Issue 20

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Issue 20


Bickley, Sara
Blacketer, Melissa
Campbell, Colin
Casey, Joseph
Daemon, Daun
Disarro, David
Edwards, David
Ellman, Neil
Ferguson, Stephanie
Fitzgerald, Genevieve
Ford,sr., Arthur C.
Frank, Hannah
Fugitt, Bobby
Geurrandeno, Frank
Gillikin, Brian
Giri, Mahima
Gove, Joan
Grisetti, Joann
Guzzi, Deborah
Hanson, Christopher Kenneth
Hellweg, Paul
Holland, Sarah
Hughes, Anna
Johanneck, Zach
Keenan, William
Lanning, Rebecca
Lowe, Dennis
Malone, Zachary
May, Nancy
Mccooey, Ross
Mcnerney, Joan
Melton, Bill
Morgan, Christopher
Rousseau, Wyman
S., Preeti
Samuels, Clarise
Sharp, Cynthia
Wasilewski, Nells
Williams, Patricia
Yin, Anna

Cynthia Sharp

slender curve of moon
in the cool descending night
yin and yang at rest

Cynthia Sharp

eyelids gently close
butterflies visit in dreams
nursing two are one

Paul Hellweg

your blood fairy and
gentle dragon, Tibetan
bowls sing lilting praise

David Edwards

carefully reading
a book window-side midnight
snow's ambient light

Bill Melton

As evening light fades
Rabbit nibbles on clover
An owl's talons twitch

Anna Hughes

Tall trees are bent low,
Their branches reaching for earth.
Heaven is too far.

Anna Hughes

Red, yellow and green
Lollipop trees drop their leaves:
Only sticks remain.

Joan Gove

Rays of your essence
Stream through dark shadows... falling
On my face and soul

Daun Daemon

soft merino wool
magenta and vermillion
autumn's overcoat

Preeti S.

a child hides behind
these tender folds of wrinkles
clothed in ageless soul

Stephanie Ferguson

An audacious heart -
alight with the bloom of hope,
she comes as the spring

Nells Wasilewski

lovers by the fire
burned marshmallows forgotten--
consumed by the flames

Nancy May

in the break of dawn
a call from the cockerel
parades a new day

David DiSarro

Tijeras statues
A sidewalk corrugation
Bronzed faces, sullen

Mahima Giri

azure horizon
reflects in ocean mirror
strolling silhouettes

William Keenan

On still winter nights
the hunter stirs in slumber
to fawn's quiet sobs

Zach Johanneck

Impaired cries for help
Innocence preys on the weak
Wandering lost soul

Sara Bickley

Wildflowers tattooed
on Jenny's arm: coneflowers
like cigarette burns.

Bobby Fugitt

she smiles at me from
the obituary page
a lifetime ago

Dennis Lowe

Perusing fine words
Used pages like winter skies
Then, her lost blonde strand

Rebecca Lanning

Old oaks dwarf the house
where seasons change from shade to
acorns, leaves, despair

Melissa Blacketer

Ice painted trees crack
Power lines snap; the blackout ?
opens to starlight.

Melissa Blacketer

A flashbulb sky roars
Iced rain scratches at paned glass
Soft steam over tea

Brian Gillikin

Sun-like, his body
rises on top of hers; she
moon-like, gives him way.

Genevieve Fitzgerald

tiny explosive
green bursts rise from the grasses
fireflies calling

Genevieve Fitzgerald

one god for jonquils
jerrymandered borders and
coexisting truths

Joseph Casey

tick and tack of sleet
upon breadth of dying blades -
duck paddles through reeds

Colin Campbell

dreaming butterflies
in ancient red mansions where
leaves now flutter by

Colin Campbell

borneo monsoon
in evergreen memories
when thunder returns

Zachary Malone

winter snow falling
two crows then three like black snow
hopping on a tree

Frank Geurrandeno

I am white canvas
and you are electric blue
the spark of my all.

Christopher Morgan

when you fall asleep
watching your ceiling tear, split,
look for my spotlight

Anna Yin

along the railway
wherever eyes encounter
forget-me-nots blue

Joan McNerney

What does this cat think
strumming his tail with such ease
to the fugues of Bach?

Neil Ellman

yesterday's children
silent ghosts of old New York
walk cobblestone streets

Neil Ellman

at The Dakota
Rosemary's Baby was born
Lennon lived and died

Ross McCooey

Imprints in cold grass:
shadows of idle bodies
once lost in the sun

Neil Ellman

graffiti artists
paintings hung on storefront walls
Chelsea galleries

Ross McCooey

Fluid cells of sky
bring concrete vistas to life
in speckled portraits

Deborah Guzzi

alone the swan drifts
in the shadow of the waves ?
the oar drips water

Christopher Kenneth Hanson

Grass blades wilt here now
Cold shade in a winter haze
Moon peeks through bramble.

Daun Daemon

November iris
springtime blue in autumn cool
petals quivering

Arthur C. Ford,Sr.

Waves bring messages,
Mankind waits along the beach,
Those of peace still drown.

Sarah Holland

Kintsugi, I am
Broken no longer, my cracks
Healed and sealed with gold

Wyman Rousseau

turning seventy -
nevertheless - I planted
a jacaranda

Clarise Samuels

the garden roses
so still and calm at twilight;
no thought for the frost

Joann Grisetti

touching a crocus
the merest hint of new warmth
my breath in the air

Joann Grisetti

from behind the masks
their intense faces watching
the kabuki stage

Hannah Frank

Slow shallow waters
splash a small shovel to shore,
sandy castles gone.

Patricia Williams

summer wanderer
enticed by sticky sweetness ?
uninvited guest