Issue 29

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Issue 29


Barnett, Sandra
Bessant, James
Bhola, Vinati
Brewer, Scott
Brooks, Barbara
Buck, Stu
Burns, James Roderick
Carter, Jennifer
Cates, Jay
Cope, Kevin
Drid Derouiche, Olfa
Gagnon, Chase
Geurrandeno, Frank
Gove, Joan
Han, John
Hendrix, Howard
Johnston, Bill
Kelly, David
Koh, Jin
Lavelle, Angeline
Lowe, Dennis
Loy, Helen
May, Nancy
Melton, Bill
Mitchell, Felicia
Morales, Arthur
Moss, Jon
Padawer Solomon, Karla
Riemer, Katharina
Roberts, Joseph
Robinson, Jackie Maugh
Sakran, M.
Samuels, Clarise
Stafford, Deb
Strunk, Lisa
Tancyus, Patty
Tate, Barbara
Taylor, K.d.
Thornton, Rose
Wasilewski, Nells
Webster, Greg
West, Tyson

Barbara Brooks

dusk, trees fade to black
insects sing, midnight moon smiles
tree frogs call, leaves stir

Bill Melton

Air, the weight of lead
Copper taste upon my tongue
And distant thunder

Bill Melton

Beneath icy chill
Awaits the breath of springtime
Patient daffodil

Sandra Barnett

Sunlight on redbud.
Gold on magenta flowers.
Sound of bumblebee.

Sandra Barnett

Dogwood flowers float
on boughs above old tree roots
where wasps build their nests.

James Roderick Burns

Pigeon alighting
for the dignitary's head
stops, offers his place

Bill Johnston

lost ascension of
an enfeebled meadowlark
feline safari

David Kelly

emergency room ?
the lantern of your frail form
flickers before me

Clarise Samuels

bluest of blue eyes
dubious in their intent;
guarded and fickle.

Joseph Roberts

In the evening cool
the smell of honeysuckle
wafting from her hair

Scott Brewer

our concrete conquest
dominating this landscape
grass yet seeks God's light

Nancy May

the wings of a dove
unfold in a cold spring breeze
new words between us

Chase Gagnon

deepening autumn...
the glow of cigarette stubs
in grandpa's ashtray

Stu Buck

'gossamer eyelids,
fixed shut through my vain rapture,
see what i have done.'

Tyson West

cherry blossoms fall
silent before the lilacs
purple ovation

Tyson West

before the stone bench
where you whispered winter words
white iris stand mute

Tyson West

white tea and lake mist
a dun flare of ducks ignites
pale swan necks curve north

Howard Hendrix

skies cry acid tears --
on drowned floors of rising seas,
mother of pearl weeps

Joan Gove

Melodies abound
sun's new light plays off ripples
on the spring's surface

Dennis Lowe

vaporous contrail
cutting through constellations,
tracing a journey

Angeline Lavelle

I wake at the end
Pondering the absent creaks
The city, asleep

Barbara Tate

dandelions bloom
loosened by late summer's breeze
wishes on the wind

Jennifer Carter

storm subsides subdued

branches, babbling brook beside

sound of renewal

M. Sakran

a lawn mown at dawn
to keep the appearance clean
a haircut at night

James Bessant

honey gold oozes
sweetens grey city porridge
as the dawn rises

Kevin Cope

Blue ivory hands
dance on the soft sunlit keys,
Childhood remembered

Nells Wasilewski

frazil ice forming
the river rushes downstream
outrunning winter

John Han

my neighbor's front yard
the campaign signs show me whom
I should not vote for

Felicia Mitchell

Morels for supper,
Plucked from the side of the road,
The taste of spring walks.

Lisa Strunk

Sun-filled tulips stand
elegantly aglow in
deep yellows and pinks

Deb Stafford

at the water's edge
I find myself looking in
to your ancient eye

K.d. Taylor

The old man with the
Black bowler hat speaks nothing
But epiphany.

Karla Padawer Solomon

lustful cricket chirps
cat's eyes brighten in the dark
man smokes on the porch

Rose Thornton

lake michigan blue
from your latest wound stained the
sheet where you slept here

Vinati Bhola

drifting summer breeze..
she drinks his favorite tea
by the lone window

Vinati Bhola

settled gracefully
on the bed of marigold
a wasp rubs its legs

Greg Webster

Tip the tablets out
a pile of brickwork undone
crying in mortar

Olfa Drid Derouiche

A swift shooting star.
Man's present life is but a
future memory.

Jon Moss

Equine hooves rattle
over semi-frozen track,
but still the boy floats.

Jackie Maugh Robinson

wind raked waves pounding
shore dunes become sand canyons
buying more candles

Katharina Riemer

cat sleeps in the sun
the heat singes - peace at noon
flowers brittle brown

Jackie Maugh Robinson

fading sapphire sky
ice bright stars melt into dawn
night awaits its turn

Patty Tancyus

Sunning his belly
purring softly as he dreams
nestled in clover

Helen Loy

Reeds, dense scrub, water
Threaded with jewelled creatures ?
A cormorant drops.

Frank Geurrandeno

Glass bottles crunching
a forgotten woman lays
death with a trash bag

Jin Koh

A single snow flake
The desert's eager tongue waits
Too little, too late

Jin Koh

Dead branch crashes down
The spring winds introduction
Howling through the night

Jay Cates

dark green summer leaves
birds singing, their nests empty
cold tea before me

Arthur Morales

milkweed bugs find shade
under the windmill corn stalks
humming bird hovers

Sandra Barnett

Mindfulness bell rings.
A download to my smartphone.
Long way from temple.