Tabor, Michael
I was born in western Kansas in Greensburg, below Dodge City. I consider myself a poet of the midwest and plains country. I'm an inland soul. I like to be able to see a long way.
Taft, Eve
Tambone, Mark A.
Tamburo, Logan
Tancyus, Patty
Tapp, Ben
Tardona, Daniel
Dan has published nature poetry in a number of poetry journals but is new to Haiku. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, he has been out of the inner city for many years as a National Park Service Ranger and conservation psychologist.
Tarr, Jake
Tash, Ian
Ian Tash is a young writer of the age of 20 years from Bakersfield, California, United States. His only publication success was with Haiku Journal's 38th Issue, but before then he had enjoyed small literary achievements in multiple areas of writing. Under the pseudonym Ian Flowers, he was compensated for his submission of the short story "My Own Inner Demons" in the Bakersfield High School newspaper and his short play entitled "Always Remember..." was performed with his input by a local group of high schoolers at Centennial High School in Bakersfield, CA. After high school, Ian Tash outgrew his pseudonym and continued his passion for writing. Mr. Tash occasionally enjoys competitive writing as he has participated in the NYC Midnight 2015 rounds of their Short Story and Screenplay competitions. He has also been a certified participant of the 2015 Poetry Marathon.
Tash, Ian
Ian Tash is a poet and essayist from Bakersfield, California. He found his start in mainstream literature when he was published in the 38th issue of the Haiku Journal for a single poem, success he would find again in the 45th issue of the journal as well. His largest work, currently, is a column he wrote for the L.A. Affairs section of the L.A. Times, entitled "Sometimes, the best way to reboot a relationship is to take a break." Mr. Tash is close to receiving an AS in Industrial Technology from Bakersfield College and plans to release a book filled with haiku in the near future.
Tate, Barbara
This spring I have had Haiku/Senryu accepted by Frogpong, Cattails, Bear Creek Haiku as well as Modern Haiku. Am a member of Gulf Coast Writers Association and a regular contributor to Magnolia Quarterly.
Tatum, Eugene
Taylor, K.d.
k.d. taylor is a poet from Florida. He is in love. You can read his writings online at You can contact him at
Tchakova, Wilhelmina
Russian girl meets west.
Teague, Heather
My name is Heather Teague and I am a 20-year-old student of English at Georgia Highlands College. I have always loved reading and writing poetry, and have recently developed an interest in writing haiku. My hope is to become an English professor in order to share my passion for literary works with my future students, just as my professors have done for me.

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