Issue 26

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Issue 26


Alisia, Nyla
Antebi, Debbi
Barnett, Sandra
Black, Grace
Bursey, Dc
Cates, Jay
Chakraborty, Souvik
Chappell, Grace Hughes
Doughty, Jonathan
Elledge, Miriam
Gagnon, Chase
Gardiner, Tim
Geurrandeno, Frank
Goodwin, Charman
Gusek, Chris
Han, John
Karamarkovich, Ian
Larsen, Ellen
Lowe, Dennis
May, Nancy
Melton, Bill
Nystrand, Kadeejah
Nystrand, Kasha
Oates, David
Obrien, Valerie
Palomba, Carolann
Raney, Vanessa
Red, Elias
Ruscher, Thomas
Rushton, Biff
Sakran, M.
Samuels, Clarise
Scalzo, Emily Jo
Trojan, Peggy
Ward, Brandon
Wasilewski, Nells
West, Tyson
Wong, Deborah

Chase Gagnon

Midnight approaches
in her stilettos of stars
flirting with my dream

Chris Gusek

swaying field of grass -
a summer wind scatters thoughts
to blue horizons

Bill Melton

Crouched on the rooftop
Snow covered robin awaits
The morning or death

Grace Hughes Chappell

the sky grows two stars
seven pelicans fly by
low, over the sea

David Oates

gray day, on lush grass
white tom turkey with harem
his tail spread so wide

Jay Cates

still leafless and damp
my tree full of noisy crows
feels the spring sunlight

Tyson West

yellow elder leaves
blow away before first frost
afraid to wear white

Jay Cates

again buds burst out
while winds still blow bitter cold.
how many more times.

Vanessa Raney

He massages pigs
with salt and pepper before
the slow, winter snow.

John Han

a patch of old snow
falls from a cedar tree branch?
weight of a squirrel

John Han

day after Christmas
choosing the names to include
in a new planner

Kasha Nystrand

Bleak winds mask a face.
A veil of an appearance.
Silence sounding voice.

Dennis Lowe

Sweet and luminous,
delicate as raspberries;
our too human dreams

Dennis Lowe

Drifting cigar smoke
attracts a squirrel's notice
while I watch the clouds

Souvik Chakraborty

scattered to the winds
dusty leaves and lifeless skin
end of a season

Clarise Samuels

spirit in the sky
with sharp sword and flaming eyes;
Akura, the fiend

Emily Jo Scalzo

Chess in Uganda
alleviates poverty
for a queen savant

Peggy Trojan

snow early this year
today I cut Father's shirts
into quilt patch squares

CarolAnn Palomba

Bold goldfish shine like
New copper pennies swimming
In waves of sunlight

CarolAnn Palomba

Sacred abacus
sums up the grace of each prayer
whispered in God's ear

Debbi Antebi

night-time confessions
starting to see an old friend
in a brand new light

Nancy May

a cold winter breeze
snowflakes parachute softly
on empty branches

Elias Red

Bending trees sing a
song of melancholy on
the river's cold bank.

Tim Gardiner

Rusted iron gate
the only entrance to woods
where butterflies hide

Tim Gardiner

The lone owl calling
from the oak across the green
has fallen silent

Frank Geurrandeno

A peck on my wrist,
Longing feathers and nestler
now wingless and whist.

Kasha Nystrand

Snow rests on branches.
Shivering among bleak breath.
Numb hands let leaves fall.

Ian Karamarkovich

Farmer Constable
Surrendered, more depleted
Than his glabrous land.

Brandon Ward

Crow flailing to stay
Steady on a branch- bracing
Itself against gusts

Nells Wasilewski

the day turned pewter
a warning gust of chill wind
an empty mailbox

Nells Wasilewski

late winter morning
new buds snuggle in branches
slumbering til spring

Brandon Ward

On the wet pathway
A woman with a shining
Head walks mindfully

Deborah Wong

Fate has come to seek
the chastity of a maid
of paper cut eyes

Thomas Ruscher

Sleep and dream my love
Twixt my arms and near my heart.
Your humid breath, Life

Biff Rushton

The rueful waltz of
a wretched heart ~ Crestfallen ~
Swallowed by the grey

Biff Rushton

Tender beloved ~
Your petals upon my tongue ~
Feasting from love's bloom

Kadeejah Nystrand

Dove flies through cold breeze.
Lands to rest on soft white ground.
Fades on winter snow.

Valerie OBrien

Howling in moonlight
Melodic hymnal for prey
Beware of the wolf

Valerie OBrien

Army of ravens
Bow power lines in winter
Wingspans darken skies

M. Sakran

equinox arrives
white snow melts off tree branches
green buds grow outward

DC Bursey

meadow's warm wind swirls
tall grass is a stormy sea
white tipped flowers wave

DC Bursey

will we meet again
in a park where a poet
is passing out dreams

Grace Black

season of ripe buds
dreary drizzle slips away
his name on her tongue

Ellen Larsen

Stillness in the night
There is only one awake
See the coming dawn.

Nyla Alisia

Tiny sparrow wings,
soar in breathless hopefulness,
talons grasping stars.

Nyla Alisia

The feminine soul,
born, clawing her name in earth,
never truly tamed.

Miriam Elledge

The cat woke me up,
Banging on the bedroom door.
I sleep on the train.

Charman Goodwin

Sadness cerements me,
despair dances on my heart.
His identity...

Jonathan Doughty

Halloween, gone drag
In a burqa, Muslim-style
Arrested promptly

Sandra Barnett

A lone chipmunk runs
through falling snow beneath the
witch hazels in bloom.