Issue 21

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Issue 21


Aldridge, Bobby
Antebi, Debbi
Barry, Stephen
Beltran, Lark
Bernard, Tuwond
Bevins, Shaun
Billings, Trey
Chameleon, Jesus
Cummings, Kemar
Fawkes, Ed
Gonzalez, Mauricio
Gove, Joan
Gunn, Mary
Hopkinson, Trish
Jett, W. Luther
Johnston, Bill
Kavanaugh, David
Kelly, David
Kovac, Kim Peter
Lanning, Rebecca
Mckeon, Tina
Nicholas, Joe
Osborne, Katherine
Richardson, David
Rousseau, Rita
Rushton, Biff
Sassi, Fabio
Scicluna, Norman
Sciortino, June
Senser, Daniel
Sharp, Cynthia
Slaten, Daniel
Streur, Russell
Valentina, Poet Lady
Wachtel, Shirley Russak
Wasilewski, Nells
Williams, Patricia

Patricia Williams

snow piles disappear,
blossoms anxious for the melt ?
old secrets emerge

Patricia Williams

Primeval earthquakes
hot moist air meets cold dry air ?
man provokes woman

Rebecca Lanning

all the leaves dropped dead
bare branches, hard arteries
squirrels' nests, bulging clots

Trey Billings

Huddled together
Pining for sweet summer fruit
Snow-covered Monkeys!

Joe Nicholas

An autumn bruised black
leaves swept under the roadside
for winter to bloom

Stephen Barry

Long legs, deep strong chest
Flowing black mane built for speed
Sadly not distance

Stephen Barry

River flowing past
dawn breaks grey stones budding trees
trout rise to dry fly

Russell Streur

Hour before dawn
Horned owl hoots alarm in pines
Trouble on the way

Kim Peter Kovac

moss on the stone bridge -
skyscrapers rippling under
the old graceful arc

Shaun Bevins

A purple crocus
springs up through the winter snow.
Daffodils take heed.

Mary Gunn

endangered species
two bumlebees feeding on
flowering ivy

Lark Beltran

Now is a thin ledge
for mindhold to grasp for long;
past and future reign.

Trish Hopkinson

News lays flat in the
driveway waiting sadly to
be recycled pulp.

David Richardson

Timid yellow slug
It will take days to find out
How long this hill is.

W. Luther Jett

When I walk, I am
out of focus just enough
to see things clearly

David Richardson

Under morning clouds,
Belly rumbling like thunder ?
A Buddhist sutra.

W. Luther Jett

flock of wild geese drifts
under the late autumn moon
ghosts of my young life

David Richardson

Silent company
On this early spring morning
My pensive shadow.

Shirley Russak Wachtel

a kiss of pink dawn
breaks across the milk gray moon
breathing me awake

Shirley Russak Wachtel

ginger incense speaks
air bubbles catching moments
which words cannot hold

Shirley Russak Wachtel

April's rise reveals
cherry blossoms? splattered eyes
in stone's long white face

Biff Rushton

Ripe for the Season ~
And I held a reaping tongue ~
For this sweet Harvest

Mauricio Gonzalez

Dust and furniture
one particle at a time
slowly reunite

Kemar Cummings

On close reflection
Eyes mirror eyes in the pool
Their gaze a memoir

Bobby Aldridge

The moon is broken
Into several sharp pieces
On rippled water

Fabio Sassi

Sinking down slowly
Hit by your cannon ball words
In Trafalgar Square

Jesus Chameleon

how new the smile that
brightens, christens arrival---
sib's share in heaven

David Kelly

reanimation ?
fallen leaves rising, dancing
in the bus's wake

June Sciortino

Snowflakes on my face,
masking the salty dampness
of your departure.

June Sciortino

A silver lantern
Gentle breeze on the water
Precious reflections

Tuwond Bernard

Lost a special friend
through holy matrimony
Time to find anew.

David Kavanaugh

after morning rain
sailing in a newborn stream
very clean garbage

Debbi Antebi

blanket of fall leaves
foliage of memories
crunching underfoot

Debbi Antebi

in the crowded street
looking for her own shadow
between others? feet

Poet Lady Valentina

glass bowl in classroom
children watch a tadpole swim
waiting for a frog

Tina McKeon

Watermelon slice
Ammunition against heat
Spitting seeds toward sun

Katherine Osborne

from its dark zeroes
an avalanche has buried
what you want to say

Katherine Osborne

vision of Winter:
outline of geese overhead
not making a sound

Cynthia Sharp

sunfish in the sky
clouds dipping like quick minnows
turning lavender

Bill Johnston

ripped space time fabric
countdown in black hole maelstrom
compulsive hoarding

Nells Wasilewski

leaves abandon trees
empty branches wave farewell--
you moved out today

Nells Wasilewski

camping at the lake
a treetop cradles the moon
sleeping with the stars

Nells Wasilewski

hummingbird's feeding
spring, youth and stolen kisses
taste of sweet nectar

Rita Rousseau

convened on phone wires,
parliament of green parrots
arguing with crows

Daniel Slaten

a love in silence
burning hot and fast for years
flickers, fades away

Joan Gove

Mist drapes oak branches
Moon's light casts subdued shadows
Crickets call... it's night.

Lark Beltran

We think we know much.
Fact shares space with prejudice:
garden flaunting weeds.

Daniel Senser

The man with his brush
Writes on the moonlit surface.
Shadows come alive.

Ed Fawkes

thunder claps bellow
nature in baritone voice
ground reverberates

Norman Scicluna

visiting hour
at the women's cancer ward-
nurse averts my gaze