Issue 33

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Issue 33


Alisia, Nyla
Allison, Jan
Amador, Yanee
Austin, David
Battersby, Lois
Blackman, Sarah
Boudreaux, Beau
Cates, Jay
Corson, James
Cox, Hayli
Drobot, Ana
Fiallo, Jessica
Francois, Hashenaa
Gomez, Brisa
Gove, Joan
Hicks, Timothy
Howell, Traci
Hutchinson, John
Keating, Danielle
Kozma, Joseph J
Li, Lily
Lunsford, Sarah
May, Nancy
Melton, Bill
Namwen, Miken
O. Hoyer, Judith
Padawer Solomon, Karla
Prosser, Lee
Robinson, Jackie Maugh
Ruiz, Chris A
Ryan, Christopher
Santos, Nicoly
Schaefer, Neil
Scholer, Claudius
Skinner, Nina
Sprafka, Robin
Tancyus, Patty
Tapp, Ben
Tate, Barbara
Von Der Embse, Dan

Timothy Hicks

rain clouds come to play,
wind pushes far memories
old and rusted swing

David Austin

wonderful climbers
if autumn clouds were lower
squirrels might reach them

Jackie Maugh Robinson

elderly woman
with small bound feet, walks slowly‒
bonsai in a tray

Lee Prosser

I recall, you moved
To soft music played slowly
Capturing me quick

Danielle Keating

The harmless siren
Sparkling marine fantasy
A slippery tail

Lily Li

Fluorescent darkness
Illuminated false paths
Hark! Those sleepless nights

Robin Sprafka

Alfalfa buds bloom
Purple in the morning sun
Winter arrives soon

Judith O. Hoyer

buttons chattering
my dryers cozy racket:
kids ring the rosie

Lois Battersby

My eyes grow tired
The days fly by too quickly
My final breath nears

Lois Battersby

Icy village pond
Bundled skaters weave designs
Hands hug warm cocoa

Dan Von Der Embse

reading your body
infatuation with ink
tell me a story

Dan Von Der Embse

Pumpkin body parts
Loosening my resistance
Sway to the music

Ben Tapp

Floating through the sky
Red and yellow orange and blue
A hot air balloon.

Ana Drobot

bright Sunday morning -
the cling of all her bracelets
against his tea cup

Miken Namwen

Out of the vast marsh
plaintive grey curlew calling -
sister scolding me.

Bill Melton

Tiny house wren guards
Its territory and nest
With ferocity

Bill Melton

Eyes above water
Watching dragonfly on twig
Flash of sticky tongue

James Corson

Eyelids turning blue
I'm drawing ever inward
Its ebb without flow

Miken Namwen

Sleeping coil of snake
slithered as my shadow fell -
rope slipped the bollard

Barbara Tate

loving each other
life is good but not that good
sometimes there's hunger

Christopher Ryan

Swimming in her eyes
Fearful of drowning slowly
She leaves me breathless

Christopher Ryan

Winter's frozen kiss
Icy crystalline fingers
Silent night descends

Claudius Scholer

Two trees in thick fog
When your secret lover dies
You might not be told

Sarah Blackman

catawba seed pods
stray and scatter in the grass
patterns repeating

Joan Gove

sun's brilliant sparkle
turquoise blue ocean abounds
pelicans gliding

Jay Cates

gold leaves seen through fog
embers dying in ashes
gulls soaring, crying

Traci Howell

Wind whispering out
Wrapping itself all around
Encompassing us

Hayli Cox

Whispers the great pine,
"I tried to grow green for you,"
as the ax swings on.

Yanee Amador

Patterns in the sky
Ripples replace reflections
Stillness is silenced

Nina Skinner

Orange iguana
Winds sway shaking trees aside
Trembling blue waters

Brisa Gomez

Sitting on the bench
I gave the lake my heartache
I didn't want one

Hashenaa Francois

Sun shining? Grey clouds?
Wind? Is it going to rain?
Miami Weather

Chris A Ruiz

Don't seek my presence
And compare it to heaven,
Rather stay grounded

Nicoly Santos

Dandelions float
On summer's ponds like bodies
Float on winter's lakes

Jessica Fiallo

Live from a ghost town
I'm here on Veteran's Day
With flowers for John

Jackie Maugh Robinson

barely a zephyr
empty mainsail whapwhapping‒
albatross astern

Sarah Lunsford

Bruising winds rush fast
Devastation in its wake
Mother natures wrath

Jan Allison

dainty daffodil
your golden trumpet fanfares
the dawning of spring

Jan Allison

tiny snow angel
snowflakes kiss your rosy cheeks
white winter beauty

Neil Schaefer

December T-shirt
wind blustering through the palms

Karla Padawer Solomon

Winter in Madrid
I pass outdoor flower stands
Boarded up till March

Karla Padawer Solomon

A friend canceled plans
I eat lunch in the park, watching
Boaters on the lake.

Nyla Alisia

Last amber drop rolls
Moves slow down the horizon
Night arches her back

John Hutchinson

A stone's drought whispers
As it lies amidst the sun
Dry in summer's end

John Hutchinson

The trees bend with snow
While the wind seeks its own breath
Shadows blend the two

Nyla Alisia

Always they watch us
Young eyes of our tomorrow
What will you teach them

Patty Tancyus

November's last glow
burning leaves swirl fragrant smoke
beauty and ashes

Beau Boudreaux

Hard tug on my line
summer speckled trout, redfish
flip in the ice chest.

Nancy May

clouds on clouds, waves on
waves in the summer sunset
footprints in the sand

Joseph J Kozma

Moon rides on the waves
Night after night ritual
Walking in the sand