river's crook--
she laughs up the bank

Elizabeth F. Hill

hummingbirds hover
sipping sweet summer cider
through delicate straws

Elizabeth F. Hill

sagging sunflower
disgruntled by September
sullenly hangs head

Sarah Lunsford

You wake me gently
reach to me and warm my skin
Good morning sun ray

Nicholas Finch

Morning dew settles
silver on the last fall leaf?
soon death for rebirth.

Hazel Riley

wind of change blowing
ruffling feathers, teasing wings
the fates are spinning

Lucy Ryan

douse me in feathers
bathe my bones in blessed light
Nephilim is dead

Quinn Li

You may have felt it
An undulating mountain
Terra from ashes

Catherine Minnehan

The first green of spring
protruding from snow and soil-
presents from the Sun

Ana Drobot

my flower garden
once again in its full bloom -
watching falling stars