Issue 31

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Issue 31


Anguiano, Kim
Austin, David
Austin, Nancy
Barnett, Sandra
Black, Grace
Blackman, Sarah
Bose, Ishan
Burgard, Amada
Burns, James Roderick
Chappell, Grace Hughes
Christ, Jim
Currin, Anne
Drobot, Ana
Frank, Hannah
Fulbirg, Chris
Gardiner, Tim
Gusek, Chris
Hall, Christopher David
Heyward , C. Z.
Houston, Opie
Howell, Traci
Koh, Jin
Lowe, Dennis
Loy, Helen
Mathison, Beth
Meador, Rob
Melton, Bill
Nystrand, Kasha
O'connor, Christine S.
Patterson, Melissa
Purtill, Fox
Qureshi, Maryam
Ranaldi-adams, Valentina
Rewick, Alyson
Robinson, Jackie Maugh
Scholer, Claudius
Scully, Ron
Shouse, Jennifer
Smith, Leanne E
Sprafka, Robin
Tate, Barbara
Thiessen, Loreena
Wasilewski, Nells
Williams, Pipzi
Yardena, Kineret

Jim Christ

showing only thorns
through patches of silent snow
dreaming of a bloom

Chris Fulbirg

gardens of roses
where children play together
the sound of blooming

Bill Melton

Dragonfly alights
Reed slowly bends toward water
Frog watches below

C. Z. Heyward

mother's calling me
one says, please not too far out
more says the other

Barbara Tate

auras of angels
venus sews seeds of sunrise
old as yesterday

Nells Wasilewski

chill winds laboring
summer dies a sultry death
the birth of autumn

Sarah Blackman

backyard gathering
under afternoon shadows
dinner plate upturned

Ishan Bose

relaxed on a plane
from here, worries look so small
gold metropolis

Valentina Ranaldi-Adams

the summer has come
with those blazing shades of red
flavorful cherries

Kasha Nystrand

Gazing at the clouds
Children point out many shapes
Topics of their dreams

Pipzi Williams

july afternoon
spent looking round old churches
damp palms together

Ana Drobot

Moving against time
From spring into the cold snow
Landing, clicks, belts off

Melissa Patterson

The deer watches me
watch her through my camera
sun fading the moon

Opie Houston

sprouting bamboo sprig...
will you be sad when you leave
my little greenhouse?

Sarah Blackman

children roll downhill
prickles of freshly mown grass
summer sour sweetness

Traci Howell

Moisture in the air
Leaves changing colors early
Mists cloud the Basin

Rob Meador

Burdened with moisture,
smoke plods across the mountain
clutching blue sky's hand.

Sandra Barnett

two catbirds mewing,
pecking at magnolia fruit ?
taste of Darjeeling

Loreena Thiessen

cascading snowflakes
a flutter of notes ripple
across the keyboard

Jackie Maugh Robinson

whales grown huge on krill
are but specks in a vast sea‒
surging tsunami

Amada Burgard

still the white blossom
reflected in the tide pool
my hand on the bloom

Helen Loy

Sun rips through tissue
Paper clouds to place his hands
hotly on my arm.

Claudius Scholer

Thunder, storm, lightning
Sitting on that mountain ridge
With monsters and gods

Christopher David Hall

Green fields thrashed to mud.
Clouds heavy as iron plates.
May?no mayflies yet.

Robin Sprafka

Beneath winter sun
I sit chin in hand to wait
For life to begin

Ron Scully

waterthrush alone
splashing in the riverlight
mustard seed sunset

Jin Koh

Rocks click like crickets
air like shimmering water
desert summer heat

Sarah Blackman

leaning together
three linden trees drip fragrance
carried on the breeze

Dennis Lowe

Thunder in the hills
summer blows through the dry grass?
too much left undone

Ana Drobot

bright sun, burning earth
bench in the shade, wind blowing -
life philosophy

Kim Anguiano

Trees in silhouette
Stand against the fading light
Bats begin their feast

Hannah Frank

The shaking branch shows
A glimpse of the near future,
The first orange leaf falls.

Jennifer Shouse

Monk on bench, Sea-Tac
Did not see me next to him;
Immersed in i-phone.

Maryam Qureshi

The fruits of summer
Visible before my eyes...
Feeling glorified

Anne Currin

Garden of wishes-
Butterfly lands- flies away;
Flowers stay planted.

Jim Christ

forests of dead trees
dismembered, reassembled
numb, leafless in paint

James Roderick Burns

Seagull cuts into
a bar of obstinate sun,
casts his own shadow

Beth Mathison

Crocus peeking out
purple, snow lined beds dark brown
rich with Spring's promise

Fox Purtill

Forgotten dreams hide,
memories touched and lost loves
I cry as I wake

Kineret Yardena

Warm summer rains pass,
skies are clear again: why not
forgiveness so swift?

Christine S. O'Connor

deep silence echoes
as loudly as the racket
absent children made

Christine S. O'Connor

evening drifting in
over green waves as a mist
closes the curtain

Chris Gusek

a lone cardinal
unconcerned with the details
awaiting the spring

Leanne E Smith

September's summer:
white clematis cloaks fences,
bronze scuppernongs pop.

Tim Gardiner

brimstone butterflies
held in place by metal pins
fading behind glass

Alyson Rewick

Sudden September
South-bound geese fly unnoticed
Shivering at noon

Nancy Austin

monarch on milkweed
a still bee on astilbe
rumble of thunder

Grace Hughes Chappell

farm fields are ready
on the island ripe barley--
wind ruffles your hair

Grace Black

gemini towers
daedalus wings, twins? demise
papered ash of life

David Austin

summer's backward glance
reluctant to say adieu
one lonely white rose