Issue 32

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Issue 32


Anwar, Nur Nadiah
Ascerno, Jason
Austin, David
Baber, Bill
Barnett, Sandra
Barry, Stephen
Battersby, Lois
Bouquet, Don
Cates, Jay
Cenate, Kay
Cox, Hayli
Deering Norton, Abra
Drobot, Ana
Drzakowski, Kevin
Gardiner, Tim
Grzeslo, Amanda
Heyward , C. Z.
Holmes, Carly
Howell, Traci
Kasoff, Sasha
Kerrigan, Terese
Kozma, Joseph J
Lowe, Dennis
Lunsford, Sarah
Lupinacci, Veronica
Maloney, Ian
Marrone, Mark
May, Nancy
Melton, Bill
Moore, Brandon
Oates, David
Rewick, Alyson
Robinson, Jackie Maugh
Shiam, Radhey
Smith, Mary
Sprafka, Robin
Tate, Barbara
West, Tyson
White, Brooke

Tim Gardiner

the black cricket sings
without a care in the world
from the reptile tank

David Austin

summer's backward glance
reluctant to say adieu
one lonely white rose

Brandon Moore

A single snowflake
Drops down from the Mountaintop
Landing unspoken

Radhey Shiam

only in silence
God speaks to His voice
in the voiceless voice

Sasha Kasoff

Small migrating birds
Flying in a fluid line
A scattered black snake

David Oates

Thanksgiving school play
nightmare of the food's revenge ?
I?m cast as the nut

Veronica Lupinacci

She chases his ghosts
out of the schoolyard. Old trees
bow. Their slow walk home.

Nancy May

autumn horizon
the falling rain, scatter of
leaves on the frost soil

Ana Drobot

cathedral bells heard
loud in the old town center -
chestnuts strike a bench

Bill Melton

Complacent leaves hang
listless in hot humid air
no reason to stir

Sandra Barnett

wasp galls on oak leaves ?
they fall through the air and catch
on webs and wipers

Traci Howell

Sitting by windows
Breathing out air making fog
Winter is coming

Traci Howell

Trees dance in the winds
Branches sway, leaves with rhythm
Becoming Alive

Jay Cates

doves nesting. cooing.
soft white parents of new hope.
annoying creatures.

Jay Cates

bitter cold north winds
blow through my very spirit
cleaning out the rot

Barbara Tate

dried yellow leaves
the cottonwood in autumn
tells summer's secrets

Bill Baber

Far away mountains
Where ancient monks once roamed
Can I go there now?

C. Z. Heyward

when there was no ink
i harvested my marrow
just to write your name

Robin Sprafka

your eyes fill with tears
let me go winter daughter
to my Moon River

Dennis Lowe

this old building creaks
while the wind murmurs with friends
among the rafters

Dennis Lowe

pouring plain water
earthenware vessels display
remarkable skill

Don Bouquet

hummingbirds hover,
butterflies crowd a Fall bloom-
east wind scatters all

Don Bouquet

an ant parachutes!
no, a dandelion seed
skydiving to earth

Lois Battersby

Hills blaze with color
Apples and pumpkins fill stands
Wood smoke in the air

Lois Battersby

Walk on ancient rocks
Lighthouses mark safe passage
Tide pools teem with life

Joseph J Kozma

Frogs sleep in the shade
Eagles look for easy prey
No more decisions

Joseph J Kozma

A tired old house
weeds are kissing the dull sky
not too much time left

Joseph J Kozma

The wind mills still turn
Aimless hoboes ride the trains
Nothing can hurt you

Mary Smith

Fall pumpkins are here
Autumn air is crisp and cool
Scarecrows scare the crows

Dennis Lowe

we feel it coming
raindrops bursting in moon dust
mud soon, mud always

Ian Maloney

Two swans in a marsh
White feathers on cold water
They circle to shore.

Abra Deering Norton

palm tree fronds slapping
violent Santa Anas
a sinister moon

Sarah Lunsford

White moonlight slivers
Reveal diamonds on blue waves
Bright nocturnal gems

Jason Ascerno

Fungus growing here
tall narrow branches avail
root's unseen in ground

Hayli Cox

Pastel-painted sky,
white wisps of cirrus soaring,
palace for the moon.

Alyson Rewick

Beneath the city
We search for our Minotaurs
Turning thoughts within

Kevin Drzakowski

The banana strips,
yellow dress dropped to the floor--
this comic prelude

Terese Kerrigan

Broken like clockwork
A bleeding, exposed nail bed
Healing as I grow.

Terese Kerrigan

Tiniest hammer
Locked in a bullet-proof room
At war with glass walls.

Tyson West

tatters of typhoon
twist the old growth cedar's crown
sailing the moss sea

Carly Holmes

She kept her hood on
and her boots, but lost the dress.
Wild me, she told him.

Kay Cenate

In the mirror lake
My reflected hand holds yours.
The leaves warn of wind.

Nur Nadiah Anwar

When will it all end?
Night by night, tear-stained pillows.
Tiny little pills.

Stephen Barry

Like Autumnal leaf
shed in soft, silent sorrow
red dress hits the floor

Mark Marrone

infernal water
crashes and foams in splendor
sounds of utter peace

Brooke White

How ironic that
Everything is dying in
Beautiful colors

Brooke White

And then the leaves Fell
ice carpets pale on the road
Silent flakes, time still

Amanda Grzeslo

Waiting to come home,
Ruck sack packed against the bunk--
there is no one left.

Sandra Barnett

large pampas grasses,
plumes waving in the stiff wind ?
time to change the time

Jackie Maugh Robinson

white bark of aspens
powdered with antler velvet-
autumn moon shadows