Issue 18

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Issue 18


Anderson, Sharla
Barry, Stephen
Coffield, Kris
Daemon, Daun
Danielson, Ryan
Edwards, David
Elson, Doug
Ferguson, Stephanie
G, Lisa
Giri, Mahima
Grisetti, Joann
Guggenheim, Herb
Han, John
Hanson, Christopher Kenneth
Harmon, Tiffany
Jordan, Jack
Kavanaugh, David
Khan, Yasmin
Leipelt, Brendan
Manus, Grady
Marbut, Damon
May, Nancy
Mccormick, Antoinette
Medsker, Joshua
Melton, Bill
Orr Stone, Mauri
Philbin, Grant
Pollard, James
Remer, Alexander
Roberts, Joseph
Seattle, Charley
Slaten, Daniel
Steele, Craig
Thompson, Daniel
Witt, Justin

Yasmin Khan

sakura trees bloom
on banks of kanda river~~
fragrant blossoms fall

Nancy May

after the sentence
an apple tree is planted
in the spot you died

Nancy May

ripples on the sand
a holiday ebbs away
into the ocean

Jack Jordan

man in a black hat
he's angry; his life bores him
sleet begins to fall

Jack Jordan

sweet and persistent
river of skin across bone
wrestling in the night

Daun Daemon

a doe nudges fawns
into our city garden ?
tender summer greens

John Han

departing summer
maple-colored moon outshines
the cicada's song

Daniel Thompson

Mockingbird Catches
Complimentary Echoes
Woven into Song

Alexander Remer

Youth, you think is flesh
concealing skulls, eye sockets
but your soul stays young

Mauri Orr Stone

hurricanes blow in
quickly quenching searing droughts
destroying late yields

Mauri Orr Stone

marauding raccoons
raiders of my ripe peach tree
left me not a one

Brendan Leipelt

winter of my life
dreaded, anticipated
all is known someday

Bill Melton

Angry words are like
A drop of ink in water
Cannot be undone

Antoinette McCormick

weathered leather boot
still shadows, empty doorway
what are you guarding?

Antoinette McCormick

dusty piano
an orchestra of grapevines
scaling silences

Justin Witt

Is it a question
only, and simply enough,
of honoring life?

Damon Marbut

I have a gold heart
pumping blood rivers on which
no doldrums can float

Lisa G

Chaotic dark sky
Suddenly grows calm and still:
The eye of the storm

Doug Elson

thick forests whisper
songs of love to a wild moon
murmured with the wind

Doug Elson

Black skies cry to me
I hear cold rain trickle down
wet night harmony

David Kavanaugh

feathers of ice fog
sever plains of blue into
sky geometry

Stephen Barry

Mother finds his name
softly caress engraved stone
tucks him in at night.

Stephen Barry

Large black no sugar
Like my women 'strong, hot, dark
And slightly bitter

Craig Steele

hot fast-food breakfast
with others eating alone?
cold morning drizzle

Grant Philbin

Umbilical narrative
Good bye moody blues

Justin Witt

Tall pines stand above
a fire burning at midnight,
two old friends, laughing

Christopher Kenneth Hanson

Snow tip mountains breathe
Brown bears wander paths for food
Shadows light a pond.

David Edwards

never so serene
the surface of a small pond
six ducks still in flight

David Edwards

a sunset shower
telling my neighbor too late
rainbows never last

David Edwards

I, looking westward
upon each successive dusk...
one more masterpiece

Joann Grisetti

a dog is barking
from the next backyard over
the blank windows stare

Tiffany Harmon

Specks of morning dew
a pink blossom opening
spring's awakening

Tiffany Harmon

Sunset at the beach
waves against the rocky shore
sand between the cracks

Tiffany Harmon

Wind rustles the leaves
warning of the coming storm
like a restless ghost

Herb Guggenheim

Hours of packing books.
Nearby, an open dumpster
glistens in the rain.

James Pollard

early morning sun
outline of a little boy
demanding some food

Joshua Medsker

My breath comes slowly.
The breeze's smell reminds me
of roses. It's time.

Mahima Giri

galloping horses
encircle without dust cloud
the carousel ride

Sharla Anderson

like the elephant
autumn of life maps my flesh
with wisdom not years

Sharla Anderson

stones tumbling as tears
temple marred by modern strife
on ground once sacred

Grady Manus

owl silent as sin
snatches up unfulfilled dreams
? i ponder the dark

Grady Manus

with raptor talons
we grasp at elusive dreams
moon smiles knowingly

Ryan Danielson

I hear my father's
sneeze over the salt-thick wind,
but he is not here.

Christopher Kenneth Hanson

A lime moss path breathes
Crooked stones hide erosion
Amber light shines here.

Joseph Roberts

Slices of sunlight
through the stand of redwood trees
golden dust dancing

Joseph Roberts

In afternoon sun
my shadow one of many
waiting for the bis

Stephanie Ferguson

Rain on the water
A symphony of the new
Rippling chords, rebirth.

Charley Seattle

reborn as flurries
of the mountain's furied stars
stair-stepped to sky's vaults

Kris Coffield

objects high and low
receding from my fingers
summer barbecue

Daniel Slaten

your smile is a sign
from heaven above, unless
my heart tells a lie