Issue 16

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Issue 16


Beyer, Matthew
Blacketer, Melissa
Bonnie, Von
Brown, Sean
Brown, Susan
Davis, Melissa
Demby, Katherine
Desario, Anna
Dodd, Dargan
Ford, William
Geurrandeno, Frank
Grisetti, Joann
Guzzi, Deborah
Hanson, Christopher Kenneth
Hartwell, Rick
Hignett, Jade
Hivner, Christopher
Jayanth, Sankara
Johnson, Barbara
Johnston, Bill
Joy, David
Martin, Sybil
Mcnerney, Joan
Mcphail, Stacey
Merrill, Robin
Parker, Stephen
Roberts, John Wolfgang
S., Preeti
Sassi, Fabio
Seto, Samantha
Smith, Sunshine
Stanworth, George
Thompson, Daniel
Wainwright , Eric
Walter, David
Williams, Patricia
Witt, Justin
Wong, Alex

Barbara Johnson

Wrens gliding on wind
Robins nesting on their eggs
Spring is in the air.

Barbara Johnson

The colors of life
Are so very beautiful
Reflections of love.

Sybil Martin

In the spring garden
Murderous aphids attack
The helpless rose bud.

Melissa Davis

Steaming heat rises
From the cracked pavement, yet a
Single weed still thrives

John Wolfgang Roberts

Seventeen busy
syllables. Cluttering this
moment, while I sit.

Samantha Seto

This dear, lonely hill
I hear wind stir these branches
eternal nature.

Samantha Seto

Sky blues overhead
long recollection of storm
see my reflection.

Anna Desario

Diamonds drip like rain
snowflakes- against windowpane
stuck behind the glass.

Jade Hignett

It has left her lips,
Catching it, but bore away,
Stolen by the rain.

Patricia Williams

Ghostly trilliums
develop then disappear ?
hide dormant with heat

George Stanworth

Old sheep with a limp
is not insomniac's friend.
It never jumps gates.

Melissa Blacketer

each grain part of a
broad expanse, home to the waves
pumice for bare feet

Melissa Blacketer

cicadas sing as
fireflies dance in the corn
a bat cracks, cheers fly

Dargan Dodd

Ants crawl, dizzy maze,
Working, carrying treasures,
Fallen crumbs, the like

Dargan Dodd

Sunshine on my face,
Thank you for reminding me
To open my eyes.

Sankara Jayanth

sweet scented dew drops
grass blades converse melodies
soul of lush meadow

David Joy

The leaves fall, letters
sent to seeds, to let them know
their mother still cares.

Frank Geurrandeno

Where the children grazed
cloven hooves lay in her hands,
she weeps for her kid.

Sunshine Smith

yellow parakeets
chatter in Marrakesh souks -
the dust storm has passed

Sunshine Smith

a hurricane nears
the lost swan swims in circles
looking for his mate

Alex Wong

dull soft peppercorns
black eyes of the langoustine
sun shine evades them

Alex Wong

leaf on the water
lost peripatetic limb
retains a green life

Von Bonnie

I was in the dark.
You took me to the valley
where light can be found.

Katherine Demby

The white backs of leaves
flutter under a dark sky
as thunder grumbles

Sean Brown

one paw at a time...
old cat searches tenderly
for the morning sun

Robin Merrill

against my wishes
he pulled me to shore and said
I had failed to swim

Rick Hartwell

forever's so long
longer than is my patience
waiting on myself

Eric Wainwright

flakes of rust falling
like lost sunsets locked away
by the night's dark hasp

Stephen Parker

delicate, pale plume
weeping branches bow to earth
winter's eulogy

Stephen Parker

pink spiral stitches
macramed umbrella gilds
shrine to fertile spring

William Ford

long night, minus tide,
small sounds alive, eel grass combed--
tide flats stink and sweat

Christopher Kenneth Hanson

A blue water mill
Amber light sparkles in dawn
Gravel spread on grounds.

Susan Brown

Raw tomato lips
Garden gate swings bug eyed wide
Mosquito smiles ripe

Joan McNerney

It is the white hour
between deep night and soft dawn.
Even the wren stares.

Joan McNerney

Shy autumnal bird
did you brush against the moon
to get that pale down?

Preeti S.

questions and silence
with blind eyes do I search for
first crack in the shell

David Walter

thawed by the Spring sun
we flirt on damp grass and feel
butterflies dancing

Matthew Beyer

Down heavenly spring
waters flow as blossom's burst
from earthly bosom

Joann Grisetti

mountain all golden
sweeps beyond the passionate
autumn harvesting

Bill Johnston

fresh spring stage debut
new male feather dance review
female audience

Bill Johnston

a wild churning wind
spearing trees, everything toys
in its reaping swath

Fabio Sassi

The wheels out of tracks
Dreaming about endless rides
beside the railroad

Fabio Sassi

The stink of money
Dinosaurs, bears, bulls and ghouls
The Wall Street jungle

Deborah Guzzi

the smell of cut grass
freshens the suburban air --
car washes begin

Daniel Thompson

Infinite Edges
Shadow Crawls Over Mountains
To Stars Gentle Light

Daniel Thompson

Through Moments Passing
Lights Last Brightness Recedes to
Darkening Ridgeline

Daniel Thompson

Morning Newly Seen
Purple Light Blankets Mountains
Wide Open Faces

Justin Witt

Heart strings pulled taught by
the universal face of
human suffering

Stacey McPhail

Glittering jewels
Do not salt the meat with taste
The poor know wealth too

Christopher Hivner

summer approaches
the air warming to bare skin
winter slinks away