Traub, Terra
Travis, Kent
Treiber, Colin
Trembath, Alan Todd
Tristram, Hannah-Rose
Trojan, Peggy
Member of Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets. Published in wide variety of journals and anthologies. Recently accepted the challenge of writing haiku.
Tsang, Michael
Michael Tsang is from Hong Kong, loves language and literature. He is a staff reviewer of Cha: An Asian Literary Journal.
Tuggle, Billy
Billy Tuggle is a native of, and parent on the South Side of Chicago; A writer, vocalist, producer, open mic host, mentor, and slam champion. Billy is co-founder of the Chicago Four Star Poetry Club. He has been published via Fractal Edge Press; Seven7h Tangent Press; Write Bloody Publishing; and Red Bench Press. His work has been captured for video by Button Poetry and All Def Poetry.Billy's career has taken him to colleges, bars, festivals, museums, street corners and classrooms across North America. 2009 Arkansas Grand Slam Head To Head Haiku Champion|2015 National Poetry Slam Head To Head Haiku Champion|
Tulin, Mark
Turner, Josslyn
Josslyn Turner is a poet, writer, and abstract artist. She is currently studying English Literature and creative writing at Modesto Junior College. Her poems have been published in the 2017 Celebration of the Humanities Journal at MJC and South 85, an online literary journal. She lives in Modesto, California.
Turner, Kenda
Kenda Turner lives and writes in Cincinnati, OH and has publishing credits in inspirational anthologies, devotionals, and children's magazines. She has only recently discovered the wonders of haiku and marvels at how she lived without it before. She blogs at
Tustin, John
My Haiku have appeared in Short Fast and Deadly, High Coup Journal, and will appear in pawpaw. My poetry has appeared in many places, as well. is my link.
Tuttle, Stephanie
Tyrer, DJ
DJ Tyrer is the person behind Atlantean Publishing and has been published on such sites as Poetry Pacific, Three Drops from a Cauldron and Scarlet Leaf Review.
Tzagoloff, Helen
I enjoy writing and reading haiku. My poems and short prose pieces have been published in journals and anthologies, recently in Barrow Stree, Wild Violet, Stranger at Home: Interpoezia Anthology. I have been nominated for the Pushcart Prize . Thank you for your consideration. All the best, Helen Tzagoloff

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