Issue 34

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Issue 34


Barnett, Sandra
Battersby, Lois
Biggs, Jackie
Blackman, Sarah
Boudreaux, Beau
Brown, Mandy
Burchett, Michelle
Burkard, Doc
Burns, James Roderick
Cantin, Michael
Carcache, Roberto
Corbett, Pamela
Darretta, John Lawrence
Drobot, Ana
Edwards, Terrance
Elson, Doug
Finch, Nicholas
Flick, Richard
Heyward , C. Z.
Hicks, Timothy
Jones, Chris
Kozma, Joseph J
Laing, Julie
Lowe, Dennis
May, Nancy
Mckay, Nicholas
Melton, Bill
Namwen, Miken
Oman, Carl
Peasley Bush, Sandra
Perry, Autumn
Peters, Iris
Pierce, Tyler
Pobo, Kenneth
Robinson, Jackie Maugh
Rojas, Emily
Sprague, Adam
Steele, Jodi
Tamburo, Logan
Tate, Barbara
Wasilewski, Nells

Carl Oman

White crystal shrouded
Crisp beautiful blades of green
Gone with morning sun

C. Z. Heyward

hiding in her voice
susurrations of heaven
raindrops sing backup

C. Z. Heyward

Jack slips on the rocks
fingers tap out S.O.S
bass strums his reply

Beau Boudreaux

Horse race in late May
black-eyed Susans in their vase
whiskey burns ice cubes.

Dennis Lowe

Mojave expanse
symphonic footsteps tracing
melodies of stone

Joseph J Kozma

First frost of the year
The lake steams in the morning
Geese are taking off

Iris Peters

Explosion of reds
Late autumnal fireworks
Rapid change in hue

James Roderick Burns

Sun-lit windows, each
a brief torch against the world
of nicks and splinters

Michael Cantin

No snow to blanket
the shifting earth of my home.
My California

Sandra Barnett

a squirrel jumps from
tree to tree on high branches ?
Vivaldi CD

Logan Tamburo

The church's towers
mirrored on the venetian
canal's glass surface

Ana Drobot

ice flower pattern -
an unknown author's painting
just in the window

Timothy Hicks

rose leaning earthward
in the folds of a petal
beetles take refuge

Chris Jones

White snow falls to Earth
Cardinal lands on tree branch
Fire among the ash

Bill Melton

Broken windows stare
At the fallow weed-choked fields
Once were tilled with care

Bill Melton

Mercedes speeds by
Vanity plate reads TRBL
Bleached blonde at the wheel

Jackie Biggs

Misty air whispers
in a forest full of dreams ?
love breathes through the trees

Kenneth Pobo

Morning glory blooms,
eighty. I counted. I should
have named each of them.

Kenneth Pobo

My father says he's
getting forgetful, pollen
against a window.

Kenneth Pobo

A cinnamon fern--
drought works it way up from roots.
The woods stop breathing.

Jodi Steele

Tricky is the Fox,
Somersaulting through the Truth.
Caught in her own trap.

Michelle Burchett

Sunset-splattered peach
Bleeding end-of-summer wine -
A tree hangover

Michelle Burchett

waterfall journey
over, around obstacles
hard rock music streams

Sarah Blackman

suddenly first light
cacophony of birdsong
breaks the day open

Sandra Peasley Bush

Below the ice film
Blanketing the sleeping pond
Golden fins quiver

Barbara Tate

a ghost of herself
the doe treads on damp mosses
just before sunrise

Barbara Tate

nocturnal hunter
conspicuous in absence
the owl calls my name

Adam Sprague

Down by the river
Without you, gone to the fog?
It's my soul that's lost

Adam Sprague

With your hand in mine
Shadow shows what words cannot?
We are truly one

Lois Battersby

Shimmering mirage
Of a desert caravan
Crossing centuries

Doc Burkard

candles on the amp,
humming chord, the fourth, the fifth
that burns forever

Miken Namwen

wind carrying seed
sycamore helicopters ~
sister spinning wool

John Lawrence Darretta

golden leaves trip down
tawny toads slow hop away
summer bows to fall

Nancy May

on bare branches a
shower of snow, in the nest
ruffle of feathers

Roberto Carcache

Wind sweeps the brown flames
Breaths form clouds on the window
The pines are upright

Nicholas McKay

The albatross failed
to migrate, when the winter
consumed the region

Mandy Brown

enter in stillness
my small flickering candle
keep me while I breathe

Autumn Perry

The time changes but
I remain fixed. Watching life
through the same stilled lens.

Nicholas Finch

A planted kiss on
my cheek, after budding, then
sprouted'to a weed.

Jackie Maugh Robinson

in mid-pirouette
music box ballerina
waits for the last?note

Pamela Corbett

a light west wind blows,
blind to large looming black clouds,
young boys crab at dusk.

Miken Namwen

a flight of grey cranes
glided into no-man's land ~
unperturbed by war

Emily Rojas

Standing on the edge
Open, stripped and on display
Solace in leaping

Nells Wasilewski

cold lonely day--sky
a seamless gray canopy
your knock on the door

Tyler Pierce

My self-obsessed breath
Reflected on me, even
As it became air

Terrance Edwards

Red wine strong, warming;
another glass is poured as
old friends tell new tales

Doug Elson

Yellow leaves like rain
a cold north wind swirls, briefly
they rise once again

Richard Flick

Enmeshed in sorrows
Light breaks over sickly vines
Lilacs collect dew

Julie Laing

Beauty, so fragile
Dependent on warming sun
I ache to touch you.

Julie Laing

Boat waits patiently
Sail and sailor expectant
Not a breath of wind.