Issue 22

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Issue 22


Arnett, Michael
Bonnie, Von
Campbell, Colin
Chameleon, Jesus
Crane, Luke
De Dominicis, Tamara
Donnelly, Joe
Edwards, David
Elson, Doug
Fawkes, Ed
Fix, Elvis
Graves, Robert
Greene, Robin
Gusek, Chris
Hellweg, Paul
Huffman, A.j.
Jordan, Jack
Joy, B. T.
Khan, Yasmin
Li, Lily
Long, Sally
Lowe, Dennis
Mahoney, Matthew
Manus, Grady
Maria, Anna
Mcgovern, Mac
Mcrae, Sandra S.
Nicholas, Joe
Norgang, Ct
O'connor, Vincent
Phillips, Carol
Roberts, Joseph
Roe, Luke
Rushton, Biff
Scicluna, Norman
Sharp, Cynthia
Swalander, Kurt
Ward, Anthony
Yin, Anna

Norman Scicluna

an unfinished glass
beside her lifeless body-
I water her rose

Joe Nicholas

A window held closed
wind rattled against its skin
the cold pane quivers

Michael Arnett

your long slender legs
in a softly folded skirt
asking for my eyes.

Anna Maria

Your eyes speak volumes
I feel the sea rush in when
my ears fail to hear.

Doug Elson

I catch a quick glimpse
of a smile and big blue eyes
I'm in love again

Robert Graves

Cold hands on hot cup
Tethered herbs in a thin bag
Spice steam fills the soul

Robert Graves

The horizon blurs
Mars red dust floats, chokes the birds
Lubbock, Texas sky

Sandra S. McRae

winter's icy feet
pressed in the small of my back
keep me up all night

Yasmin Khan

stars shimmer, sparkle
luminious asterisk shoot
decorate a wish

Anna Yin

old nest under eaves
handful of baby swallows
twitter in warm rains

Jack Jordan

summer's fragile reeds
now ice-layered bend to write
our names in the snow

Jack Jordan

fenceline hackberry's
yellowing leaves drift downward
into Wild Horse Creek

A.J. Huffman

Snow falls on lake's shore.
Winter fingers work magic,
turn water to ice.

A.J. Huffman

Winter willow waves
opaled arms, bearing weight, white
of innocent snow.

Ed Fawkes

harvest moon aglow
long witchy fingers reach out
brittle leaves tango

Jesus Chameleon

din, in fall ending---
coffee, pop cooling and meals
on a stove all worn

Paul Hellweg

jade on a mountain
never fades, always treasured
love remembers all

Paul Hellweg

golden courtesan
sipping wine of laughter sets
the west wind astir

Joseph Roberts

The sound of wind chimes
beyond the garden's darkness
her whispered laughter

Joseph Roberts

Christmas carolers
singing about peace on earth
the sound of sirens

Von Bonnie

Greens fading away,
as misty mornings step in-
autumn at my door.

Robin Greene

For ten years I write
one poem. Now, pale winter
snow edits my lines.

David Edwards

The crunch of frozen
grass underfoot... awaiting
Indian Summer

Mac McGovern

Prejudice learned now
encapsulates willing souls
only hate survives

Mac McGovern

when the faucet drips
on the plains of Africa
someone dies of thirst

Dennis Lowe

Aging white cement
Peeking over great black clouds
Old moon's glowing scalp

Biff Rushton

Crying a Monsoon ~
Would still not bring my Parched Earth ~
Back to fruitful Bloom

B. T. Joy

caught in this tailback
a goshawk hovers over
the same patch of ground

Grady Manus

unabashed voyeur
solemn keeper of secrets
moon smiles crookedly

CT Norgang

Spring creeps into streams
their pools breathe deep as each waits
for salmon to leap.

CT Norgang

June breezes blowing,
red-winged black birds on cattails,
practicing tai chi.

Kurt Swalander

She is Alpental
Blankets of white perfection
Destroyer of man

Luke Roe

A Cloud of blood swirls
In a cup of hot water
Bug in my body

Carol Phillips

a caw lingering
on arid pine-scented air
bouquets smell of fall

Carol Phillips

bent grass tells of flood,
spent before the morning sun
frogs croak for their mates

Anthony Ward

crows pecking at seed
after devouring fat-
sparrows left to starve

Anthony Ward

streetlights at midnight
spillage of suspended stars
radio crackling

Elvis Fix

Picasso blue sky
leaking total solitude
out of the guitar.

Lily Li

Such warm lingerings
Hitherto, a single touch
Decieved while blinded

Cynthia Sharp

long lost relative
sister seal swims on her side
heartbeat of the sea

Sally Long

Superfluous words
cut by the blade of a pen
enabling new growth

Tamara De Dominicis

thunderless lightning
sparks in emerald valley
the dance of fireflies

Joe Donnelly

Baskets of tissues
Creations of our sick minds
And our sick noses

Matthew Mahoney

Power shifts with years.
The place of poverty stays
Despite shifty Time.

Tamara De Dominicis

another sunset
blink, the horizon swallows
all the golden light

Chris Gusek

deer on the roadside
pays no mind to all of us
in the morning rush

Vincent O'Connor

following the storm
the spectacular downpour
of cherry blossoms

Vincent O'Connor

the winter magpie
skips by so nonchalantly
everything freezes

Luke Crane

Eskimos have more
Than thirty words for snow, soon
They'll need just one; gone

Colin Campbell

faraway winds might
hide under borneo skies
between monsoon days