Issue 13

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Issue 13


Abdi, Fadumo
Alvarez, Mike
Berza, April Mae
Bounds, Sandra
Chappell, Grace Hughes
Clark Monagle, Sarah
Cooper, Eb
Daemon, Daun
Davis, Kellen
Davis, Sydney
Dow, Jean Hagert
Edwards, David
Ekins, Amy
Giri, Mahima
Gray, Mel
Green, Damien
Gribble, Tom
Hansen, Max Christian
Hanson, Christopher Kenneth
Harringer, Talon
Head, Beverly
Houlis, Alexandra
Manus, Grady
May, Nancy
Melton, Bill
Obrien, Michael
Philbin, Grant
Scacco, Peter
Slemp, Nathan
Smothers, Shirley
Summers, R.g.
Welsh, Chelsea
Whipple, Allyson
Woglom, James
Znaidi, Ali

Talon Harringer

watching the clouds turn
from pearl white to sullen black
cherry blossoms smile

April Mae Berza

between the pages
of my book, the rose petals
scented evermore.

April Mae Berza

Raindrops are bullets
The clouds are firing the streets
I once have trodden.

Beverly Head

Buried your letters
Breast deep with bad vinegar
Sent your words to hell

Amy Ekins

she makes kid-skin gloves
slips them over her creased hands
holds her neighbour's boy

James Woglom

Worried about a
Sickly cow. No need to fret:
That cow is a horse

Peter Scacco

Between each movement
the trio rests ─ the dark hall
echoes with coughing

Daun Daemon

milky flower blooms
candy scent floats in moonbeams
angel wings alight

Mike Alvarez

A peach tree slumbers,
dreams of pink inflorescence.
Snow falls heavily.

Mike Alvarez

Purple crocuses
wait inside seeds for dew drops
to touch grass again.

Grace Hughes Chappell

We camp at a lake
black trees around its stillness;
I touch your bald spot.

Grace Hughes Chappell

I come back on foot;
it's night, I hang up my coat.
You have prepared tea

Nathan Slemp

Chalk on the blackboard,
Bringing order to chaos.
How do numbers feel?

Nathan Slemp

Without prideful thoughts
I look down upon the world.
Ah, for eagle's wings!

Eb Cooper

empty city streets--
festive leaves dancing under
autumns chandelier

R.G. Summers

Amid soft blankets
In a place of fantasy
I sleeping, awake.

Allyson Whipple

The earth is so dry
I put my hand to the grass,
come back with splinters

Sandra Bounds

Summer's evening sky
glazed with red, saffron, yellow
smoldering glory

Sandra Bounds

Van Gogh's sunflowers
emotion made visible
in artist's brush strokes

Sandra Bounds

Bold red hibiscus
faces wear black mascara
ladies of evening

Christopher Kenneth Hanson

Sun lit palms drop dew
Over a moist brown dirt road
Flowers sparkle here.

Kellen Davis

swallowsong hidden
behind wisps of morning fog--
dawnlight yawns above

Bill Melton

hawk slices the sky
against the white drifting froth
and yet leaves no wake

Bill Melton

the wind sighs softly
quiet rustles fill the night
nature goes to sleep

Christopher Kenneth Hanson

With an autumn sky
Red birds sing into the night
Wolves howl by stone caves.

Grant Philbin

Martian wind cuts deep
Wild red leaves crunch underfoot
Warm brothels await

Nancy May

Socialising birds
Help in searching for lost seed
Eating all the finds

Nancy May

Hens cooped in a cage
Stroll from left to right all day ?
Hay rests on concrete

Mahima Giri

vibrant colored birds
soaring the endless azure
the kite festival

Tom Gribble

Night stymies vision
One drop of ocean high tides
A speck of orange crows

David Edwards

The silhouettes of
ten birds race across pavement
I cover my head

David Edwards

cicada husks are
occasional on the earth
noisy afternoon

David Edwards

Black dog tilts his head
looking out an open gate
Speed Limit Thirty

Sarah Clark Monagle

Horses graze, moon-rise
Red rock buttes cast golden glow
Silence, stillness, peace

Sarah Clark Monagle

Red silt water flows
Gray rocks smoothed by rivers churn
Birds and water sing

Shirley Smothers

The guns fall silent
The peace treaty has been signed
Fragile peace exists

Mel Gray

on a rocky pass
her warmth passes soundlessly
in the morning mist

Alexandra Houlis

son of a black hole
daughter of a dying star
two humble burnouts

Alexandra Houlis

two sleeping souls on
a concrete mattress, attempt
to dissuade distress

Ali Znaidi

a dark wintry night
spiders in the room's corner
darkness breathes venom

Grady Manus

night fervently prays
devout monk clad in bleakness
stars recite the psalms

Fadumo Abdi

when you die i hope
it was because of kindness
six feet in kindness

Michael OBrien

Hellebore petals,
weighed by snow, flurried in red
off a bleeding branch.

Jean Hagert Dow

rot lures butterflies
brown pear core stem protrudes dish
daughter screams, mouse, mouse

Jean Hagert Dow

sitting together
two angle wing butterflies
on hot banana

Jean Hagert Dow

quiet early night
cicadas start to chatter
falling out of trees

Max Christian Hansen

Spring. The thick clothes gone,
backlit beauties are skating
along Storrow Drive.

Damien Green

Life spills and scatters
Each atom cast from a blast
Like suffering snow

Chelsea Welsh

If I could I would
take your phantom limb and give
you my own right arm.

Sydney Davis

far beyond the stars
twinkles our fleeting futures
ancient memories