Issue 25

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Issue 25


Aldridge, Bobby
Anderson, Sharla
Antebi, Debbi
Avocet, Ammy
Barone, Angelica
Black, Grace
Bowman, Dean
Browne, Heather
Burns, James Roderick
Cates, Jay
Chakraborty, Souvik
Chameleon, Jesus
Chan, Jon
Cohowicz, Marybeth
Corey, Gavin
Desario, Anna
Edwards, David
Gardiner, Tim
Gove, Joan
Gray, Caden
Gusek, Chris
Hammermeister, Kai
Herrell, Dennis
Lowe, Dennis
Lucas, Steve
May, Nancy
Mcphail, Stacey
Melton, Bill
Meyer, Bradley
Nicholas, Joe
Pella, Patricia
Planko, Christa
Roche, Stephen
Stickle, Ray
Thiessen, Loreena
Ward, Brandon
Wasilewski, Nells
West, Tyson
Zieran, Tamyra

Anna Desario

A nostalgic wave
as you turn your back in hope
I will follow you

Christa Planko

The cardinal roosts
skyward on a lofty branch,
a drop of sunset.

Christa Planko

Blue bird, open wings,
undulating in the wind,
animated sky.

Angelica Barone

a bitter ice wind
makes the proud trees bend and groan
frozen is the world

Dennis Lowe

salt around the rim
each red sip ticking away
Bloody Mary clock

Dennis Lowe

A balcony view
Blue skies and bright butterflies
This suffering world

Sharla Anderson

old porous porch, where
moldy newspapers mark months
teapot cries inside

Bill Melton

Glowing summer moon
Reflects across the water
A fishing raccoon

Bill Melton

Advancing in line
Impacts of artillery
Rain on dusty soil

Joan Gove

Quiescent with life
splashes of splendid color
swim in its haven

Loreena Thiessen

war separates us
abandoned homes lie empty
lost to each other

Nells Wasilewski

tendrils of sun rays
turn the lake a whiskey gold
flash of amber eyes

Heather Browne

I touch desert sands
and hold your seas in my hands
My God's holy lands

Heather Browne

The peaceful cockroach
Understanding not disgust
Thought himself lovely

Jesus Chameleon

quarter moon zenith...
body had reclined breathless
white light on a block

Debbi Antebi

stays full feeding on itself
from inside my bed

Chris Gusek

bent over alone
old lady gathers pecans
in the waist high grass

Chris Gusek

morning coffee brews
bird watch at breakfast table
background music plays

Grace Black

chaste upon her lips
morose whisper of winter
loss consumed her bones

Grace Black

sleep's a fickle wench
she denies and vies for love
lure of her embrace

Jay Cates

Dust covered, weary,
old blossoms by a dry path.
We feel the same wind.

Tamyra Zieran

Ink black branches scrawled
across an indigo sky
smudge the bright white moon

Bradley Meyer

The water-fall laughed,
chuckling o'er the stones below-
by the bridge, straight-faced.

Jay Cates

children still at play
after a long dry summer
feet on brittle leaves

Brandon Ward

Peaceful walk- passing
a park, I see a man all
alone. Thoughts above.

David Edwards

a burned-out building
snow-covered steps lead nowhere
Man's plans gone awry.

Dennis Herrell

Watermelon fields
now lie swollen and pregnant
from too many seeds

Joe Nicholas

Good mother. The sun
wearing leaves of white starlight.
Darkness bowing low.

Jon Chan

When the red sun rose
Its rays bathed the gold grass fields
Corn, wheat, all on fire

Gavin Corey

Organized pieces
Quickly splinter off, fighting
For their king ? checkmate.

Ammy Avocet

Burning flames savor
the feel of my hand entwined
with yours- cold as ice.

Ammy Avocet

I kneel on the grass
hand stroking feather's of bird
earth around us- sleeps.

Dean Bowman

Suicide job line
She sells her labor for nought
Competition kills

Dean Bowman

Behind fogging glass
Steam dances from noodle bowls
Coins too few to spare

Bobby Aldridge

beetles carry him away,
leave only timbers.

Souvik Chakraborty

Knew it was a dream
Though there were colours and noise
Never saw your eyes.

Marybeth Cohowicz

he is every shade
of beautiful, and some her
eyes have never seen

Caden Gray

your red umbrella
hope there's no rain tomorrow
we kissed, you forgot

Kai Hammermeister

the frisky sparrows
occupy the feeder house
birdseed snows downward

Tyson West

cascade pines cloistered
pray in dense pacific fog
sharing faith with kelp

Nancy May

branches in mourning
surrender to the autumn 
scattering of leaves

Stephen Roche

Steamy kisses light
up a room full of darkness.
There is no love here.

Ray Stickle

Cold morning. I sleep
well in an ice cocoon. And
so does the white moon.

Joan Gove

strength, beauty, heart, wind
enveloped in one creature
on Pegasus wings

Stacey McPhail

The beggar refused
False Gods who sacrificed Kin
Make false donations

Stacey McPhail

Pragmatists can scorn
Towers and Titans stand tall
They started as sand

Patricia Pella

stained glass mosaic
shards of dreams and promises

Steve Lucas

Empty restaurant
a couple sit in silence
sharing loneliness.

Tim Gardiner

On the coldest eve
above the bay's shingle shore
Venus was rising

James Roderick Burns

Sparrows chirruping
in the unceasing deluge ?
winter slips away.