Issue 23

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Issue 23


Antebi, Debbi
Baxendale Ii, Ron
Buckles, Sissy
Burgard, Amada
Campbell, Colin
Campbell, Dan
Chameleon, Jesus
Chappell, Grace Hughes
Degarie, Julie
Edwards, David
Fix, Elvis
Flint, Pattie
Gillikin, Brian
Gonzalez, Mauricio
Gusek, Chris
Han, John
Hauck, Pam
Hawkhead, John
Hellweg, Paul
Jones, Mark
Kavanaugh, David
Lassell, Daniel
Malone, Zachary
May, Nancy
Melton, Bill
Menon, Praveen
Nicholas, Joe
Obrien, Valerie
Oliverson, Alissa
Patterson, Melissa
Red, Elias
Remer, Alexander
Rosenbaum, Eve
Samuels, Clarise
Schmitt, Jennifer
Wasilewski, Nells
West, Tyson
Witt, Justin

Tyson West

ice shards bite elm twigs
catch shine from jupiter who
chances the sun's wake

Tyson West

the red hound glares sharp
across the frozen river
coyote grins back

Justin Witt

Noisy future, past -
silence, in the present tense -
Here is where I Live.

Zachary Malone

westward setting sun
the moon rising right on time
one crow, my night friend

Elvis Fix

Corrupt bronze, limp dust.
A stagnant eternity,
a ceaseless haunting.

John Hawkhead

after the last dose
of radiotherapy
her feet remain cold

Grace Hughes Chappell

one day spring appears--
dirt, sun, rain, the tilt of Earth--
it lives beyond words

Alexander Remer

Lines like young Pollock
rising, dust the page's face
under high love songs.

Paul Hellweg

a red thread drifts by
destiny invisible
two ends dream meeting

Jesus Chameleon

cooling blossoms here---
arranged into new bouquets
to a torrid theme

Praveen Menon

man versus nature
like a child against parents
young and ignorant

Mark Jones

illinois city
shrugs its shoulders, taxes me
for pure spring water

Ron Baxendale II

The snow keeps falling
Flakes that land without a sound
Are they yours or mine?

Elias Red

Desolation in
the wood. The winter moon shows
only death tonight.

Clarise Samuels

Half snake, half human
Fuxi repaired the heavens;
Gong Gong broke the sky

Clarise Samuels

grayish, frozen sky
a bitter wind howls at night;
snowy, hushed footfall

Amada Burgard

when the winter comes
the sunlight over the snow
heaven fell to earth

Valerie OBrien

Knees bent at sunrise
Longevity lost to fate
Headstones cast shadows

Daniel Lassell

People stand in lines,
waiting to wait in others.
Traffic to life's end.

Daniel Lassell

His fleur de lis ears
tilt at squirrels vaulting tree limbs.
His tail wags the air.

Debbi Antebi

at the hospital ?
spring flowers filling her room
winter in her eyes

Chris Gusek

today's joy unfolds
quiet gladness celebrate
under summer moon

Nells Wasilewski

upon the iced bough
cardinals, ruffled feathers
and empty feeder

Joe Nicholas

Guardians wrap me
in feathers and pine. Lift me
until I am sky.

Nancy May

leaves in rainwater
naked branches catch snowflakes
in a winter breeze

Eve Rosenbaum

eyes closed and wishful
I inhale your outward song
part your lips again

David Edwards

Walking home from work,
my footprints in snow point the
other direction.

David Edwards

Easily unfurled
thirteen stripes and fifty stars
tree tops touch the ground

Mauricio Gonzalez

Under the blankets
our feet caress each other
blind of right and left

Alissa Oliverson

Weighted red petals
spring lively, greeting sun, when
morning dew drops drip

Joe Nicholas

morning flushed bright pink
mountain jaws rising to greet
the clouds just waking

Pattie Flint

snow purls small stitches
rows and rows a woolen scarf
upon winter's neck.

Pattie Flint

stripping the bed sheets
feathers fly up and tickle

Julie DeGarie

stars unlatch themselves
at dawn from the Harvest Moon
dissolve like weak dreams

Colin Campbell

even butterflies
might follow the lowest moth
into autumn lights

Melissa Patterson

1:00 am?I catch
my eldest eating ice cream.
I take down a bowl.

Brian Gillikin

Bric-a-brac brooding
on lost time ? strain as hard as
the snow falls gentle.

Bill Melton

Windless summer days
Even birds sing lazily
Sparse now with their praise

Bill Melton

Plant nods approval
For bee to search for pollen
Among profuse blooms

Bill Melton

Sun claws at the clouds
Frantically trying to see
The earth far below

Sissy Buckles

swift rain blurs blossoms
down my black silk cheongsam
drying on clothes line

Dan Campbell

On winter's windy
days, that faithful sentry, my
scarecrow salutes me

Jennifer Schmitt

Harsh the cold wind blows
Yet tears burn strongly with heat
sad is this season

Jennifer Schmitt

Kawazu sits there
like an old man needing warmth
spring comes so quickly

Pam Hauck

tangerine sunrise
spring wakes buds on birch branches-
sleepless night, child sick

Pam Hauck

daughter placed bird seeds
in feeder outside window-
blue jay eats from ground

Elvis Fix

Light up smooth Gitanes
with a sly Shostakovich.
We waltz savage here.

John Han

fireworks in the sky
my brother-in-law gasps for
air on his deathbed

John Han

cars moving slowly?
ten thousand wild geese descend
on the snowy field

David Kavanaugh

budding souls queue up
receive mortal masks to wear
tossed out at random