Issue 14

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Issue 14


Aldridge, Bobby
Booth, Lea
Bounds, Sandra
Buckles, Sissy
Burton, Travis
Daemon, Daun
Davis, Kellen
Davis, Sydney
Dow, Jean Hagert
Edwards, David
Einspanier, Elizabeth
Evans, David
Fuchs, Anthony J
Galef, David
Gilmer, Monty
Hanson, Christopher Kenneth
Hawkhead, John
Head, Beverly
Higgins, Rada
Iuppa, M.j.
Jones, Gary
Larnerd, Frank
May, Nancy
Mccluskey, Eileen
Melton, Bill
Melvin, John
Orr Stone, Mauri
Pedraza, Miguel
Remy, Sabine
Rhodes, Daniel
Schmidt, Wendy
Sharp, Cynthia
Shropshire, Nikki
Spencer, T.f.
Traub, Terra
Wasilewski, Nells
West, Tyson

Beverly Head

sunflower's bent head
seeds scatter with abandon
cold winds herald fall

John Melvin

See them our meanings.
Clouding, crystalline. Living
heat spoken so brief.

John Melvin

Old Winter's brooding
nonchalance, assuming our
subjection to night.

Sabine Remy

Inky endless dark
Specks of light peek through the cloak
The heavens' beacon

Rada Higgins

fish, afloat on ice,
amazed at having landed
on a vendor's cart

Mauri Orr Stone

Leaves lose their lushness
Loosening their lustrous hold
Prey to fall's fierce winds

Mauri Orr Stone

Trees each take their turn
To cover the ground's bareness
Its comforting quilt

Mauri Orr Stone

A lone killdeer's laugh
Shatters fall's orange-gray night sky
Letting cold seep in

Miguel Pedraza

She's the most vivid
blur I've had the chance to love.
I focus on her.

Christopher Kenneth Hanson

A tall oak tree sighs
The roots lap up rain water
Gentle leaves fall free.

Bill Melton

A bolt of lightning
Reminds me so much of life
A flash and then gone

Bill Melton

Broken wing hangs low
Dove watches the flock in flight
With longing and fear

David Edwards

puddle of Slushies
drying on Summer sidewalk
ten lethargic bees

David Edwards

finally the face
in the mirror is not mine
empty whiskey glass

Cynthia Sharp

breathe reverently
in the misty afternoon
autumn's inner light

Kellen Davis

stars pulling their bright
covers over the hopeless
dreamflowers in bloom

Gary Jones

A pillow of fog
gently pressed the hurried port
A town drops anchor

Eileen McCluskey

A line of pine trees
bends in another blizzard,
wide boughs low with snow.

Eileen McCluskey

Praying as I hike
my shadow caresses long
reeds on riverbank.

Sissy Buckles

Eros Hotel, where
your whistling became bird songs
outside our window.

Sissy Buckles

Cruising in ragtop,
over my shoulder unfurls
a gold satin sail.

Terra Traub

Red leaves blow across
Iron bars and plastic swings
Falling into cries

Nancy May

The empty bench sits
In memorandum of those
Happy summer days

Sandra Bounds

Wisteria blooms
like a purple waterfall
cascading beauty

John Hawkhead

stolen rowboat at midnight,
her fingers trailing
through reflected stars

Nancy May

A drop of sunshine
falls from the weeping sun down
to the dying earth

Daun Daemon

sheets stir in the breeze
mother laughing in linens
a moment alone

Daun Daemon

cat sleeping in sun
soft fur slicked with blood of prey
sweet feral dreaming

Elizabeth Einspanier

Like a splash of ink
Black against the parchment sky
The raven flies past.

Frank Larnerd

Teasing red-haired girl
Bite your goddamn lip once more
And there'll be trouble

Nells Wasilewski

mermaid swims the sea
where pirates hear her calling
from the depth of dreams

Jean Hagert Dow

swinging on long rope
high above the bales of straw
laughing, jump, drop, fun

T.F. Spencer

yeah, law gonna change
the bus routes, ebony strength
booms in that white court

Daniel Rhodes

stop and speak to me
moth fluttering in my home
we both are lonely

Monty Gilmer

Twelfth day of Christmas.
Among twelve drummers drumming
was one little boy.

David Galef

Concrete pillars gird
bridges over former fields:
rice sacks filled with sand.

Tyson West

on the cluttered desk
silent in eraser dust
lie the finest words

Bobby Aldridge

Frankly, primroses
simply lack the ambition
to lead the garden.

Sandra Bounds

Skillful fisherman
the patient white heron waits
just biding its time

Anthony J Fuchs

Anna's hummingbird
beating insubstantial wings
defies gravity

Anthony J Fuchs

January rose
blooms in ice and bitter light
winter miracle

Anthony J Fuchs

Aurora rising
snowlight over burning hills
through bedroom windows

Lea Booth

apple on the ground
under the spent tree; stem leads
to its cracked, dry seeds.

Wendy Schmidt

Souls do not linger.
Love illuminates the way,
to heaven's embrace.

Wendy Schmidt

She swears a blue streak,
wears diamonds and boxer shorts,
and takes her Scotch neat.

Sydney Davis

walking the shoreline
i find a conch shell to hear
leave - it pleads to me

Travis Burton

A poem of God's
Dog-eared and crooked lettered
Feels misunderstood.

David Evans

Mountain storm passes
His heart flies north seeking it
His only sorrow

M.J. Iuppa

Snow's bright elegance
resolves a barren landscape
until it dissolves

Nikki Shropshire

Darkness deep in rest.
Predawn hum of ceiling fan,
above the silence.