Issue 28

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Issue 28


Ante, Romalyn
Barnett, Sandra
Barry, Stephen
Black, Grace
Buck, Stu
Cates, Jay
Cooper, Lamart
Eley, Deborah
Fuchs, Celine
Geurrandeno, Frank
Gilmer, Monty
Golan, Martin
Gove, Joan
Guzzi, Deborah
Han, John
Hendrix, Howard
Hiortdahl, Sandy
Howell, Traci
Hunter, Cristian
Knight, Pamela
Kreik, Colin
Krishnamurthy, Shrikaanth
Lange, Jacob Timothy
Lowe, Dennis
Manchester, Rbert
May, Nancy
Melton, Bill
Patterson, Melissa
Roberts, Joseph
Roy, Aneesha
Sakran, M.
Samuels, Clarise
Smyth, Lucy
Steed, Avery
Strunk, Lisa
Tarr, Jake
Wasilewski, Nells
West, Tyson
Yarish, Adam

Deborah Guzzi

the maple pollen
covers the car's windshield pane ?
empty tissue box

Bill Melton

A kaleidoscope
Changing, shifting, always new
A sunset at sea

Bill Melton

A faded picture
Final evidence that love
Was active and strong

M. Sakran

alone in a cage
the sound of a single bird
searching for ideas

Joseph Roberts

passing spring shower
the robin shakes off the wet
bursting into song

Joan Gove

Dragonflies dancing
summer air hangs still and wet
remembering when

Clarise Samuels

just like violins
playing gently in the night;
the cloud shields the moon.

Sandra Barnett

Squirrel on hornbeam.
Gray fur against gray, bare limbs.
Sunshine and shadows.

Sandra Barnett

Green grass shoots of spring
watered by yesterday's snow.
A flock of robins.

Tyson West

hyacinths break earth
snow retreats on mica peak
the first kitchen fly

Tyson West

pure white crocus curves
the chaos of daffodils
mute brown and green pine

Traci Howell

Red, Pink Bleeding Hearts
A drop of blood hanging down
Nature's Artistry

Grace Black

emerging flora
dancing daily to forget
buried with poets

Grace Black

whiskey summered tongue
scattered words, fallen petals
dead forget-me-nots

Deborah Eley

Stars spill out their light
into the earth's waiting sky.
Man's eyes turn upwards.

Cristian Hunter

With the night comes fear,
a prowling owl asking, "who?"
It's too late for shrew.

Melissa Patterson

Colorful eggs and
children dot the rolling hills?
the sound of laughter.

Avery Steed

i long for you to
hug my bruises. it hurts in
a familiar way

Romalyn Ante

climbing mango trees
swapping sunlight for sweetness -
ants on a dried twig

Dennis Lowe

death of white tulips;
a remnant of my mother
in a dragon vase

Jacob Timothy Lange

Not made of paper
Thoughts, freedom to imagine
The library calls

Frank Geurrandeno

boardwalk of turtles
amble seaside at sun's surge
current sweeps a kiss

Nancy May

waking in a daze
a wasp's morning alarm clock
the cold spring raindrop

Nancy May

the butterfly's wings
catch a fallen rainbow from
the crumbling storm clouds

Monty Gilmer

A practical bird,
having no tree of his own,
borrows another's.

Lucy Smyth

I have written two -
letters never to be sent
smug empowerment

Shrikaanth Krishnamurthy

a trapped bumble bee
thumping against the window
a roomful of hands

Rbert Manchester

Through wandering clouds
in bold Picasso sky a
half-moon, hand painted

Nells Wasilewski

stormy spring weather
I saw your tears glistening
even through the rain

Nells Wasilewski

spring lasted three days
chill winds blew--first rain then snow
winter's last revenge

Rbert Manchester

This a witches day
haze dancing just above ground
silent sentry crow.

Nancy May

the winter sunset
swims in a warm blue ocean
life left on the beach

Stephen Barry

Manhattan Shakespeare
Switchblade ballet ethnic strife
Sing and dance til death

Stephen Barry

Welles magna opus
Thinly veiled Hearst bio pic
Rosebud is the key

Jake Tarr

the deep winter sky?
brushed by bare maple branches
still, even in wind

Sandy Hiortdahl

Rain falls like shiny
silver coins from the awning,
tapping on the lawn.

Adam Yarish

Eyes that never met
Held a love so pure and warm
Fate's secrets untold

Celine Fuchs

Snow softly falling
Glowing white, silent on this
Cold winter evening.

Lisa Strunk

ice clings to the banks
yielding to the warming rays
fish shacks melt away

Lamart Cooper

bodega's bread line
snakes left then back right forming
ahead of sunrise

Martin Golan

O lake, may I float
Across your bright satin skin
Pull oars and glide, glide ?

John Han

frozen lake melting
a flock of ducks steps into
the sun's reflection

John Han

he still wags his tail?
the morning after my dog
moved to a new home

Jay Cates

one cherry blossom
fallen on a swimming duck
riding like a king

Stu Buck

For man is sculpted,
Rent and ripped by time and space,
And returns to dust.

Colin Kreik

Soggy and dank days,
Nature blooms life upon us
Fresh air circulates

Howard Hendrix

Basho you old frog
from devouring your kerplunks
I'm too stuffed to jump

Howard Hendrix

in driest winter
lone chorus frog's sudden song --
your voice echoing

Pamela Knight

The ship Offended
Remains quagmire in the bay
Anchor entangled

Aneesha Roy

Sanguine red, twilit
sky; arboreal splendor
drifting by - And I.